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Louisville CardFile: Florida State

Don’t be expecting any in depth analysis here.

It’s late. I’m tired. My eyes are bloodshot from 24 hours of football. It’s well past my bedtime. My stomach hurts because I ate way too much popcorn out of nervousness.

I have no desire to have to wake up in the morning and write about this thing.

And, I’m bummed.

Because the Louisville Cardinals lost their second game in a row in one of the least exciting exhibitions of football I’ve ever seen. Even Joe Tessitore couldn’t muster his usual faux exuberance, though he tried.

Louisville 6, Florida State 16.

 * * * * *

One guy’s take, mine:

Jack Plummer’s pick in the endzone on a drive that started at the Florida State 12 after the Cards smothered the Seminole punter was Not the biggest play of the game. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Florida State

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Championships

During Rivalry Week (minus West Point vs. Annapolis), the last weekend of the “regular” season, this happened as it pertains to what goes on in this space.

Louisville lost.




Excuse me, I needed to go wretch one more time.

Ohio State lost.

Washington won, but their QB couldn’t watch.

The lock of the weekend, NC State wrote and printed out Mack Brown’s resignation letter. Though who knows if he’ll sign it or not?

U of L lost.

James Madison won. And, later thanks to a loophole in NC2A regs, shall go bowling. Fun is Bowling, don’t ya know. (The most jealous man in the land: Scotty Davenport.)

UConn could. UMess remains in need of HazMat cleanup.

(Breaking News): We break into our regularly scheduled tomfoolery to report that one Robert Petrino has been rehired at the University of Arkansas. Neck braces for all. He’s the new OC, and all matters considered, Coach In Waiting. It has not been reported whether his duties will include hiring of graduate assistants. Tis a holiday gift that surely will keep on giving, proof that the Oh So Great & Glorious Greek God of College Pigskin Bronconagurskius exists and still rules the gridiron.) 

Did I mention my Cardinals fell to . . . that other school?

Anyhow 4-2 lifts me to 47-24 on the year.

Here are some are some conference champions: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Championships

U of L CardFile: Kentucky

On the opening play of Louisville’s defeat to arch rival UK, a Cardinal special teamer committed an unsportsmanlike act. He reacted to a Wildcat’s woofing with a swing at the fellow’s head.

The Cardinal player’s name does not matter. He was far from the only one who who was amped up to the point where it affected focus and winning judgement.

That Kentucky did not score that possession really does not matter either.

The miscue did foretell what would be the significant play of the 31-38 defeat.

A lack of intention by the kickoff teams to prioritize the task at hand.

Louisville, up an obviously wobbly 10-7, received the opening kickoff after intermission.

The Cards had two returners back. Neither, as best I recall, signaled for a fair catch as the ball landed in the end zone. Instead of immediately going to down it, there by protecting the possession, it bounced around the end zone, until one finally beat a Wildcat to the ball.

Focus. Or, lack thereof. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Kentucky

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

Among the many theories I have about nearly everything, there is one pertaining to college football at specifically this time of year which I stand by stalwartly.

To wit: There are always schools with high expectations coming into the season, underperform, then. . . .

. . . spit out the bit.

The players have busted their hump in spring practice, endured workouts over the summer in the heat and weight room under the menacing eyes barbell obsessive traiuners. Then fall practice, then the rigors of game weeks, while also studying Nuclear Molecular History of Physical Nuancing (They are student athletes don’t you know!), while staying in touch with their NIL agents, watching game film, hangin’ out at their fave sorority houses, and playing in their Madden NFL game league.

When underperformance and losses start piling up, when the Commentariat at their schools’ chatrooms sharpens their teeth. The boolah boolah ebbs.

And they start to mail it in instead of competing.

This year’s runaway winner: Trojans of Southern Cal, come on down, enter your name in the transfer portal.

(Yoo hoo, Zachariah Branch come on over to the Belknap Campus. The Brothers Brohm will get you the ball in open space.)

The dudes from Cali with their Heisman QB, started out 6-0, and have already finished their regular campaign at 7-5.

That syndrome describe above is why, to my dismay, they were throttled in their rivalry game by the Bruins from Westwood. USC looked like they’d been whupped with an ugly stick.

I shoulda seen it comin’. But didn’t.

The rest of my weekly predictionary recap is way less as sad.

The Dabos won. The team from the Little Apple won. The Gamecocks took care of the Cats.

Of course, the honeymoon continues for the Louisville Cardinals.

So,  Arch Nemesis Bookstore Billy, feast on this: 4-1. Yet again. Like for the sixth time this year. Ho Hum.

43-22 on the year.

This week’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

U of L CardFile: Miami

The victorious ACC Title Game-bound Louisville Cardinals started the second half in a 20-21 hole, no thanks to a missed PAT after a key score with :08 to play before the break.

But they moved the pigskin steadily — more or less — down the field after receiving the kickoff.

Isaac Guerendo, once again providing way way way more than adequate back up to the obviously still injured Jawhar Jordan, had the big play, a 26 buster on a 2d &9 to the Miami 30.

Jack Plummer, iffy all afternoon it seemed (more on that later) completed a couple to Chris Bell and Joey Gatewood. The Cardinals had survived a couple of miscue plays, one a TFL, the other a bad pass on a bad Jeff Brohm play call on 3d & 2 at the Hurricanes’ 22.

4th & 2 at the U 22.

Given the bad juju of what should have been a tied score at intermission, it was imperative that Louisville add to its total. Chasing that point the rest of the way would have manifoldly increased the pressure. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Miami

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

All my snark about Iowa’s offense aside, shouldn’t I have remembered that Kinnick Stadium is where opposing attacks are introduced to the Grim Reaper?

Yes, yes I should have.

But didn’t.

Rutgers, my pick on the road for whatever unfathomable reason, laid the proverbial goose egg. As in, the Scarlet Knights swords were dull to the point that they scored exactly zero points. The Hawkeyes in arguably their best offensive performance of the season — perspective is required — hit double digits.

Then some, but not too many more. Enough to provide my only miscue of the weekend.

That’s right, ye naysayers, just another November 80% correct slate.

Thank you Mizzou. And Arizona. And Kentucky. And the University of Louisville Cardinals.

4-1 makes my season total even glossier at 39-21.

That’s what I oh so humbly call “Peerless.”

This week’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

U of L CardFile: Virginia

It appeared — to my untrained eyes anyway — that Jeff Brohm’s game plan against Virginia was based on a single premise.

That U of L was just better than the Cavaliers.

That a simple game plan, a legit one given the Cardinals recent trajectory, would suffice — run the ball, play dominating defense — then take a day off and prepare for Miami.

If it is true, that attitude filtered down to the squad, which competed with a somewhat blasé attitude.

Until the season was about to fall apart against feisty UVa and their precocious QB, who looks like he should be studying for his driver’s test.

Two sequences in the opening half — during which the D extended it’s No TD Allowed streak to ten — underline my premise.

A 3 & out on the Cards first drive, when they’ve usually been aces.

Jawhar Jordan, on a swing route, blithely running out of bounds. He was uncovered, and could have done the proverbial waltz into the endzone had he simply stayed on the football field.

Which possession ended scoreless after a botched snap a FG play. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Virginia

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

Until last weekend, that Ol’ Ramblin’ Wreck was hitting on every other cylinder.


L. W. L. W. L. W. L. W.

Though I’ve never been really too good at numbers, I have been known to spot a trend or deux along the way.

Though UVa hadn’t been very good all year, they had won a couple in a row, including in Chapel Hill, and played the U tough.

So was my logic in predicticating a Cavalier dub.

Turns out beating the Tar Heels was a false positive. And the Yellow Jackets were up for coming with the sting in consecutive weekends.

So, I was wrong there.

But Akron came back strong late in the Bottom 10 Battle of the Bottom 10. Go Zips.

Kentucky silenced the Cowbells.

The Cardinals continued their dominant ways.

And the Okie State Pokes did what I frankly was pretty certain they would do, i.e. win the Last Scheduled Bedlam. Buster Sooner.

4-1. 35-20 for the year.

This week’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

Pungent Pigskin Ponderings

Yes, it is one of the most glorious days of the year, one that has nothing to do with football.

College basketball tipoff day.

Be still my beating heart.

Despite the turmoil, disillusionment and queasiness surrounding my favorite U of L Cardinal program, I am so looking forward to tonight’s tip in the Yum!. When the Cards take on the Retrievers of Maryland Baltimore County, and iconic Denny Crum will be honored.

Being the hoopaholic I am, tuning into IUPUI vs that school located here on 4th Street — the Spalding University Golden Eagles — at 11:00 AM is not beyond comprehension. I just might need a fix.

Buuuuuuuuuut, before we dive into roundball, there is the scintillating end of pigskin season still to play out.

And, look which school has the nation’s most surprising team. Need I say it’s name?

I. Don’t. Think. So.

Beyond that though, I got some gridiron snark.

Oh yeah. Continue reading Pungent Pigskin Ponderings

U of L CardFile: Virginia Tech

Well, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)/ I really want to know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)/ Tell me who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)/ Because I really want to know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)

I mean, really, maybe Pete Townshend can tell me, who are these guys wearing Louisville Cardinal unis?

Which is the question Smart Guy and I asked each other after Isaac Guerendo’s 39 yard burst for a score on the first play of the 2d Q.

Again when the former Badger turbo-accelerated like Don “Big Daddy” Garlits in his top fuel dragster for a 60 yard blast on the Cards third drive of the afternoon. Which dumbfounding run was unfortunately nullified by a hold.

Still, the exclamatory mutual query applied.

Yet again upon the occasion of his 39 yard blitz for their final TD in an it-was-never-even-close 34-3 decimation of Virginia Tech.

Jawhar Jordan, dinged up, was held to rushing numbers of mere mortals.

No problem. Guerendo 11 carries, 146 yards. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Virginia Tech