Louisville CardFile: North Carolina State

On a day when there wasn’t a whole lot of aesthetic, when the U of L Cardinals wouldn’t have had any business singing, “I feel pretty/ Oh so pretty/ That the city should give me its key,” the victors did run one truly beautiful, game-winning play.

In a season when getting the ball in play from out of bounds has been precarious at times, there was at the moment it was necessary, an astutely crafted, adroitly executed inbounds set that allowed the Cards to slip out of Tobacco Road with nailbiting, way closer than it ever should have been 73-68 W in its ACC opener against NC State.

Allow me to set the stage.

 * * * * *

Up 14 at intermission, the Cards had already coughed it up four times by the first media stoppage of the 2d, hitting only one of its first six shots.

Louisville continued to self destruct. Fouling shooters behind the arc. Getting beat easily in the paint. Not showing much precision with its new O, obviously a work still under construction.

The home team finally, inevitably grabbed the advantage with 10:11 left on an easy paint lay in, after yet another U of L giveaway. 52-53. That lead was eventually widened to 5. Twice. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: North Carolina State

Seedy K’s Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIV

Let’s start with reality.

Condolences to Coach Scott Satterfield and his family.

Let’s hope his presence on the sideline Saturday night just hours after learning of his father’s passing lays to rest once and for all the misguided caterwauling by a portion of the fanbase that the U of L leader isn’t focused or intense, doesn’t care enough.

Which has nothing whatsoever to do with how his reign as Louisville football coach will play out in the long run. That’s another shouting match for another time.

The other reality is the the Cardinals were manhandled at the hands and feet and talent and size of their arch rivals. So I got that one wrong. Missed on Florida State also.

But Ole Miss savored their eggs over easy, New Mexico State topped UMass in the We Both Suck Bowl, and, ahem, as you read here in advance, the team with no chance, the Wolverines of Michigan, upset their bête noire. Boats are searching the Olentangy for the bodies of Buckeye faithful who dove into the drink.

3-2 for the weekend. 44-25 on the year.

OK, enough with verbal razzmatazz, let’s get it on.

Week XIV = Championship Week.

Which just means more.

Literally, as in seven picks this week instead of the usual five. At no extra charge.

Postseasonally, as in the outcomes are going to fashion the Final Four.

This final weekend’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIV

Seedy K’s GameCap: Kentucky

In hindsight, and for me that’s much clearer since my cataract surgery not so long ago, the game was a perfect set up for Kentucky.

The nine-win Wildcats, despite that three game mid-season lull, have been solid from the opening kickoff of the season.

They are better than a vast majority of the nation’s teams.

And, let’s be fair and honest here, they are significantly better than the Louisville Cardinals.

Fore to aft.

Port and starboard.

In the cockpit. In the control room. Continue reading Seedy K’s GameCap: Kentucky

Seedy K GameCap: Maryland

Since one of my traditional monikers is Chuck the Reiterator — OK, I just made it up for my purposes here — allow me to share what I’ve shared often before.

I love when the Cards play early.

Noon tipoff. Noon kickoff. First semi-final. First Regional final.

Let’s get it on.

Soooooo, I loved the 10:00 am tip from Baha Mar.

Which I suppose is the earliest commencement of a Cards football or basketball game since, oh, the Lee Corso Breakfast game. Against Memphis State, maybe. Unless there’s one I’ve forgotten along the way, a distinct possibility.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd, by High Noon, the suddenly, delightfully surprising University of Louisville Cardinals came from behind (twice) to best the Terrapins from Maryland.


I mean really, how danged cool is that? Continue reading Seedy K GameCap: Maryland

Seedy K’s GameCap: Mississippi State

Some very quick research into the etymology of the concept of perfection reveals, as is usually the case, many possible origins.

But, as we with most of this sort of philosophical rambling, we end up back with the Greeks.

And I’m not talking Delta Tau Chi.

Isocrates had some ideas about it.

So too, Plato. Of course, he did.

A couple of meanings jumped out at me as I contemplate Louisville’s surprising and surprisingly easy 72-58 win over Mississippi State in the Bahamas late Thanksgiving night.

In one place I saw it described as “the action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible.” Meaning a process itself can be described as perfect, even if the ultimate flawlessness desired hasn’t yet been achieved.

Which is just another roundabout way of mine to get to my point about the Cards performance against the Bulldogs.

I thought it was a perfect game for Louisville.

Though it was obviously far from faultless. Continue reading Seedy K’s GameCap: Mississippi State

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

It’s not difficult for yours very truly to be self righteous, a character flaw to be sure.

Especially so, after a weekend like last. Not only did my team win. That would be the Louisville Cardinals, for anyone who wandered here by taking a wrong turn on Cyber Highway. As predicted, of course.

So did all the other collegiate pigskin contingents whom I advised would prevail.

Now Final Four Cincinnati. Hugely, finally impressing the Nagurskis in the the Selection Room. Also Miami. Giving their homie coach a reprieve. At least until the tryptophan kicks in. The Bruins of The University of California at Los Angeles. Over their coachless rival.

And Arch Rival down the road in a paid for a bye week ahead of its visit to The Ville.

All of which reads: Perfecto.

Five correct. Zero incorrect. Thus, I stand a shiny 41-23 for the season, heading into Rivalry Week.

This week’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

Seedy K’s GameCap: Detroit Mercy

From the 3:33 mark of the 1st, after an Antoine Davis second chance deuce put visiting Detroit Mercy up 35-31, until the 16:30 mark of the 2d, the Titans did not score.

The Louisville Cardinals meanwhile scored 18 straight, ending that interlude spanning intermission with a 49-35 lead.

That anschluss, which included most all of the Cards best moments of a win that came too hard, started with a 9-0 run between timeouts. El Ellis lay up. A Malik Williams fastbreak deuce to knot it up. A Matt Cross triple. Another Ellis lay up.

Ellis tallied again on another breakout for the 42-35 advantage at the break.

After a number of ugly possessions by both teams to start the 2d, Noah Locke drained a J. Followed by a Dre Davis steal, and a Dre Davis +1 conversion.

Then posting up, Davis had his shot blocked, but fought for the rock, and scored. 49-35.

In the other 32:57 of the contest, the feisty visitors were +12, and had the game tied, 67 all, after Davis scored the last of his game high 27 with 1:39 left.

Which is to state the obvious: U of L once again was a far lesser than expected team against a winless, should have been overmatched foe. Continue reading Seedy K’s GameCap: Detroit Mercy

Seedy K’s GameCap: Duke

Though there are 22 combatants on the gridiron at a time, because of the nature of this revered sport football that is most indicative of the American psyche, the focus is usually on the Quarterback.

His maneuvers and decisions dictate the flow of a given sequence.

So it is these signal callers who are most in the spotlight. The ones most credited for victories, blamed for losses. The ones whose names first get called on Sportscenter, the ones who play the position whom coaches must first address at press conferences.

The best of the lot, there the ones who are by default the front runners for the awards. Heisman. MVP. Conference POY.

The ones who shoulder the most blame when their school underperforms.

Fair or not, it is the nature of the beast.

Somewhat of a contrarian, I try to turn my flashlight in a different direction most of the time. To be fair to the rest of the team.

Then there are performances like that in Louisville’s 62-22 evisceration of hapless Duke that mandate I join the crowd, due my duty (not reluctantly, mind you) and sing bass in the proverbial chorus of praise.

So, it is obvious where this recap must begin. Continue reading Seedy K’s GameCap: Duke

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

The kid should have had a good week, a really good week.

An undefeated week.

Then, the Michigan Harbaughs and the Florida State Native Americans decided to play the full 60 minutes. Both scored late to win. To my chagrin.

But Pitt prevailed. So too, the Cats and Cards, both in decisive fashion.

So, for the third Saturday in a row, I went 3-2.

36-23 for the season.

Rivalry week is just over the horizon.

This week’s predictions: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII