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Sayonara BCS: College Pigskin Season Finally Over

footballoldIf you’ve been paying attention here, you know that I love college football.

Which is different than considering myself an astute observer of the technicalities of the game. Way different. I watch as a fan, not a guy who claims to know the Xs & Os.

Which was reinforced last night, as I watched most of Florida State’s exciting W on ESPN News. Which is where Matt Millen, Chris Spielman, Kevin Sumlin, Paul Chryst and Steve Addazio broke down the action and strategy in exacting detail in the Film Room.

It was as illuminating as it was fascinating. The latter three are still coaching, at Texas A & M, Pitt and Boston College respectively. Millen, who talked less than the others and was kind of a moderator, and Spielman, who was the most loquacious, do color for The World Wide Leader.

What became patently obvious was how much more these fellows see during the game than Seedy K does in the stands, press box or recliner. Immediately they’ll observe which lineman missed a block, or made a good one. Or, which LB missed an assignment, or looped through untouched on a stunt. Or, which receiver cut off a route too soon. Continue reading Sayonara BCS: College Pigskin Season Finally Over

Tuesday’s FootBALLS: Auburn’s Most Excellent Last Drive

footballoldYes, sports fans, at least American sports fans, are still buzzing about Auburn’s stunning W in the Iron Bowl.

There are two reasons why I’m taking one last look back.

1) My buddy Rick Bozich posted something yesterday, I think on Facebook, maybe somewhere else. It was in the form of a question: Who thinks Auburn is a better football team than Alabama? A paraphrase, but it was obvious from the wording, he feels the Crimson Tide are better.

Of course, being ever the contrarian, I immediately ripped him an email, advising my vote’s for the Tigers.

2) Last night on CBS Sports Network, I saw the last eight minutes of the game.

With the battle on the line, Auburn had its way with Bama. Continue reading Tuesday’s FootBALLS: Auburn’s Most Excellent Last Drive

Sunday Morning QB: Yes, Twas Most Exciting Pigskin Weekend Ever

footballoldIt wasn’t long after noon yesterday (Saturday), when Ohio State and Michigan were trading hay-makers in the Big House that surely made Woody and Bo cringe, that I had a premonition, that I thought of that Thanksgiving Friday from yesteryear, November 29, 1984, when arguably the most exciting college pigskin encounter — until yesterday — was played.

The Hail Flutie game featured Bernie Kosar and the diminutive flinger Dough Flutie firing it all over the field. Lots of scoring, lead changes and Brent Musburger and Ara Parseghian in the booth to call the ebb and flow.

Not long after that one kicked off and BC grabbed an improbable 14-0 lead, I called my co-worker Scott, who, more professional than me, chose to go into the office that day. “Get to a TV,” I implored, “this is going to be one of the best ever.”

What the Wolverines and Buckeyes were doing, with national title implications and a possible Big Ten title on the line, not to mention a year’s worth of bragging rights in the second most intense college pigskin rivalry, was a harbinger, I was so very sure.

If only I knew. Continue reading Sunday Morning QB: Yes, Twas Most Exciting Pigskin Weekend Ever