Louisville Card File: Notre Dame

cardfootballOutlined against a rain-filled, blue-gray November sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore they are known as Famine, Pestilence, Destruction and Death. These are only aliases. Their real names are Radcliffe, Dyer, Bonnafon and Parker. They formed the crest of a cyclone howling through South Bend before which a fighting Notre Dame football team was swept over the precipice under the gaze of Touchdown Jesus yesterday afternoon as 80,000 spectators peered down on the bewildering panorama spread on the green plain below.

Crave more? Your wish, my command.

For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes – Did you win or lose? –not how you played the Game.

Without apology to Grantland Rice, I recognize there are times when prose most purple is appropriate.

Louisville 31, Notre Dame 28 in the schools’ first meeting ever on the gridiron is one of those times. Continue reading

Louisville Card File: Marshall

joaniecard“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice.

Now that was one weird basketball game last night at the World’s Most Spectacular Arena, a harder fought than the score indicates 85-67 U of L W over the Thundering Herd.

At the media timeout with 7:32 to play in the opening half, the visitors in green, who routinely broke U of L’s press, had converted 8/11 from the field. Many open layups.

Yet, the poorly shooting Cards were still up 22-20.

Between then and the half — At which juncture, Louisville still was hitting less than 40% of its shots, and was a perfect 0/10 from beyond the arc — the Huntington Green felt the wrath of incessant Cardinal pressure. The C-USA squad proceeded to hit but 2 of its last 18 shots before the break.

Despite its stagnant to the point of moribunditude offense, U of L led 41-27 at intermission. The winners had tallied 14 off turnovers to nil given, having committed only 3 errors. Were up 10-2 on fast break points, 28-14 in the paint. But still had the look of a team struggling. Continue reading

Friday’s Daily Double: Dickie V & Duke (Football)

announceLots of intriguing matchups on the telly last evening.

Hoops and pigskin both.

KC’s Chiefs got trapped in Oakland. Just like Jaws said couldn’t possibly happen. (Wilbon had it on PTI.)

K State conquered Almost Heaven West Virginia on the turf in Morgantown.

IU was feisty in its W over Larry Brown’s overrated SMU Mustangs at Assembly Hall. Won’t it be fun to see how The Rick defends that Blackmon Jr. sharpshooter, when the Cards face the Crimson & Crean on 12/09 in MSG.

I also checked in on the Duke/ Carolina football game. (More about that in Part II.)

I wanted to observe Syracuse vs. California from the Gahhhhden, playing in another of those made for TV tourneys. The Orange are/is a conference rival again, so I wanted to gauge their prowess. And the Golden Bears are now coached by Cuonzo Martin, who escaped Rocky Top with his dignity intact.

Cali bashed ‘Cuse by 14. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to bring myself to watch but a couple nanoseconds before clicking away. Continue reading

Daily Double: Football Playoffs & Hoops Previews

joeyHave you heard?

There’s actually going to be a college football playoff this year, a Final Four.

Seems to have caused quite a stir. Blue Ribbon Committee anointing the chosen few. Semis on New Year’s Day. A game that, one supposes, is a legit championship days later in the JerryDome.

I received a missive this week from the American Sports Pundits Association, advising that my membership is in jeopardy. The simple reason? I haven’t been advising my flock of followers which teams comprise my Final Four. It must be done on a weekly basis, the letter of possible suspension read. In all caps bold.

Sooooooooo, were I a Committee of One, deigned to designate which college football programs would compete for the national crown, here’s what I’d do. Continue reading

Hoopaholic’s Gazette: OTs in the AM; KOs in the PM

sportsOh my, I love the aroma of basketball for breakfast.

What more could a hoopaholic ask for?

Wofford instead of waffles. Less calories than a Nancy’s bagel mit schmear, but just as tasty and nutritious.

Fortunately, we didn’t get Walton, Bill until later in the day when fully awake. Bloviation for breakfast = a little too much too early. Ah, but we did get the pithy, dulcet and deadpan commentary of Stan “The Man” Van Gundy to start our day with a smile.

Stevie Mas B.A. with your morning paper is more invigorating than a triple espresso served by the Energizer Bunny®.

So, yeah, the obvious answer to the above posed query is: Nothing more could be asked for. Continue reading

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII


Listen closely. Hear those sounds of silence screaming in the void. That’s my naysayers saying nay in a big way.

Because, well, because the kid is back on his game, just the way the great god Pigskinicus meant for it to be.

Alabama 25, Mississippi 20. Seedy K’s pick: Roll Tide. ✔︎

Texas 28, Okie State 7. Seedy K’s pick: Longhorn Strong, ✔︎

Memphis State 38, Tulane 7. Seedy K’s pick: Elvis. ✔︎

Georgia Tech 28, Clemson 6. Seedy K’s pick: Ramblin’ Wreck. ✔︎

Tennessee 50, Kentucky 16. Seedy K’s pick: Rocky Top. ✔︎

The perfect 5/5 weekend jumps me to 36-24 on the season.

This week’s winners: Continue reading

Louisville Card File: Jacksonville State

joaniecardHere’s why Terry Rozier is one of my Top 5 favorite U of L Cardinals ever.

Here’s why, if the discussion is who’s the best, most important player on this year’s squad, I am the contrarian. I’ll name TR, though I love and appreciate and acknowledge the burgeoning brilliance of one Silent L Harrell.

With the Cards cruising by 45, 67-22, with less than 13:00 to play in last night’s mismatch, Rozier drove into trouble in the lane, and got the ball stripped by Gamecock D.J. Felder for a turnover. Something startling, because such impetuous behavior is not Rozier’s norm.

Felder flipped the ball ahead to streaking teammate Avery Moore, who made like Secretariat in the Belmont, and was way ahead of the pack to the other hoop for a sure box score packing snowbird.

Except that Rozier turned on his heels after his gaffe, busted his hump and blocked Moore’s gimme.

Up 45. With 12:40 to play. In the relatively meaningless second game of the campaign.

That’s why I love Terry Rozier. That’s why he’s one of my fave Cards ever. That’s but one of the reasons why I opine he’s the best player on Louisville’s talented squad. Continue reading

Louisville Card File: Minnesota

joaniecardFrom opening tip to final buzzer, about 178 minutes + or – a nanosecond or two expired, real clock time.

There are forty minutes of game action. Sixty fouls were called by the obsessive zebra crew of Terry Wymer, Bryan Dorsey and John Gaffney, which accounts for another 45 minutes or so of time. Fifteen timeouts at two minutes apiece is another 30 minutes. Halftime ate up another fifteen minutes.

Which left 48 minutes for the Pitino Family LoveFest Infomercial. I know, I know, it seemed like a lot more. But, hey, if they weren’t going to show footage of PeePaw Rick changing the diapers of his grandkids, who it must be noted garnered more TV time than Wayne Blackshear and Chinanu Onuaku combined; or show Pitino the Elder and Pitino the Younger in the head relieving themselves, what else was there to reveal?

Enough was way way way more than enough. I noted Richard’s expression as he walked on the court, which, at first, I thought indicate bemusement. Then, after yet another father and son interview by Andy Katz, which insinuated itself between the national anthem(s), player intros and tip, I knew it was vexation Richard P couldn’t hide.

Sooooooooo, if you were able to abide by all those incessant distractions and Coast Guard promos, as a Cardinal fan, my guess is you’re feeling pretty good today.

There were any number of reasons for the Red & Black faithful to feel optimistic, besides the reality of a steady and oh so very very sweaty 81-68 W. Continue reading

Seedy K’s Hoopaholic Gazette (11/12)

hoopgaz3My name is Seedy K, and I’m a hoopaholic.

And, to all of you similarly situated, we are, as you surely know, but hours away from six months of satisfaction, starting Friday with the opening tip off of the ’14-’15 college hoops campaign.

In addition to following my beloved Louisville Cardinals in separate posts of their own, with recaps of every game, team updates and anything else that might be required to fill my/our addiction, I shall be providing these periodic journals. They shall be jampacked with perspective, facts, rumor, innuendo, opinionation, putdowns and shoutouts.

Come back often.

Let’s get the party started. Continue reading

My Ten Favorite Louisville Cardinal Basketball Games Ever

dunikcardReliving Louisville Cardinal basketball memories is never out of season.

At least for me.

With the ’14-’15 season just the other side of the polar vortex — There it is camouflaged by yet another set of “special uniforms” you’ll soon be able to buy at an authorized emporium in your neighborhood —  only double digit hours away, I’m trying to conjure the spirit forces of past successes for this year’s edition of the Cards.

For perspective only, I advise — yet again — that I attended my first U of L game at the Armory (Louisville Gardens) on 12/08/52. Louisville 89, Purdue 85. I haven’t missed but a handful of home games since.

Anyway, here are my ten favorite Cardinal games of all time. Not necessarily U of L’s best performances. Or biggest surprises. Or biggest comebacks. Not necessarily the most important.

That said, frankly, when I review the list, those character traits turn up more often than not. Makes sense.

You got some of yours that aren’t on the list? Tell me about ‘em in the Comments Section below.

Here are my Top 10. (Plus some honorably mentioned): Continue reading