Louisville CardFile: Syracuse

My normal modus operandi when covering a U of L game, any sport, whether noon or night, victory or defeat, is to sleep on it, then offer up my observations the morning after with full game stats in front of me for reasoned breakdown.

For a couple of reasons, given the Cardinals seriously disappointing performance in their season/ ACC opener, I’m knocking this out While The Game Is Still Underway, starting just after the Orange increased their advantage to 31-7 with 8:40 left.

I don’t want to have to deal with it after I wake up.

Plus, for some reason, I’ve had trouble meeting the sandman, and have been chasing slumber for several days now. Hopefully putting this disheartening, dispirited effort behind me, I’ll be able to sleep in.

Fingers crossed.

Plus, there isn’t a single reason I can think of to spend a nanosecond mulling over the numbers. I really could care less. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Syracuse

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week I

Back in the 70s, years before I even became a pretend “journalist” like now, a couple of buddies from New Orleans came up yearly for the Derby. Neither was a sports writer, but they somehow finagled press passes to the Downs, posing as covering the race for some papers in Bumfuck, Mississippi.

I never asked.

Back then, and it still might be, the Downs had a sumptuous buffet for all media types covering the event on the Thursday before the race. Twice my guys snuck me in.

It is impossible to describe the extensiveness of the spread. Suffice to say, the scribes and talking heads from across the land and around the globe could get anything they desired to sup upon. Lox and bagels. Check. Fried chicken and greens. Check. Egg Foo Young. Check. Baba Ganoosh. Check. Carnitas. Check. Palak Paneer. Check.

OK, you get my point. I’ve never experienced anything like it. A Husko Gordo at the time, I dove in head first, and one year needed to be carted out in a wheelbarrow. Figuratively if not literally.

Well, Week I of the college pigskin season is a veritable Thursday through Monday buffet. And, given the delectability of some of the boffo matchups, it’s the gridiron equivalent of that describe above.

Because the nagging nabobs of negativitude are already on my case, because of my picks last week, I shall not weigh in on such highly anticipated engagements as Oregon @ Georgia or Notre Dame @ Ohio State. They seem like gimmes to me, so I’m going to advise who will prevail in games that appear more evenly matched.

Says the fellow who last week picked but one underdog, Hawaii, over Vandy, which prevailed by the wafer thin margin of 53 points. Guess the ‘Dores didn’t spend too much time on Waikiki Beach. Like many, I thought Scott Frost couldn’t find yet another way to lose a one score game, but it’s what he does like a master. The Toppers, Aggies and Fightin’ Illini all won.

3-2. An acceptable Week 0 start to the season, while I work the kinks out.

Here we go with Week I: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week I

Monday Morning Headset: The Guillotine Awaits

Three P5 programs had loooooooong flights home from their distant Week 0 encounters.

One was the Program of the Future (Ref: Coach Clark Lea) Vanderbilt, which contrary to the thinking of the Nation’s Premier Preditctioneer, did not let frolicking along Waikiki Beach get in the way of game performance.

Vandy 63, Hawai’i 10.

Since the somewhat iconic Aloha Stadium has been condemned, the game was played at the Clarence TC Ching Athletics Complex “Stadium.” Capacity 9,000.

Maybe Rainbow Warriors coach Timmy Chang could harvest some pigskinners to matriculate from nearby vaunted St. Louis HS. Can any of those Little Leaguers who dominated the LLWS, outscoring foes 60-5 in 6 games play QB?

The other schools taking a red eye were Pat Fitzgerald’s ever feisty Northwestern Wildcats, and . . .

. . . the Program of the Distant Past, Nebraska. Where are you Bob Devaney when the Cornhusker State really needs you? Really really really needs you.

Nebraska 28, Northwestern 31.

Yet again, and it’s almost inexplicable, former favorite son Scott Frost’s charges were Hüsker Dön’t. Seven single digit Ls in a row. So many more during what what was supposed to be his triumphant return to Lincoln.

Can Bob Mould play QB?

Live by the onside kick, die by the onside kick. Continue reading Monday Morning Headset: The Guillotine Awaits

Friday Football Follies: Appetizers Anyone?

You know how you get invited to a dinner soiree, where, forget the company, you know the spread is going to be magnifico?

Like, fresh shrimp as big as your fist. Crab cakey bites that are made from the real thing, not surimi. Pizza noshes the hosts have flown in from Lou Malnati’s in Chitown. Then your choice of fresh Dover Sole, or beef  so tender you cut it with the side of your fork and Henry Baines sauce. Some Chocolate Bomb thing for dessert that’s so rich you feel guilty from the second bite on, but forge to completion anyway.

That kind of dinner party.

Well, football fans, that’s next weekend, Week I. West Virginia/ Pittsburgh. Utah/ Florida. Notre Dame/ THE Ohio State, your favorite team finally in action on the telly somewhere, if you’re not actually in the stadium.

Tomorrow. Appetizers.

But you know, like, pimento cheese on Ritz crackers, Domino’s, Hostess Cupcakes. Continue reading Friday Football Follies: Appetizers Anyone?

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week 0

Despite the meagerness of this weekend’s offerings, your inveterate predictioneer is pleased as Hubert Humphrey’s punch that the season is but 72 hours hence.

A technical note, before we get started, so there will be transparency about my process. I have updated my algorithmic analytical diagnostics, and feel certain this will improve my already world renown prescience. Thank you Roy G Biv at Pigskinistics LLC, for your help above and beyond the call of duty.

So, we’ve got another week before the matchups get tastier. Until battles get as delicious as that incredible pizza I cherished at Impellizzeri’s the other evening, we’ll have to settle for some heat lamp dried broasted chicken at the Stop & Gas.

And be damned glad.

As long as there’s a cold beverage in the fridge case to wash it down with:

Week 0 winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week 0

Football Follies: Let’s Get This Party Started

The usually spot on Elvis Costello missed his mark with this one, whatever the song really means.

At least this week, when he sang “Everything means less than zero.”

Because it is a time when college football junkies have come to cherish.

Week Zero.

In the subsequent increments to come, as the numerology increases, when it shall be wall to wall football, and our faves and the big boys will be competing on the gridiron, such matchups as Wyoming vs. Illinois, UConn vs Utah State and Western Kentucky vs Austin Peay* will hardly be must see TV. But this first week, they are.

You know, like, almost.

*Know how on PTI, Tony Kornheiser never passes up a chance to make a joke about Uranus? Similarly, whenever I mention that Clarksville, Tennessee institution of higher learning, it is an excuse to invoke the potty humor that is the greatest cheer in the history of sports, “Fly’s open, Let’s Go Peay.”

The addicted amongst us shall be fully heplocked up at high noon Saturday to mainline that first kickoff of the campaign from Bowling Green, Ky.

Soon enough, all but the most dedicated of fans for those schools shall clicking over to a game being contested across the pond. Continue reading Football Follies: Let’s Get This Party Started

Seedy K’s Peerless Preseason Pigskin Prognostications: Final Four

Buyer Beware: The following contains spoilers regarding the upcoming 2022 college football season. By reading further, you are accepting the risk of knowing in advance results between Week 0 and the CFP Championship on January 9, 2023. 

As if.

It appears statistically that I am more accurate than even my faux ego would admit. I still miss some. 47-28 for the last regular season. 19-10 for the bowls, with 3 DNPs. But, sigh, I picked Michigan to prevail in the Capital One Bowl semi. Silly moi. And the Sabanites to take yet another title trophy back to B-ham, to hoist on the head table at Dreamland. Got outSmarted on that one.

Still not bad all in all. I trundle ahead, head held high.

So, here we go with some 2022 preseason surmisals.

 * * * * *

Recently I posted conjecture on which athletes would have their faces carved on a Mt. Rushmore for Louisvillians. Three were gimmes. The other a toss up.

Since the CFP hasn’t yet given the green light for its inevitable expansion, the institutions of higher learning for student athletes participating in playdowns for the title remain a quartet.

Need I elucidate whom this campaign’s bloodblood trio are projected to be? No, but I shall, because it’s what I do.

Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia.

Will they make the Final Four? Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Preseason Pigskin Prognostications: Final Four

Monday Morning Mayhem (Kinda, Sorta)


Before we get started with another rasher of foolishness, some Coming Attractions.

Later this week — like in a day or two — yours truly’s anxiously anticipated, nationally heralded predictioneering about the upcoming college football campaign shall be revealed.

Seedy K’s Peerless Preseason Pigskin Prognostications are but hours away. So too, hopefully, arrival of my brickbat resistant armor from that Bezos fella. Then, because that’s really nothing more than an appetite whetter, next week come my ever prescient Week 0 game predictions.

Wyoming vs. Illinois. Vanderbilt vs. Hawai’i. Nebraska vs. Northwestern, from that hotbed of American football, Dublin, Ireland.  And more, perhaps.

And don’t tell me you won’t be watching. I know better, ready to pounce, should I in the unlikely event prove incorrect.

 * * * * *

Speaking of football across the pond, do you want to hear about yesterday’s West London Derby at Stamford Bridge between my faves, Tottenham Hotspur, and their hated arch-rival Chelsea?

Of course, you don’t.

But what if I told you how as heated events unfolded during and after the action, I was reminded of a specific U of L hoops game against the Cards’ egregiously disliked nemesis from down the road? Continue reading Monday Morning Mayhem (Kinda, Sorta)

Mt. Rushmore of Louisville Sports

In the wake of Bill Russell’s passing, my current favorite sportswriter Joe Posnanski riffed in a blog about who would be on a Mt. Rushmore of American Sports? He also considered one for the city of Boston.

Russell he observed was a given for both.

Like Top 10/100/Whatever lists, such an endeavor by default always generates disagreements.

It’s why we do them, right? We all need something to disagree on, or so I’d observe.

So, as it happens I’ll steal another’s idea. Because Joe’s conjecture got me to thinking what Louisville sports figure’s faces would be carved on such an elevation? (I guess you could do one for U of L too , but that only came to mind right now as I compose.)

So here goes nothing. Well, something actually. If just to pass the time until the fall sports season kicks off.

I’m so very sure you shall free to disagree with one or some of my selections.

For me, three are No Brainers. Continue reading Mt. Rushmore of Louisville Sports

Russell & Scully: Two Icons Gone

Boston Celtics Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson in action. (Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Rare is the occasion when you can consider a person, and can say beyond peradventure, “They are the best ever at what they do.”

We lost two this week.

Bill Russell, the greatest winner in American sports. Not only basketball.

Vin Scully, the greatest broadcaster in American sports. Not only baseball.

 * * * * *

I have a vague memory that I might have seen Bill Russell play in person once.

At some point in the early to mid 60s, if memory serves, there was a preseason NBA doubleheader at Freedom Hall. One of the games featured Philly — either the Warriors or 76ers — because I remember walking up and standing next to Wilt Chamberlain, who was the biggest human being I’d ever seen

Though my memory is shoddy, I believe the Celtics played the other game. Continue reading Russell & Scully: Two Icons Gone