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Louisville CardFile: Syracuse

CardHelmetIn the pleasant aroma of Louisville’s 41-17 evisceration of the Syracuse Orange, there is but one question.

And it is not where in the hell were all those U of L is a football school fans on a photogenic, weather immaculate, Howard Schnellenberger-perfect, leaves aglow, Grantland Rice crisp, autumn afternoon? Because they sure weren’t at Papa J’s, where the empty faded red seats just about equaled those filled with the base that chose to attend.

No, the real question is, what factors contributed to the first sighting this season of the Bobby Petrino offense fans have been expecing since Tom Jurich cut the devil’s bargain to bring the scandal-prone coach back for a second go round?

As usual, there are many reasons for the offensive onslaught that played out yesterday, each responsible in a greater or lesser percentage, depending on your personal perspective.

 * * * * *

Before I mention Kyle Bolin, whom I suppose to be most fans immediate factor numero uno, I must go to what has been the major offensive flaw all season. The offensive line. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Syracuse

Louisville CardFile: Auburn

CardHelmetLike a will-o’- the-wisp, the rumor would float through most every conversation among Cardinal fans. Most of the summer, even before the beginning of fall practice.

Bobby Petrino loves freshman QB Lamar Jackson.

The gossip gained some heft, when, during interviews where the question of who would be QB came up, the head coach and his OC Garrick McGee would prevaricate about Jackson. You could see a light brighten behind their eyes, but their praise would be measured, their intentions as to how and how much they intended to use the super talented Floridian clouded.

Those paying close attention knew that rookie Jackson would be used, even in a stressful prime slot opener on CBS with SEC power Auburn.

What nobody could have expected, and, because of that, what Petrino had up his sleeve, was a roll the dice bit of first offensive snap trickeration.

Methinks the coach was a little too smitten. That play call was just too cute, a gimmick. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Auburn

Petrino’s Pre-Auburn Presser

cardfootballIt is now a running joke among the media types that cover U of L sports.

Cardinal coach Bobby Petrino has not named the starting QB, and it appears likely that his identity might not be revealed until the Cards O runs onto the turf for the first time Saturday afternoon.

Caveat emptor, Verne Lundquist.

We of the press have taken to blaming Eric Crawford that it’s his fault we’re all in the dark as to the answer of Louisville’s burning preseason question.
Today Petrino revealed he “has a pretty good idea” who that starting signal caller is going to be. Yet he is as coy about who he’s going to the dance with as an cheerleading captain to her prom. Continue reading Petrino’s Pre-Auburn Presser

U of L Cardinal FootNotes: Media Day

CardHelmetProvided herein a little of this, and a smidge of that. You know, the team’s only practiced for two days in shorts. And, as I’ve said, but shall repeat as a reminder, I don’t do practice, because I’m not an astute enough observer to tell what’s really happening.

Once upon a time this annual exercise — team photos, Q & A with head coach, assistants and many, if not all players, and a free meal — was called Picture Day.

Because it started on the always scorching in August faux grass, with official team photos, and the opportunity for media to take photos and video footage.

No more.

It’s Media Day, but, for the first time ever, we who cover the Cards weren’t allowed on the field to take photos.

Which, of course, we could grumble about, while we ate a sumptuous breakfast buffet provided by the school.

* * * * *

The most frank conversation I had was with assistant coach Lamar Thomas, while we were on the elevator. Continue reading U of L Cardinal FootNotes: Media Day

Seedy K’s Rowdy Rants: Irish, Brady, Buckeyes & Other Easy Targets

foot1“I came here to chew bubblegum, and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubblegum.”

To honor the memory of the dearly departed Rowdy Roddy Piper, the only wrestler ever worth anything, the baddest man ever to don a kilt, and the most quotable guy in sports not named Yogi or Schnellenberger, I hereby cut through the muck on some of the more nettlesome issues of the day.

Ever the EmbellIRISHment. In the prologue to the zine’s College Football predictions, the folks at Sports Illustrated admit their boneheaded pre-season rankings from the past. They admit what a false positive, woooo pig sooey in a poke a big bowl game victory can be in assessing a team prior to the following season.

Then those same dunderheads go out and dub the Notre Dame Fighting Irish the 4th best team in the land, a projected participant in Football’s Final Four.

I can just hear my man Rowdy Roddy now: “Your stupidity is something you’re born with.” Continue reading Seedy K’s Rowdy Rants: Irish, Brady, Buckeyes & Other Easy Targets

Football Practice Begins: Louisville Cardinal Coaches “Excited”

CardHelmetForget that it’s hard to savor the taste of tailgate brats in this heat and humidity, U of L’s pigskin Cardinals take the field for their first “fall” practice tomorrow.

Head coach Bobby Petrino did a meet & greet with the press this Wednesday afternoon. He was joined by his coordinators, Todd Grantham from the defensive side, and Garrick McGee his offensive second-in-command.

Petrino: “We’re really excited to get started.”

Grantham: “I’m excited to get going.”

McGee also expressed his delight, but failed to use the code word.

Another opening. Another show. Continue reading Football Practice Begins: Louisville Cardinal Coaches “Excited”

Louisville Card File: Belk Bowl & Beyond

footballoldIt is the morning of the biggest college football day in years?, decades?, ever?

Actual honest to Boola! Boola! Betty Coed bowl games that really, really mean something. Games with intrigue, tradition, unis both funky and classic, fascinating story lines, gravity. Rah, Rah, Sis Boom, Bah!

TCU has now proven twice in a row that it should be playing in New Orleans tonight instead of the Buckeyes. That said, Ohio State vs. Alabama, Saban vs. Meyer is Ali vs. Frazier, Roll Tide vs. O*H***I*O, about as big time a meaningful gridiron battle as any college pigskin fan could want.

There’s even actual football weather in Pasadena for the Quack vs. Seminoles, where the Fahrenheit is hovering at the freezing mark. Keep those roses warm.

So, on this boffo pigskin day, I want to take a quick look back at the Louisville Cardinals, and gaze beyond the horizon.

* * * * *

Given that Georgia’s Bulldogs are simply bigger, faster and better than U of L, there’s not much to say about the Belk Bowl. Continue reading Louisville Card File: Belk Bowl & Beyond

Louisville Card File: Kentucky

cardsYowza, Yowza, Yowza

Come one, come all. Come on in the Big Time Big Top Big Tent. It’s a three — count ’em, three — ring circus. Each one full of incredible feats of daring do, leaping, twirling, whirling, acts of prestidigitation that will amaze and astonish you.

In one ring, no mere band of bearded ladies. No, no, no. We’ve got rivalry day dance down of the national championship dance teams. One in red, one in blue, swirling and twerking in unison, simultaneously, loser leaves town.

In another ring, yo mama, yo papa, trash talk smackdown. A pushing, shoving whirligig of verbal testosterone. Before, during and after the game. Make sure the kiddies have plenty of cotton candy mom and dad, to eat and fill their ears.

And in the main ring, rock ’em, sock ’em, take this, take that, anything you can do I can do better battle of pigskin. Seven, count ’em, seven lead changes. Nobody will want to leave your seat until the final horn sounds.

It’s Turkey Day Weekend Rivalry Football, the way Bronco Nagurski, Walter Camp, Woody, Bo, the Bear and the Pipe meant for it to be.

Yowza, Yowza, Yowza, come one, come all.

Continue reading Louisville Card File: Kentucky

Louisville Card File: North Carolina State

cardfootballWhat is it they say?

Luck is the daughter of intervention. Okay, uh, maybe I just made that one up.

“Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.”

Louisville infant terrible Dr. Hunter S. Thompson said that. While it really doesn’t apply to my point here, I’m going to keep it in. Because, well, it’s my blog.

Better to be lucky than good. I know that’s one that’s been uttered way too many times before.

However one might choose to make her more literary than she deserves, Lady Luck was with the Cardinals during their second drive of the second half.

On a 3d & 4 play at the State 46, Eli Rogers grabbed a Will Gardner pass that was dancing in the air in an “Immaculate Reception” situation. The ball pinballed off another participant into Rogers look-what-came-my-way arms. For a much needed nine yard gain, and “Another! Cards! First! Down!”

That minor miracle was merely a set up for the Play of the Game, which came soon thereafter.

It’s a/k/a The Play Reversal of the Game. Continue reading Louisville Card File: North Carolina State

Louisville Card File: Clemson

cardsBecause the heartbreaking, but well-deserved loss in the green pastures of Death Valley was more cockamamie than biblical, it is difficult to break down exactly what was the primary cause for defeat?

Or victory?

Both teams had chances which failed.

Both teams came up huge on defense when necessary.

And, while I’m inclined most often to find a singular moment during which the outcome became manifest, I cannot do so.

What I do know is that the U of L Cardinals have played two better than decent, eminently conquerable squads on the road and have fallen both times. By slim margins, to be sure, but the defeats taste rancid nonetheless. Continue reading Louisville Card File: Clemson