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Sports = $$$: Best and Worst Deals Ever

joeyToday’s Query: What would possibly make a man of my advanced age, with no hops, bad hips (regularly scheduled physical therapy), a shooting touch that has made coaches wince, teammates cringe and foes ebullient through the years, what could make that guy daydream about pulling his long unused b-ball off the shelf in storage, pumping it up, putting on my Wes Unseld Cardinal throwback, overworn low cut black chucks and going out to take a few jumpers? Just to see if he still has his stuff, don’t you know?

Well, for one, a guy named Lavoy Allen — Heard of him? Know who he plays for? Didn’t think so. — is going to make $3.5 mill next season. Joe Ingles — haven’t a clue — will take home $2.1 with five more zeros attached. Matthew Dellavedova will deposit in his account just short of $10 mill next season, which works out to at least a couple of hundred thou for each dirty play.

I trust you get my point. There are lots of professional basketball players, who are making obscene amounts of money, simply to sit on the bench and ogle the babes in the Jack Nicholson seats.

And this: The latest reported figures indicate big time college sports is breaking the bank. SEC schools each take home $30+++ million from the league. ACC schools have passed the $25+ million mark, with more on the way with the new TV contract.

It all seems so obscene. And, perhaps, is. But as long as guys want to gather at BW3, eat faux “wings,” quaff some Buds and watch games, the trend shall not abate.

It’s Money Ball über alles.

Which got me to thinking. A scary proposition, but one I engage in every once in awhile, whether I need to or not. Given what’s happened with money aspects of big time sports, what have been the best and worst financial deals ever in the history of sports?

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