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Disgrace in the Sphere of Cheer

I mean really now, what is going on in the seemingly innocent world of Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah?

First, at U of L, there is the strange and increasingly sordid saga of Todd Sharp, the self proclaimed “most successful coach in the history of dance.” He’s the former, now somewhat disgraced coach of the 148 time national champion Ladybirds.

His downfall in the Dance Team universe began with embezzlement scandals at Floyd Central HS and U of L, where he said in the WAVE interview, he was innocent, and worked 70 hours a week at his craft.

Then there was the incident at a Louisville hotel, when he accidentally shot himself with a gun he was carrying. While the U of L baseball banquet was underway nearby.

Most recently, it is reported a fellow was found dead in Sharp’s abode, a gentleman the former Dance icon had met just the night before.

So, yeah, that’s pretty juicy stuff. Continue reading Disgrace in the Sphere of Cheer