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Thursday’s BasketBALLS: Old Man, Familiar Smack, Fresh Blather

shoutingI know Bobby Knight is one of my go to whipping boys. And that you know that.

He’s such an easy target, given his propensity for bombast and ingrown duplicity. I’ve dissed him when he’s bellowing along the sideline, dissed him when he took down students at IU, and dissed him when he’s been fumbling for something salient to say in front of the microphone.

His performance last night during Stanford’s upset at UConn was, well, dumbfounding.

I just saw the last few minutes of the game, but, honest to heavens, it was like Knight was tranqued out. Or suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Really. At first it was absurd, somewhat comical. Then, it was no, I wonder what’s really wrong with him? Continue reading Thursday’s BasketBALLS: Old Man, Familiar Smack, Fresh Blather

Thursday BasketBALLS: Bobby’s Back. Yech!!!!!

announceOther than the stupendous news that doddering Tim McCarver was calling it quits, that we’d no longer have to endure his inanities during the World Series, this was the 2013 announcing story that had us all toasting the telly at BW3.

Bobby “Call me Bob” Knight’s ESPN contract as a college hoops color guy wasn’t renewed. Or, so it was reported last spring.

Forget his cranky duplicity. Forget his brusque don’t-bother-me manner. Forget his dour visage. Forget the his and his matching sweaters with play-by-play guy Brent Musburger.

Simple fact is that Knight, for all his vast basketball knowledge and insight, can’t express that on a telecast in an understandable and illuminating manner.

Read: He’s boooooorrrrrrrrrrring! Continue reading Thursday BasketBALLS: Bobby’s Back. Yech!!!!!