Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IX

endimagesWell now. In my mind I already had my lede written. Reiterating lines uttered often before by myself as well as others, it would have been . . .

. . . Kentucky yet again did what Kentucky does. Up ten with a half a quarter to play, they fumbled in the Red Zone, and Mississippi State ran it the length of the field for a TD. Then the visitors scored again with a minute or so on the clock to take the advantage. Cats lose.

But noooooooooooooo, the Kentucky Wildcats hung tough and more, taking the ball down the field and getting into FG territory despite horrid clock management. And put it through the uprights for the W, and a spot on the cusp of bowl eligibility. Bewildered as ever, Coach Mark Stoops looked like a man who’d been saved from the gallows.

By the by, the kid predicted the UK win, along with those of the Cards and Auburn, who respectively eviscerated NC State and Arkansas. Unfortunately South Florida isn’t as quite over the hump as I suspected. And Stanford is trending southward as quickly as Colorado is heading up.

3 up. 2 down. For the season, 28-12.

I shall persevere.

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Louisville Card File: North Carolina State


Corrected 10/23 9:50 am

On a postcard perfect Pigskin Saturday, Louisville won the toss, chose to receive.

Ball Game!

Okay, not exactly. But close.

Lamar Jackson to Cole Hikutini for 8 yards.

Jackson to James Quick for 12 yards.

Jackson to Jaylen Smith for 16 yards.

Jackson, on a designed keeper up the middle. 36 yards. Touchdown.

Four plays. 72 yards. 1:33. 7-0.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VIII

endimagesCorrected 10/19 4:04 pm

Oh, it’s such a game of “If only…”

If only James Quick had veered right instead of left against Clemson, secured the first down then a TD, the Cards would still be Flav o’ Flav of the Month.

If only the at the horn FG attempt by N.C. State’s Kyle Bambard had drifted left instead of a few yards right, U of L, notwithstanding the L in Death Valley, would be more securely in the race for the Final Four.

If only . . .

If only Indiana had beaten Nebraska and Texas Tech had beaten West Virginia, the kid would have had his second perfect weekend in a row. But nooooooooooooooo, only Washington State, Alabama and Lousiville prevailed as I predicted.

A 3-2 weekend tallies up as 25-10 on the year.

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Louisville CardFile: Duke

CardHelmetBecause I love the Cardinals, as do the majority of my readers, these gamecaps rarely focus, except in rare exceptional instances, on what U of L’s opponent may or may not have done during a game.

Yes, I am pleased the Cards are now 5-1, having survived  24-14 over a well-coached and as eminently prepared team as you’re going to see.

Yes, I wonder what U of L’s flat, uninspiring performance on national TV Friday night will do to its Final Four chances? (At 9:17 my pal texted from where he was watching, down south in the heart of college football country. “This game has killed any chance of the Final Four.” I responded “Yes.” By dawn’s early light, I think he and I may have been somewhat premature. But the road certainly narrowed.)

Yes, I wonder where Lamar Jackson’s Heisman hopes stand? It’s a fickle crowd, those voters. It was about this time last year that frontrunning “lock” Leonard Fournette saw his fortunes fade. And Jabrill Peppers, wearing maize and blue, is the current Flav o’ Flav of the Month. It’s easier to prevail in NY as a Wolverine than a Cardinal. But LJ is far far from out of it, plenty of opportunities for moments for spectacularity remain.

So, I’ll get to the Cardinals performance, lackluster as it was, in a moment. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Duke

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

endimagesThe Big Losers in my world last weekend were the Louisville Cardinals.

And they didn’t even play.

Houston, the one highly regarded, highly ranked foe left on U of L’s schedule was bamboozled by the triple option in Annapolis, gave up forty plus points while scoring way fewer, and is now not nearly as highly regarded.

So, the Cards, even should they dominate the rest of their schedule, have a more difficult path to the Final Four, than had they been able to tame an undefeated squad of Cougars in the heart of oil country next month.

So it goes.

As for my picks among teams who did compete, well, it was the second perfecto of the season. Aggies, Nittany Lions, Boomer Sooner, Huskies and the We Are The Wildcats Mighty Mighty Wildcats of the University of Kentucky all prevailed.

5-0 for the weekend, adds up to 22-8 on the year. 73%. I’ll take it.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

endimagesSo, four of my picks came through last week.

Okie State beat Texas and now Charlie Strong is contacting realtors. Tennessee out Hail Maryed Georgia. Michigan outslugged Wisconsin in an old fashioned B10 brawl. And Alabama had its way with the Cats.

Would I have traded them all for a Louisville Cardinal victory in Death Valley?


Four out of five for the weekend raises me to 17-8 on the year. Nice comeback, if I do say so myself, after starting 2-3, opening weekend remaining as my only negative bundle of picks for the season.

The season’s getting serious. A number of interesting matchups.

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Louisville CardFile: Clemson

CardHelmetThere are two legitimate perspectives from which to consider U of L’s yard short 42-36 loss to Clemson in Death Valley.

There is the Now.

Given what a truly great team Clemson is, along with Florida State’s home loss to North Carolina, it appears inevitable that the Tigers will win the division, play in the ACC’s title game and thus hold the inside track to be the conference’s best bet for the Final Four.

So, for the Now, this season’s Cardinal aspirations though still lofty have become more difficult to attain. But, it is important to note, not impossible.

Then there is the Hereafter.

The surest sign that University of Louisville has arrived as one of the nation’s elite was apparent on the field, but confirmed after the final gun. The fans, jubilant over the monumental victory, turned the turf into a swarm of orange. Dabo Swinney’s squad was national runner up last year, but he and his supporters couldn’t have more excited or relieved over their team’s survival. They realized they had done combat with their equal, that beating U of L was BIG. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Clemson

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week V

endimagesOh the vagaries of college pigskin.

I’m not just talking about Notre Dame losing at home — again — to Duke. In football. Or that Les Miles didn’t even make it to October in Baton Rouge before the axe fell. (Is that Mitch Barnhart on his cellphone, dialing up Miles’ number? Or Bill Belichick?)

There’s this dumbfounding development. The Louisville Cardinals are a 2 to 2/12 point favorite, depending on which Vegas betting emporium you frequent, to beat Clemson in Death Valley. You tell me you saw that coming, even last week, and I’ll scream “Liar, liar, pants of fire.”

More about that in a bit. I’m also talking about Central Michigan. I picked the Chips to come out victorious in Charlottesville. When I first saw the score of the game on the scrawl, they were down 14. A few minutes later, the deficit had doubled to 28 nil. Then I started watching, and slowly CM came back, tying the score with four TDs and successful conversions unanswered. Only to falter at the end. Badly. Their L. My L.

Which was followed by the Hilltoppers, who were up 7 with less than two to play. Gave up a FG, then got it back. Meaning the game might go into OT, thereby delaying the switch to U of L’s game on CBSSN, invoking a personal Prilosec moment. Which the game did, with the Bowling Greeners surrendering a gimme score while playing matador D on the Dore’s final drive. When WKU scored in the opening round of extra time, to match the visitors who’d already tallied, they went for the deuce. A good thing because it meant the game would end right then, seconds before the Cards kickoff. Unfortunately, in a vice versa from last season, they failed to convert, falling to Vandy. Western Ky’s L. My L.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, Stanford came up huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge late and smote the underwhelming Bruins, as I said would come about. Kentucky bested the South Carolina Muschamps. (Was that Gamecock AD with his phone to his ear calling Les Miles? Or the Ol’ Ball Coach?) And U of L took care of biz in Huntington over the big mouthed but little bite Thundering Herd.

Three up, two down for the weekend. I stand 13-7 for the season.

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Louisville CardFile: Marshall

cardfootballThe question that must be asked for perspective on U of L’s somewhat dissatisfying 59-28 beatdown of Marshall is one heard so often in the world of sports it has become clichĂ©.

If before the campaign you knew you’d be ranked #3 and heading into your second Game Day of the still young season against another Top 5 foe, and you’d just won on the road by 31 points to a feisty opponent that had beaten you four times in a row, and your Flavor of the Month star had done nothing to diminish his Heisman hype, wouldn’t you be satisfied and have said “I’ll take it?”

The answer is, “Of course.”

Yes, we knew, at least most of us, that this was a classic trap of sorts. Even though the Thundering Herd were throttled the week before, there was no way Doc Holliday’s squad wasn’t going to be ready to give maximum effort against the Cards on their home turf. It was an encounter fraught with peril.

Louisville, despite a gnawing post-game discomfort — at least, for me — survived triumphant, relatively unscathed.

Yet there are some warning lights flashing that must not be ignored. This despite the presence of much of the excellence that fans have come to expect in this surprising season to remember. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Marshall

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IV

endimagesCorrected 9/21 8:30.

There was a bit of regression last week.

Unfortunately, it is to be expected as the season sorts itself out. Besides, I can’t anticipate that I’ll pick ’em all correctly every week like Week II.

Plus, when it’s Notre Dame that loses on the gridiron, one can’t be all that sad. Especially when it’s ever underrated Sparty that spoils the party in South Bend. I have only myself to blame on the other miscalculation. Should have realized this year it is Bummer Sooner in Norman, that Bob Stoops is looking more and more like his brother Mark on the sidelines, which is to say doobish. (“Doob,” as explained to me by a UK fan who used it in a recent conversation describing his team’s coach, translates as “big dumb bear.”)

But the Cats held on and prevailed over New Mexico State. Alabama did what the Tide does, and prevented Ole Miss from becoming the first school to beat lovable Nick Saban thrice in a row. And the Louisville Cardinals squeaked by Florida State, in case you’ve been asleep.

Three up. Two down. 10-5 on the season.

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