Thursday Throwdown: Football, Fútbol & Eye Candy

sportsnewsThe hits just keep on coming for the State University of New Jersey.

The regime of Athletics AD Julie Hermann, formerly of U of L, can’t seem to move beyond beleaguered.

The latest imbroglio concerns football coach Kyle Flood.

It is reported that Flood sent an email from a personal account to the professor of one of his players, whose academic standing might have been, shall we say, precarious.

You know, it’s not like this doesn’t happen all the time. But the sly schools, the ones with a sense of how to take care of such matters, don’t leave a digital trail.

* * * * *

Speaking of coaches who want to run with the big boys, I gotta reiterate this question people are asking.

What did Baylor’s Art Briles know about the sordid past and present of Boise State transfer Sam Ukwuacho? And when did he know it? Continue reading Thursday Throwdown: Football, Fútbol & Eye Candy

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Preseason Predictions

foot1Okay, where were we?

Oh yeah, when we last looked in on college pigskin, the WKU Hilltoppers coughed up a 72 point or so lead in the Bahamas Bowl, gave up what coulda woulda shoulda been a tying TD on the last play with :01 on the clock at snap, then survived when Central Michigan coach Dan Enos went for two and failed.

It was Enos last game on the Chippewa sideline, though it’s hard to say if the two are connected.

More important it was Lou Holtz’s last game in the booth. Sayonara, Lou, don’t let the door bang you in the ass on the way out.

Pope Urban’s Buckeyes battered Bucky Badger in the Big Ten title game, then, as the four seed, blitzkrieged its way to the first Football Final Four title. (What a shame former Wisconsin mentor Bret Bielema had already left Madison, otherwise the previous sentence would have been even more alliterative.)

Speaking of Bs, there was the bust of the Big B in the Big 12 (Which, with only ten universities, remains as arithmetically dysfunctional as the 14-member Big Ten.). That would be Baylor, who bested Top Ten K State in the regular season closer, then, when out to prove it was jilted by the Final Four selection oligarchy, frittered away a 20 point fourth quarter advantage to Sparty, losing the Cotton Bowl. Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Preseason Predictions

Louisville Cardinal Soccer Media Day Report

cardsTanned to a George Hamilton Cocoa Butter Open-quality  sheen, and wearing red pants, a black shirt and a red & black tie, engaging U of L soccer coach Ken Lolla met the media today.

Apologizing for his “coaching voice,” hoarse from two a day practice sessions, he initiated the Q & A with praise for the branding of the Cardinal soccer program and the Lynn facility.

“It takes us to a whole new level.”

While he likes the energy and approach of his squad, which is a “wonderful mix” of veterans and newcomers, he stated several times that the team “is far from a finished product.”

He spent most of his time at the mic talking about the team’s spring experience in Madrid, which he called “life changing.” Continue reading Louisville Cardinal Soccer Media Day Report

Hump Day Harkles: Sports Scene with a Gangsta Lean

sportsnewsGearing up for the fall/ winter sports seasons, and comin’ at ya straight outta Clifton.

Opening Tease. Coming soon, like in the next few days, within a week at the latest, the info you’ve been salivating for as college football kickoff approaches: Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications Preseason Preview.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about. It’ll be pithy, pitch perfect, pleasant to read. And devoid of any silly alliterative prose, since I just bled it all from my system.

QB Race, Part Uno. Louisville Cardinal coach Bobby P is resolutely coy about whom his starting signal caller will be. But we know one thing for sure.

The Tyler Ferguson Era at U of L, such as it was, is over. So we bid adieu to the Penn State transfer, who is now taking his talents to the third institution of higher learning in his career.

My sense — and that of most other observers — is that Reggie Bonnafon will take the field first against Auburn.

What I also hear is that Petrino is smitten with freshman Lamar Jackson, a raw talent. Don’t be surprised if he’s brought in for some special sets in special situations before the other wannabe QBs, Gardner and Bolin.

* * * * *

Continue reading Hump Day Harkles: Sports Scene with a Gangsta Lean

Louisville CardFile: PR Game Five

dunikcardThe Cards lost last night in OT, 94-102.

The disheartening news — other than that totally dropped the ball, and nobody outside the arena could watch the game — is that U of L had a sizable lead in the fourth quarter, and frittered it away.

The good news — other than the Cardinals rebounding from the night before’s debacle with pride and resilience — is that the L had as much to do with Caribbean jerk home cooking as it did with what was actually happening on the court.

Though, again, that cry of foul comes from intuition, reading the stat sheet, and a sense of the scene from listening to The Rick on the radiocast. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: PR Game Five

Attitude Adjustment: Cardinals Crash in the Caribbean

dunikcardRarely in my six decades of loving, living and dying with the fortunes of the U of L Cardinals have I turned away from watching.

Oh, I’m sure it’s happened now and again, when things got too grizzly — perhaps that Towson State debacle during the Nate Johnson Era — or when Louisville was so far ahead of some schlepper it was no fun to watch.

But, frankly, I can’t tell you when. with any specificity.

Until last night.

When U of L’s “A Team” appeared as if they’d slipped through that black hole in the Bermuda Triangle. Cue Mojo Nixon: “Elvis needs Cardinals.”

I don’t recall the exact moment of the “competition” when I took to surfing the web, grabbing a snack, instead of experiencing the Cards’ meltdown at the hands of the shorthanded Puerto Rican MNT, which rolled despite the absence of four top players . Continue reading Attitude Adjustment: Cardinals Crash in the Caribbean

Cardinals in the Caribbean: Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Aptitudes

dunikcardThere is abundant evidence that summer sojourns prove to be a rejuvenating elixir for college basketball squads.

The last time U of L hitched a ride on one of these busman’s holidays, an overachieving squad slipped into the Final Four six months later.

That said, nine games in six days against the same foes can turn into a grind. The Cardinals and the Puerto Ricans, already familiar with each other from The Rick’s Parris Island preparation at the Yum! practice facility were already testy with each other during last night’s opening double dip. There was lots of bumpety bump.

Will the “best attitude of any squad I’ve ever coached” survive the rigors of vacation?

Will the Cards make it to Wally World?

It was a rocky start. The A Team lost to the Puerto Rico MNT, 81-89. The B Team lost to the Puerto Rican Juniors, 88-94.

* * * * *

My hunch is that fans paying attention will be slobbering all over 5th year newcomer Damion Lee, the transfer from that academic school Drexel. Continue reading Cardinals in the Caribbean: Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Aptitudes

U of L Cardinal FootNotes: Media Day

CardHelmetProvided herein a little of this, and a smidge of that. You know, the team’s only practiced for two days in shorts. And, as I’ve said, but shall repeat as a reminder, I don’t do practice, because I’m not an astute enough observer to tell what’s really happening.

Once upon a time this annual exercise — team photos, Q & A with head coach, assistants and many, if not all players, and a free meal — was called Picture Day.

Because it started on the always scorching in August faux grass, with official team photos, and the opportunity for media to take photos and video footage.

No more.

It’s Media Day, but, for the first time ever, we who cover the Cards weren’t allowed on the field to take photos.

Which, of course, we could grumble about, while we ate a sumptuous breakfast buffet provided by the school.

* * * * *

The most frank conversation I had was with assistant coach Lamar Thomas, while we were on the elevator. Continue reading U of L Cardinal FootNotes: Media Day

Pitino’s Pre-Puerto Rico Press Conference Notes

dunikcardEver clever, Louisville hoops czar Rick Pitino is combining his gig as mentor of Puerto Rico’s MNT, with a summer tour in the Caribbean for his really young Cardinal squad.

Better to get them prepared, don’t you know.

U of L has been at it on the practice court for over a week now. Two a days, with one session early in the morning, another in late afternoon.

The Cards will play doubleheaders on three consecutive days, the 11th, 12th & 13th, plus three more tilts before they return home on the 17th.

The coach met the media, both locals and call ins from Puerto Rico, Thursday afternoon.

The session got off to a start straight out of a Cheech & Chong album.

The reporters from the island, asked questions either in Spanish or relatively unintelligible Spanglish. Pitino’s two not fully identified assistants for the MNT were by his side, answering the queries that weren’t in plain English. While we locals waited our turn.

* * * * *

Snippets from The Rick’s comments on the Cards: Continue reading Pitino’s Pre-Puerto Rico Press Conference Notes

Seedy K’s Rowdy Rants: Irish, Brady, Buckeyes & Other Easy Targets

foot1“I came here to chew bubblegum, and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubblegum.”

To honor the memory of the dearly departed Rowdy Roddy Piper, the only wrestler ever worth anything, the baddest man ever to don a kilt, and the most quotable guy in sports not named Yogi or Schnellenberger, I hereby cut through the muck on some of the more nettlesome issues of the day.

Ever the EmbellIRISHment. In the prologue to the zine’s College Football predictions, the folks at Sports Illustrated admit their boneheaded pre-season rankings from the past. They admit what a false positive, woooo pig sooey in a poke a big bowl game victory can be in assessing a team prior to the following season.

Then those same dunderheads go out and dub the Notre Dame Fighting Irish the 4th best team in the land, a projected participant in Football’s Final Four.

I can just hear my man Rowdy Roddy now: “Your stupidity is something you’re born with.” Continue reading Seedy K’s Rowdy Rants: Irish, Brady, Buckeyes & Other Easy Targets