Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IX

foot1Even though I’m now just posting last weekend’s prognosticatory results and this week’s predictions, some loud braggert has already tried to put me down.

(He didn’t claim his school is #1 in the state, because he and I share the same fealty. Which didn’t prevent his seriously derogatory comments about my picks before he even knew what they are.)

Which minor brouhaha I feel comfortable mentioning, since I continue trending upward.

A quick look back at last week. Oregon, in nifty throwback unis, won. ✔︎ The Seminoles to vanquish TD Jesus in Tallahassee. ✔︎ The Cats to come up short in Red Stick. ✔︎ U of L to run over the Wolfpack. ✔︎

And, the veritable coup de grace, the Mountaineers to batter Baylor’s Bears in front of a throng of fire-starting homies. (Coming Soon: Dana Holgorsen shilling for Kingsford Charcoal.) ✔︎

My first perfect weekend of picks, putting me at 25-15 on the year, has me itching to get to this week’s slate of games. Continue reading

U of L Cardinals Meet the Press & Scrimmage (Part Deux)

dunikcardFrankly, it’s difficult to tell much from these pre-season intersquad scrimmages.

They’re hardly ever significant harbingers of performances to come.

Which doesn’t mean I won’t extrapolate some trends, encouraging and disturbing, from yesterday afternoon’s affair.

One stat, however, doesn’t talk, it swears. This is an issue that portends problems. Free Throw shooting percentage.

It’s not pretty. 9/22. Less than 50%. Way less than 50%. Not a single Cardinal hit more than half his charity tosses.

* * * * *

I had a theory about the upcoming season.

Which was that this was going to be Terry Rozier’s team, in the same manner that U of L’s ’13 national champs were Peyton Siva’s team.

Which theory I’ve now abandoned. It’s a good thing. Continue reading

Louisville Cardinals Meet the Press, Part I

dunikcardThis is the kind of story I love.

Yesterday was the first public scrimmage by U of L’s hoopsters. It was preceded by Media Day, an opportunity to question the Cards, vets and rookies.

There are lots of newcomers with the ’14-’15 Cardinals. They’re a diverse contingent from around the globe, including players from such exotic locales as Melbourne, Ypsilanti, Oslo, Cairo, Goshen and Georgetown, KY.

* * * * *

Matz (Pronounce it Motts) Stockman is the tallest. He comes to Louisville from Norway, by way of the Canaria Basketball Academy in Spain’s Canary Islands.

He’s the kid with the tale to tell. Continue reading

Louisville Card File: North Carolina State

cardfootballWhat is it they say?

Luck is the daughter of intervention. Okay, uh, maybe I just made that one up.

“Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.”

Louisville infant terrible Dr. Hunter S. Thompson said that. While it really doesn’t apply to my point here, I’m going to keep it in. Because, well, it’s my blog.

Better to be lucky than good. I know that’s one that’s been uttered way too many times before.

However one might choose to make her more literary than she deserves, Lady Luck was with the Cardinals during their second drive of the second half.

On a 3d & 4 play at the State 46, Eli Rogers grabbed a Will Gardner pass that was dancing in the air in an “Immaculate Reception” situation. The ball pinballed off another participant into Rogers look-what-came-my-way arms. For a much needed nine yard gain, and “Another! Cards! First! Down!”

That minor miracle was merely a set up for the Play of the Game, which came soon thereafter.

It’s a/k/a The Play Reversal of the Game. Continue reading

Wednesday Daily Double: HDH & Less is More???


Is that some new drug that’s propelling one of MLB’s Final Four?

Kinda. But what immediately comes to mind when this acronym HDH is mentioned, for me anyway, an inveterate rock & roll junkie is: Holland, Dozier, Holland.

That would be Lamont Dozier, and the Brothers Holland, Brian and Eddie. Who were the Motown Records geniuses, responsible for such hits as “Please Mr. Postman,” “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” “Heat Wave,” “Stop! In The Name of Love” and the proverbial many, many more.

But, for the moment anyway — After all, it is October, which means baseball’s post-season — those songmasters shall have to step aside.

The HDH du jour is/are Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland. (The latter of which may or may not be related to Brian and Eddie.) Continue reading

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VIII

foot1Well, my fellow football fanatics, I assume that small, but vocal contingent of naysayers, they know who they are, is off somewhere in Mississippi, the new epicenter of pigskin pulchritude, skulking about somewhere betwixt and between sorority row and The Grove, hoping some Betty Coed will be willing to administer a damp cloth to their fevered brows.

Not that I wish them ill, of course. But, I do feel compelled to advise those who feel compelled to regularly impugn my predictatory prowess, the kid is back on his game. Went 4-1, last weekend, with only my absurd pick against my beloved Quack failing to register on the left hand side. (See below for further mea culpa maxima.)

That bit of verbosity aside, without further ado, let’s look ahead to another weekend of –Boolah! Boolah! Rah! Rah! Sis! Boom! Woooo! Pig. Bah! Sky! U! Mah! — college football.

This weekend’s winners: Continue reading

Louisville Card File: Clemson

cardsBecause the heartbreaking, but well-deserved loss in the green pastures of Death Valley was more cockamamie than biblical, it is difficult to break down exactly what was the primary cause for defeat?

Or victory?

Both teams had chances which failed.

Both teams came up huge on defense when necessary.

And, while I’m inclined most often to find a singular moment during which the outcome became manifest, I cannot do so.

What I do know is that the U of L Cardinals have played two better than decent, eminently conquerable squads on the road and have fallen both times. By slim margins, to be sure, but the defeats taste rancid nonetheless. Continue reading

Rick Pitino Presser, Part Deux

cardsHere are some more nuggetoids of info from Rick Pitino’s meetup with the media yesterday.

My initial report, much of it dealing with the coach’s indictment of the influence of shoe companies in college hoops, can be found here.

Reading that posting first is not necessary for a full appreciation of what’s to follow. Though, one guy’s opinion, mine, you should desire to savor every word of both.

* * * * *

After a couple of exhibitions — Let’s call them “B Games” since the foes will be Bellarmine and Barry — the Cards open the regular season in the Caribbean against Minnesota.

The Golden Gophers are coached, as we know, by Pitino the Younger, Richard.

Pitino the Elder advised yesterday that father and son played 5 rounds of golf this summer. “Very competitive” were his words to describe each round. The Pitino who coaches in the Big Ten won all five encounters. Continue reading

Pitino Admits “It’s The Shoes” & Other Press Conference Takeaways

dunikcardMore often than one might suspect, during Rick Pitino’s out of season gabfests with the media, the U of L hoops mentor tends toward the loquacious.

Sometimes, when he’s really on a roll, you can see SID cringing a bit, as The Rick carries on. Such was the case today.

Pitino was asked about the Big Ten’s announced new policy to grant four year schollys to its student athletes, rather the norm, which is a year to year renewal situation. He said he thought it was more a PR move on that league’s part, that he didn’t really see it as an issue.

Following up, another scribe innocently inquired what issues Pitino thought were bigger?

Cue Mars Blackmon.

It is the shoes, after all. Continue reading

Wilkommen To Pigskin Playoff Madness

footballoldThe leaves are turning. It’s no longer abysmally hot, standing to next to a heated grill full of brats, while tailgating on asphalt. (There is only one Grove.)

Moth eaten letter sweaters are coming out of the bottom drawer. Hot Totties are replacing August Amber as the pre-game libation of choice.

This college football season is at its mid point.

Because of a convergence of circumstances, not the least of which is the presence, for the first time ever, of an honest to Betty Coed attempt to crown a legitimate “national champion,” it is the most intriguing campaign in, well, ever.

Those who thought the playoff scenario would demean the value of regular season games were obviously wrong. By mid September, every hands to the face mark off against a legit contender was being parsed by the punditocracy. The effect of pick 6s, backward laterals and early season Ls was being quantified by Nate Silver’s gang over at

Oregon fans were taken to wondering what uniform color combination would overcome the school’s propensity to underachieve.

Condoleezza Rice’s every move is being tracked, some might say stalked, by Houndstooth Harvey Updike, to see if she’s on board with a vote for the Crimson Tide come Selection Sunday.

Continue reading