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Louisville CardFile: NC State

At The All-American — the marvelous college football section of theathletic.com, a great new sports site worth subscribing to — Stewart Mandel recently listed 15 coaches at Power 5 schools he believes have job security.

Bobby Petrino was among three from the ACC. (Dabo Swinney and David Cutcliffe are the other two. Though after last night’s performance, NC State’s Dave Doeren might be added were Mandel to update this morning.)

The pundit is maybe, probably correct. Given all the turmoil at U of L, given that the school’s troubles have taken permanent residence on ESPN’s screen scrawl, it is most doubtful the BP is going anywhere. Some stability, or at least a sense thereof, is required.

But, after another underwhelming performance in an important game, the question must be asked: When, if ever, will Bobby Petrino Era II live up to expectations? Is that still dumbfounding smackdown of Florida State on Game Day last season it?

That remains the only Cardinal W against a ranked foe during Petrino’s second go round.

The loss to #24 Wolfpack seemed so very familiar. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: NC State

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week I

Thanks to the divine, full spectrum guidance of patron saint ROY G BIV, the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii secured a waning moments W at UMass. Thus making for as satsifying a return trip to Diamond Head as there can be stuck in coach on a plane for 5100 miles.

Not to mention the victory secured as peerless an opening foray as yours truly could have hoped for. Along with wins by the Cougars, Bulls, Rams and The Cardinal, the kid started the season 5-0, prediction wise.

While I would like to boast ad nauseum, to be honest, last week’s meager slate of battles was hardly what could be termed a severe test of prognosticatory prowess.

A boffo schedule this coming weekend provides a legitimate chance to yet again prove my mettle. Thus I shall cut short the verbosity, and get right to it.

This week’s winners in five huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge games: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week I

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week III

endimagesMore confidant than I had any reason to be, I was sure my less than stellar 2-3 performance in Week I was an aberration.

The proof, to coin a phrase, is in the proverbial pudding.

Tennessee, Pitt, Ohio, Florida and Louisville all won. Just as yours truly advised they would last week in this very space.

It was also a weekend which, strange as it sounds given how Kentucky spit out the bit in Gainesville, should provide some reason to smile a bit for UK fans. Watching way more of the Ohio Bobcats victory over Kansas than any human who savors good health should have, it became obvious that Kansas is easily the worst Power 5 team in the land.

So, Kentucky Wildcat fans, you got that goin’ for you. Which is nice.

Anyway, 5-0 for the weekend puts me at 7-3 for the young season, and raring to go again.

This week’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week III

Monday’s Card Quips: A New Bobby P; An Old Face: Cardinal Futbol & More

petrinoStanding in the taco line next to U of L’s then new, recently anointed head coach at  2003’s Football Media Day, I attempted to engage Bobby Petrino, mentioning some imbroglio or another taking place at Auburn, where he’d been OC the season before.

Uneasy, fashioning a crinkly, forced smile, obviously wishing to be left alone, he mumbled, “Yeah, I saw that,” or something to that effect. Which, if subtitled, would translate into “I’d really like to grab a little lunch here without engagement, and head back to my office and watch film by myself.”

Fast forward to this Saturday past, at this season’s beginning of practice meet and greet with scribes and talking heads. Petrino is a different person. After his Belknap Campus abdication for a self-shortcircuited stint in Atlanta with the Falcons, his successful on-field performance and peccadillo engendered meltdown at Arkansas, a season in exile, a season helming the Hilltoppers in Bowling Green, and a Tom Jurich rapprochement rehire at Louisville, Bobby P appears finally at comfort with himself.

Walking to the mic, he waved at a photographer, joked with good nature how quiet the room was, and hurled a gentle barb at one of the assembled writers.

With a welcome smile, he opened by saying  how much “fun it is to be in camp.”

He joked about defensive ace Devonte Fields, who was way out of shape this time a year ago, “We were waiting to see if he was going to throw up again or not.”

When asked how much freedom QB Lamar Jackson would have this season, Petrino smiled a totally different grin than the one a baker’s dozen years ago, this one warmer, confident, with a wink.

“He has the freedom to do exactly what we tell him.” Continue reading Monday’s Card Quips: A New Bobby P; An Old Face: Cardinal Futbol & More

Friday Card Quips: Bobby P, E2 Y3 & Istanbul Russ

petrinoBobby P, Era II, Year 3. There were moments of offensive firepower so explosive during Card Coach Bobby Petrino’s first two ventures in town, initially as offensive coordinator for a season, then as head mentor from ’03-’06, that the Red & Black Faithful were oft taken to exclaim, “He’s the next great college coaching genius.”

We were not alone in our assessment.

Not the least of his achievements was beating the Cats in his first game, when wearing the leader’s head set. And each season after that.

More monumental — after all, beating UK on the gridiron is no big deal — was an offense that trampled the tundra, seemingly at will. Wide open receivers, a deceptively effective running game. The Cards hung 50, 60, 70 on its mostly mid major schedule, at their pleasure. There were also big Ws over big time schools, skunking the Tar Heels in Chapel Hill, eviscerating the Beavers from PAC-12 Oregon State. And that victory over Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl.

In ’06, Louisville was a W that wasn’t to come in New Brunswick, NJ away from a spot in the national title game.

Then . . . I’ll save you a reiteration of the details . . . he was gone.

Soon enough, he was back. Continue reading Friday Card Quips: Bobby P, E2 Y3 & Istanbul Russ

Louisville CardFile: Texas A&M

CardHelmetLamar Jackson.

Lamar Jackson early.

Lamar Jackson late.

Lamar Jackson often.

Lamar Jackson on the ground.

22 rushes. 226 yards. 10.3/ ypr. Two TDs.

Lamar Jackson in the air.

12/26. 227 yards. Two TDs. 144.9 QB Rating.

Lamar Jackson to close the deal.

Four yard rush for a 1st Down, on 3d & 3 on Louisville’s 32, to prevent the Aggies from getting one last chance.

Lamar Jackson.


Louisville 27, Texas A&M 21.

The L1C4 Nation thanks you, LJ, for putting the Cardinals on your shoulders and carrying U of L to the Music City Bowl victory. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Texas A&M

Louisville CardFile: Syracuse

CardHelmetIn the pleasant aroma of Louisville’s 41-17 evisceration of the Syracuse Orange, there is but one question.

And it is not where in the hell were all those U of L is a football school fans on a photogenic, weather immaculate, Howard Schnellenberger-perfect, leaves aglow, Grantland Rice crisp, autumn afternoon? Because they sure weren’t at Papa J’s, where the empty faded red seats just about equaled those filled with the base that chose to attend.

No, the real question is, what factors contributed to the first sighting this season of the Bobby Petrino offense fans have been expecing since Tom Jurich cut the devil’s bargain to bring the scandal-prone coach back for a second go round?

As usual, there are many reasons for the offensive onslaught that played out yesterday, each responsible in a greater or lesser percentage, depending on your personal perspective.

 * * * * *

Before I mention Kyle Bolin, whom I suppose to be most fans immediate factor numero uno, I must go to what has been the major offensive flaw all season. The offensive line. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Syracuse

Louisville CardFile: Auburn

CardHelmetLike a will-o’- the-wisp, the rumor would float through most every conversation among Cardinal fans. Most of the summer, even before the beginning of fall practice.

Bobby Petrino loves freshman QB Lamar Jackson.

The gossip gained some heft, when, during interviews where the question of who would be QB came up, the head coach and his OC Garrick McGee would prevaricate about Jackson. You could see a light brighten behind their eyes, but their praise would be measured, their intentions as to how and how much they intended to use the super talented Floridian clouded.

Those paying close attention knew that rookie Jackson would be used, even in a stressful prime slot opener on CBS with SEC power Auburn.

What nobody could have expected, and, because of that, what Petrino had up his sleeve, was a roll the dice bit of first offensive snap trickeration.

Methinks the coach was a little too smitten. That play call was just too cute, a gimmick. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Auburn

Petrino’s Pre-Auburn Presser

cardfootballIt is now a running joke among the media types that cover U of L sports.

Cardinal coach Bobby Petrino has not named the starting QB, and it appears likely that his identity might not be revealed until the Cards O runs onto the turf for the first time Saturday afternoon.

Caveat emptor, Verne Lundquist.

We of the press have taken to blaming Eric Crawford that it’s his fault we’re all in the dark as to the answer of Louisville’s burning preseason question.
Today Petrino revealed he “has a pretty good idea” who that starting signal caller is going to be. Yet he is as coy about who he’s going to the dance with as an cheerleading captain to her prom. Continue reading Petrino’s Pre-Auburn Presser

U of L Cardinal FootNotes: Media Day

CardHelmetProvided herein a little of this, and a smidge of that. You know, the team’s only practiced for two days in shorts. And, as I’ve said, but shall repeat as a reminder, I don’t do practice, because I’m not an astute enough observer to tell what’s really happening.

Once upon a time this annual exercise — team photos, Q & A with head coach, assistants and many, if not all players, and a free meal — was called Picture Day.

Because it started on the always scorching in August faux grass, with official team photos, and the opportunity for media to take photos and video footage.

No more.

It’s Media Day, but, for the first time ever, we who cover the Cards weren’t allowed on the field to take photos.

Which, of course, we could grumble about, while we ate a sumptuous breakfast buffet provided by the school.

* * * * *

The most frank conversation I had was with assistant coach Lamar Thomas, while we were on the elevator. Continue reading U of L Cardinal FootNotes: Media Day