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Tuesday Throwdeeps: Pigskin Recruiting, Linkster +++

That the US Open was still underway, and I hadn’t had an opportunity to write about it yet, did not deter The Professor from scolding me.

“So when are you going to give a shout out to former Cardinal golfer Adam Hadwin?

“He’s leading the US Open for heaven’s sake.”

He had me. I suppose.

Transparency here. As much as I love U of L sports, the golf team has never been on my radar. I had seen somebody mention somewhere that Hadwin was a former Cardinal, and thought, “That”s cool.”

My next thought, and how I responded to Prof, “Well, isn’t there always some guy we’ve never heard of atop the leaderboard after the first day, only to fade into his own parade?”

Which to Hadwin’s credit and doggedness, he did not, finishing T7 at -1.

Under par for an entire US Open. World class. Continue reading Tuesday Throwdeeps: Pigskin Recruiting, Linkster +++

Thursday Throwdowns: Satt Snaps Back, Heird Hiring & Mo’

Love, love, love how Coach Scott Satterfield responded, when WDRB’s Tom Lane asked his reaction to Jeff Brohm’s not so veiled statement a few weeks back about someday returning to U of L to be head football coach.

Satt: “Yeah, I mean, I heard a little bit about it, but I don’t worry about it. He’s got a job. I’ve got a job. So, I think, for me, I don’t worry about any outside noise, distractions. Because that’s all they are, you know? Our job is to wake up every day to do the best job we can possibly do with our team. I owe it to everybody in this building — the 115 players we have in the locker room, the staff that we have running around this building — to do the best we can do every single day and to put a product on the field that’s gonna go win championships. And that’s what we’re here for. And we go win championships, and we’re going to keep this thing rolling for years to come. So, he might have to wait a little bit more time before he has to come back.”

Said it before but indulge me as I repeat. Continue reading Thursday Throwdowns: Satt Snaps Back, Heird Hiring & Mo’

Tuesday’s Cardinal Chitter, Chatter & Clatter

Yes, I know it’s baseball season.

And that, as I write U of L hoops coach Kenny Payne is announcing the long-expected but just confirmed hiring of Milt Wagner. To some sort of hybrid position that the Compliance Office has, one would assume, advised won’t hinder the recruitment of a certain grandson.

But, can we talk football for a moment?

Of course, the fingers on the keys to the Smith Corona belong to me.

 * * * * *

By all accounts during recent seasons the Atlantic Coast Conference has been considered the least powerful of the self-designated Power 5.

Gridironly speaking. (OK, last year also in men’s b-ball, but that was an outlier, and today isn’t about that.)

What a difference a year makes. Continue reading Tuesday’s Cardinal Chitter, Chatter & Clatter

Reid Hurls No-No, Nick says “No No” & the 3-5-5

So by now, anybody within the sound of my voice is aware that former Cardinal ace Reid Detmers hurled a no-hitter for the Angels the other night, in a blowout W against Tampa Bay. 12-0.

Pretty cool.

Yet another exclamation point to the incredible job Dan McDonnell has done turning U of L baseball into a national power.

Lots of interesting sidenotes to the 108 pitch performance. Some of which, I gleaned on my own. Like how it was old old school. Only two Ks along the way. Only one other guy has pitched a no-hitter with so few strikeouts since 1980. Francisco Liriano.

But much of which info I pass along I hereby acknowledge came from my favorite baseball writer Joe Posnanski at his JoeBlogs, to which I subscribe. Like the second half of the above paragraph. Credit and acknowledgement to Joe.

Turns out this was the first nine inning complete game Detmers has ever pitched.

At any level. Pros. (Never tossed more than six.) College. HS. (One perfecto. 7 innings.) As in ever.

How about a huzzah for Joe Maddon for leaving the rookie in. Continue reading Reid Hurls No-No, Nick says “No No” & the 3-5-5

Considering Cardinal Cage Conundrums

So, after reading yet another article about the increasingly wild and wooly world of NIL, in which it talks of incoming college athletes getting seven figure contracts from “NIL Collectives,” a U of L fan’s gotta ask.

If these deep pocketed Jurich diehards, who are beating on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past, are indeed Cardinal fans first and foremost, how about they exert their energy and focus to form an NIL Collective to benefit current and future Cardinal athletes?

Asking for myself. As well as a curious fanbase, anxious to move on in football and basketball, in hopes of getting back to where they once belonged. As it now with women’s hoops and volleyball and swimming and baseball.

It’s a new dawn in college athletics.

Where this NIL stuff goes nobody knows.

But if you don’t jump on board, you be standin’ at the bus stop for a long long time. Continue reading Considering Cardinal Cage Conundrums

U of L’s TJ>AD Imposition

This comes at a moment just when the Cardinal men’s basketball program has gained some ballast, when there is legit hope for the days to come, when the fan base for the first time in several years is energized and engaged. And looking ahead.

This comes at a moment when Scott Satterfield appears to be gaining some traction in recruiting and the transfer portal, and fans have set down their torches, stopped calling for the Louisville football coach’s head on a spike, when the faithful are thinking positive. And looking ahead.

The this is this.

Seems a posse of the rich and influential have saddled up on their’s the finest of steeds, and ridden into town to insinuate their swagger into the decision making process for U of L’s next Athletics Director.

The image that comes to mind. As beautifully hand-crafted as those saddles of this gang may be, it appears they are galloping into the fray turned around, facing backwards. Looking into the past.

Tom Jurich is their guy.

Have they no memory?

Do they simply desire back their seats in the Influencers’ Room?

These are intelligent people. Captains of Industry. Entrepreneurs. Leaders of the Community. People who can obviously read the lay of the land, who ostensibly care about the wellbeing of the university.

I don’t get it, frankly. Continue reading U of L’s TJ>AD Imposition

Louisville CardFile: Air Force

Life is in full Koyaanisqatsi mode.

If you haven’t noticed, and bless you and whatever you’re taking if you haven’t, life is out of balance.

There’s a meteor hurtling toward earth, and the president isn’t doing anything about it.

Oh yeah, right, sorry, that’s just a flick.

People gathered at the Texas Book Depository, waiting for JFK Jr. and his dad to return, and proclaim something or another about the last election or the next one.

Yes, that’s real life.

Wait, wasn’t that Marilyn Monroe in the back seat, cooing “Happy Biiiiirthday, Mr. President,” with that Schiklgruber fellow sitting next to her?

And, those just seem like the more “normal” things going down routinely these cockamamie days.

 * * * * *

As for football, a bowl game got canceled Tuesday just hours before kickoff.

Players and coaches, pro and college, entered protocols by the minute.

John Madden passed.

And Air Force’s QB, a fellow named Haaziq Daniels, completed 8/9 passing. For 239 yards. And two touchdowns. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Air Force

Seedy K’s Pigskin Prognostications: Bowl Games, Part Trois


I just don’t have any opening pith. I got three of four games played Tuesday correct. But would have traded them in for the one I missed.

The hits just keep on comin’.

No more tales about Oscar Poulan. Or Joey the Vig.

Just more predictions. I stand a seriously lofty 16-4 with 3 DNPs, heading into the last week of bowl season.

Here goes: Continue reading Seedy K’s Pigskin Prognostications: Bowl Games, Part Trois

Seedy K’s Pigskin Prognostications: Bowls Part Deux

The guy sitting at the curb by my car outside my building looked vaguely familiar.

He flipped his lit ciggie in the street, looked over and grumbled, “Yeah, I oughta look familiar, but you Mr. Seedy K, you don’t remember, do ya?

“I’m an associate of the Vig’s. Gianni. Don’t be shakin’ your noggin’ like that. Of course it wasn’t a pleasant experience, our previous engagement. Deal with it. Actually I’m here to help you out. Not really sure why? But Joey sent me, actually rented me a place across the street.

“I’m enjoyin’ that you’re just standin’ there, not sayin’ nuttin’. You use too many big words, if you ask me. I don’t like to hear somebody talk that I don’t understand what they’re sayin’, if you know what I’m sayin’

“Anyway, Joey reads your stuff. He knows you’ve made a few enemies, he reads the comments. And your picks in the bowl pool, mamma mia, the Vig figures if anybody actually took your advice, they might express their displeasure at your, whaddaya call ’em, prognosterations? He’d lose a good client, if you know what I’m sayin’. So I’m around to protect his interests.”

“Listen,” I finally get in a word, “I’m on a roll, 9-3 with my bowl picks so far. So I’m OK Gianni, you don’t have to . . . ”

“Yo, dude, you capechin’ me? I got my marchin’ orders. You’ll see me around. Deal with it.

“Oh yeah, before I let you go, wherever it is you’re off to, gimme a Ben, will ya? There’s a shirt in the shop down the street I like.”

So, I got that goin’ for me.

Which is not so nice.

Why won’t the Vig leave me alone?

I said it last week, and I repeat. These picks are for entertainment purposes only. So, yeah, maybe I’m not doing so well.

It’s Get Right Time. The winners to this week’s slate of bowl games:

 * * * * * Continue reading Seedy K’s Pigskin Prognostications: Bowls Part Deux

Seedy K’s Pigskin Prognostications: Bowl Season, Part Uno

My guess is little did Claude Poulan know what he wrought.

The Monroe, Louisiana native invented the chainsaw bow guide, using an old pick up truck fender. Which gizmo revolutionized both the wood cutting and horror movie industries.

In ’46, he opened his own chainsaw store, in the larger metropolis of Shreveport, La., which he named for himself. Then his enterprise started manufacturing its own brand of chainsaws, then other similar types of equipment.

Including weedeaters.

Which mention should give a hint to the inveterate pigskin fans among my readers what any of this lede has to do with college football bowl season.

Years, decades really, after Poulan sold his company, after it changed hands again, and then was passed off to a subsidiary (Husqvarna, a Swedish concern), in ’90 the guys in the PR office thought it would good biz to sponsor the most mediocre of bowl games.

Thus for seven glorious years we were bedazzled with the gloriously monikored Poulan Weedeater Bowl.

Just curious, wonder if there’s a Poulan Weedeater Elke Sommer Speed Skating Race in Sundsvall?

May it, the name not the Shreveport bowl game, Rest In Peace.

Soooooo, this is the first of my triptych of meaningless but hopefully entertaining bowl predictions. Which battles shall be identified by their oft ridiculous and incomprehensible commercial tie ins. Should Lockheed Martin or Radiance Technologies, or even Jimmy Kimmel wish to compensate me for the mention, all gratuities shall be graciously accepted. Continue reading Seedy K’s Pigskin Prognostications: Bowl Season, Part Uno