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Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest

cardfootballAt halftime, I called my pal Badger Billy, a Wisconsin alum who loves the Cards as much as his guys from cheese country, though he now resides in the heart of SEC Country.

I started to let loose with my rant about Louisville’s horrid first half performance, ” Given the circumstances . . . . ” when he cut me off, crowing, “How ’bout my Badgers?” Wisconsin, sitting right behind the Cards in the rankings had battered the hapless Illini, 48-3.

That was part of what I was talking about.

Given the circumstances, meaning the Cards aspiring to the Final Four and the teams right ahead of Louisville — #5 Ohio State — and right behind — #7 Wisconsin — having rolled big, and the reality of #2 Clemson’s losing to Pitt at home, and that both #4 Washington and #3 Michigan at the moment were on the ropes . . . given those circumstances as perspective, Louisville’s first half offensive performance was the worst in U of L football history.

Which is what I said. I was sad. I was pissed. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest

Louisville Card File: Wake Forest

cardfootballOf all the sports extant — those we know well as well as those more exotic (like, say, collegiate Quidditch) — one I’ve never quite gotten is Rugby.

(Except, of course, those boffo bashes back in the day, hosted by the Louisville Rugby Club. At one Derby Eve celebration, there were so many revelers at the cottage off River Road, the porch collapsed. Fortunately it was a short one, nobody was hurt, and we bonged our way til the break of day, sidestepping the wreckage when necessary.)

The sport itself? Well, too much, I dunno, uh, what they call male bonding, you know, groups of guys interlocked with the pile moving a yard or two this way, then a yard or three in another direction, and the ball somewhere underneath. Then someone reaches underneath the guys’ butts to grab the pigskin, like gathering an egg or something, then tossing it to a teammate off to the side out of the fray, who then takes off like he’s stolen a candy bar from Quick Stop.

But, I couldn’t help but think scrum, during what was my favorite play of yesterday’s 20-10 slog over listless Wake Forest.

Up by 7 with six and a half minutes to play, the Cards had just avoided another punt return blunder eerily like that which occurred in Charlottesville.  Return guys James Quick and Eli Rogers collided when both went to field the punt. But, U of L held on.

First and 10 at the Demon Deacons 39. Another U of L tally necessary to seal the deal. The day’s rushing star Brandon Radcliff smashed into the middle of the line, where he was soon surrounded by a swarm of WF defenders. Who were then surrounded by a swarm of Cardinals.

Of the 22 participants on the field, 2/3s at least were in the scrum, which, like some overfed centipede, trundled toward the visitors goal line. For a 15 yard gain.

The crowd was energized. The Cardinals got close enough for a 34 yard John Wallace FG to seal the deal. Continue reading Louisville Card File: Wake Forest