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Rory McIlroy Captures PGA After Dark: Some Afterthoughts

golfTrying to find some symmetry between the PGA tournament, held this weekend past at Valhalla, and that won a half century ago by Kentuckian Bobby Nichols is a tough task.

Even for a guy silly enough to try. A guy cockamamie enough to find similarities between eating peanut butter and apples for breakfast and Sherman’s tromp through the Peach State.

Drawing parallels is a gnawing affliction. Who knows why I even attempt it.

Any similarity is surely not orange-obsessed Rickie Fowler. With his hip hop Puma ballcap and outrageously colored garb, fifty years back, he’d surely have been asked by the muckety mucks in charge at the Columbus (Ohio) C.C. to, you know, “perhaps wear something more appropriate to the situation of a major golfing event.”

Nor is it the amount of winnings pocketed by the victors. St. X grad Nichols earned the princely sum of $18 large for his wire to wire W. Baby faced Rory McIlroy will deposit 100 times that amount for his title, $1,800,000.00. Continue reading Rory McIlroy Captures PGA After Dark: Some Afterthoughts

Eyes Wide Shut: Hold That Tiger!!!

twoodsThere was a time when a rule of life was, “It must be true. I read it in the newspaper.” Before that, which would have been before even my time, insert “radio” for “newspaper.”

The next evolution was, “It must be true. Walter Cronkite said it on TV.”

Which morphed into what has become a hackneyed joke: “I read it on the internet, so it must be true.”

But nothing heretofore in history has been able to empirically advise what’s on people’s minds right this moment like social media. We now know in real time, second to second, what people are thinking about, what they’re talking/ tweeting/ facebooking about.

So, what’s going on in the world today that might have our attention? Continue reading Eyes Wide Shut: Hold That Tiger!!!

Monday Morning QB: Teeing Up, Kicking Off, Hurling & Mo’

reporterThere’s going to be plenty of golf news this week, what with the PGA at Valhalla and all, and we got football — American style, the way Pudge Heffelfinger meant for it to be — every weekend from now until February.

So, as we’re wont to do, let’s start with hoops.

* * * * *

Just as his cataclysmic injury changed Kevin Ware’s career, there’s no doubt the same could happen with Paul George.

Obviously, one hopes the Indiana Pacer has a full recovery. (And that Ware finally gets it together at his current collegiate stop.)

Here’s what struck me about Friday night’s injury situation.

USA team players and coaches alike were shaken to the point that Mike Krzyzewski called off the remainder of the scrimmage. A legitimate move, one supposes. Continue reading Monday Morning QB: Teeing Up, Kicking Off, Hurling & Mo’

Throwdown Thursday: Tiger, Tour (Talansky), Tigers & Mo’

reporterI am as enamored with a charismatic personality as anyone.

So, despite my oft recurring remonstrative reaction to all matters Tiger, I do pay attention to the comings and goings of He Who Would Change The World (At least according to his father.).

So, when I turned on the British Open this morning for a little sports with my morning joe, I took note when the guys at Royal Liverpool indicated they were about to show a Tiger shot.

He’s 3 back of leader Rory McElroy after the opening round.

Which means golf fans like The Professor are all twitter and shall tune in. Can he, will he, is it really possible . . . for Tiger to win another major this summer? Continue reading Throwdown Thursday: Tiger, Tour (Talansky), Tigers & Mo’

Monday Morning Breakaway: Soccer, Cycling and, Of Course, College Basketball & LeBron

cardsNow that the silly ol’ World Cup foolishness is over, you know the fütbol tournament without Jim Nantz calling play by play, the one to which only 800 million people watched the final. Now that it’s out of our minds for another four years, we can get back to what really matters.

Which is what 12 year old future superduperubersuperstar baller is dazzling the recruiting gurus at the Sebastian Telfair Humpty Dumpty Jamboree? And which 47 middle schools are still on his narrowed list for possible attendance?

* * * * *

I was going to talk about various topics in a different order, but, trying to serve my public, I’ll get to what you want to read about most, first.

College hoops. Continue reading Monday Morning Breakaway: Soccer, Cycling and, Of Course, College Basketball & LeBron

Monday Musings: Mound-Worthy, Manners, Marijuana & More

b-ballThe shot clock was running down.

With their usual panache and purpose, the San Antonio Spurs had passed the rock to and fro, in and out. It ended up in the hands of Tiago Splitter, back to the bucket, five feet along the endline to the left of the lane, facing a soft double team, preventing his move to the hoop.

One teammate cut through the lane right to left but was thoroughly checked. Followed in sync, from around the left elbow, free thanks to an immaculate screen, streaked Manu
Ginobili. Splitter’s internal bounce pass was pin point. The Argentinian wonder laid the ball in the hoop relatively unimpeded.

In my mind’s ear, I could hear Charles Barkley barking, “Ginnnnnnnnnooooobly!!!!”

From the TV, Jeff Van Gundy exclaimed, “Exquisite.” Continue reading Monday Musings: Mound-Worthy, Manners, Marijuana & More

Monday Musings: Pacers puncture Predictions, DAP is Back & Mo’

b-ballThis digital age is, one guy’s opinion, a marvelous thing.

I sit here at my desk, fashioning my rather lame Jim Murray/ Hunter Thompson/ Charles Pierce imitations, hit “Enter” and my bloviations disseminate instantly into the cybergalaxy to be savored or ignored, your choice.

There are pluses and minuses to this whole internet thing.

Immediate access to “information.” Plus.

Small town gossip now global. Minus.

Also, if I write something, and make a mistake — which I way too often do — I can correct it.

One can also cover oneself, after making really bad forecasts. Simply erase what has been written. At which point, only the writer and that 13 year old hacker in Berzerkistan know the whole truth.

But, in the name of integrity, the Hippocratic Oath, the Marquise of Queensbury Edicts, the Barristers’ Code of Ethics and the Golden Rule, I try not to do. Even if I look the fool to all those with a memory of what I’ve written.

And, sadly, there are a lot of you with elephantine recall out there.

Which is my usual long-winded, self-indulgent way of getting to this point.

Yes, it was me who wrote these words, which I am likely to come to regret: “Besides, given that Miami is a deadbolt lock to win the East, a rematch of last year’s Finals is what we want, right?” Continue reading Monday Musings: Pacers puncture Predictions, DAP is Back & Mo’

Tax Day Titters: Drafts, Hoops, Pucks, Birdies & More (Music Video Included)

animated_sportsFor those of you who genuflect every a.m. before a giclée of Mel Kiper Jr., those of you who vitalis your hair into a coiffure that emulates the self-styled NFL draft “expert,” there’s now a movie about all you obsess over.

“Draft Day” stars Kevin Costner as the GM of the Cleveland Browns, who has choices to make on, you know, draft day. You can listen to my review here.

Now onto some real sports considerations.

* * * * *

Looks like things is gonna be just the same as they ever was next season in women’s college hoops. Continue reading Tax Day Titters: Drafts, Hoops, Pucks, Birdies & More (Music Video Included)

Welcome to America’s Pithiest Sports Commentary

reporterAfter years of writing about sports elsewhere, I dare to venture where many have gone before.

Welcome to my own site, Seedy K Sports, where I’ll continue to cover the scene with a gangster lean. Lots more opinionating on the athletic endeavors and competitions we love. Plus, it is my intention to, on occasion, actually pepper the page and opinion with arguable facts and documentation.

My first loves are University of Louisville athletics, college basketball and football in general and their professional counterparts. But I’ll also be posting essays on the personality and personalities of sport, the announcers we love and loathe, recruiting, officiating, along with peeks at the worlds of baseball, cycling, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis, the Olympics and, every once in a great while, Australian Rules Football which I love but rarely get to see.

As the former gossip monger behind a column called “Rumor & Innuendo,” I won’t be shy about sharing juicy gossip, at least that which has at least a scintilla of possibility.

Every once in awhile I’ll be serious, as when discussing issues such as head injuries in football. Sometimes, I’ll be faux serious, as when contemplating when Brett Favre will again take the field. Most of the time, I’ll write as the sports fan I am, with an opinion and my own website on which to publish it.

Thanks for taking a look see. Come back often. Bookmark this site, if so inclined. If you’re on Facebook, Like my Culture Maven c d kaplan page, where links to all my posts from here and my other website appear.

Remember, the door is always open.

— Seedy K