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MMQB: Week I Done, A Few Lessons Learned

passimagesI know, it’s not Monday anymore. But, you know, Monday Morning Quarterback is a term not meant to be taken literally. It’s part of pigskin vernacular. Deal with it.

Besides yesterday was a holiday. Seedy K don’t labor on Labor Day.

  & & & & &

There are lots of rabid fan bases in college pigskin. And, as willing as I seem to be to hurl my opinions into the void, I daresay you shall hear no designation at this venue as to which school’s fans are the most loyal.

That said, once again an acolyte of the Crimson Tide has displayed a willingness to crank the loyalty meter to 11.

Mary Farr has been there from the get go. Literally.

Her middle name, her given middle name, the one on her birth certificate it is reported, is Bama. So, it was unlikely that she would ever scream “War Damn Eagle,” even during those sub teen years when everyone pretty much rebels against their parents’ ways. Continue reading MMQB: Week I Done, A Few Lessons Learned

College Pigskin Preview: Seedy K’s 20 Storylines To Watch

footballoldThe season actually started on Saturday.

Even if it was FCS powers Sam Houston State meeting Eastern Washington on the latter’s oh so very U*G*L*Y red AstroTurf. Aren’t their ordinances against such foolishness?

Those rivals have met three times previously, with the Texans capturing all.

Not in this season’s college pigskin opener however. The home team prevailed big, when so many yellow flags were thrown at the Lone Star State visitors, they have to change school colors.

But, this week, ah yes, this week, the real deal commences. In the Football Bowl Division, where a .500 record, or one real close to it, gets a school to the Advocare Duck Commander Weedeater Cumquat Bowl.

But those extra games are months away.

Here, in no particular order, are the stories I’ll be following this regular season.

At least until Heisman winner, Famous Jameis Winston shoplifts a rack o’ ribs at his local Pork & Slaw. Continue reading College Pigskin Preview: Seedy K’s 20 Storylines To Watch

Texas Fat Cat Red McCombs on Charlie Strong Hire (Press Conference Video)

I trust you’ve heard by now that Texas billionaire Red McCombs has been, well, somewhat less than gracious in his comments after his beloved Longhorns hired Charlie Strong to replace Mac Brown.

Those comments have lit up the internet this Tuesday afternoon.

SeedyKSports.com is proud to say we’re the first media outlet to obtain actual video footage of McCombs’ comments.

— Seedy K

Monday’s Musings: Poetic Justice, Rich Rod & Kudos for the Kid

b-ballWhat made me smile most over the weekend — other than winning Joey the Vig’s Bowl Pool, with two games left to be played, about which I shall boast in a moment — was watching Steve Alford’s UCLA Bruins gobsmack crosstown rival Southern Cal.

Not that I love the Bruins that much, though their classic unis are still the smartest looking in college hoops. Or, that I care much for usually surly Alford, for that matter.

It’s really the hubris of He With Hot Wife & Big Mouth But No Resumé, Andy Enfield, the new insufferable without portfolio coach at USC.

So, it was poetic justice that in the first meeting of the first year mentors, the score read: UCLA 107, Southern Cal 73.

As we wags are wont to say on occasion to add emphasis, it wasn’t that close. Continue reading Monday’s Musings: Poetic Justice, Rich Rod & Kudos for the Kid

Strong Reactions to Strong’s Defection

strongThere are times when the internet does know things before the rest of us.

Like Saturday.

Charlie Strong’s hometown is Batesville, Arkansas, a blink by the side of the road in the northeastern part of the state, just short of a hundred miles from Little Rock. In hopes of gaining some previously undiscovered perspective on Strong, whose job change has been the flashpoint for emotions in this town this weekend, I checked out Batesville’s Wikipedia page last evening.

Strong is listed among the town’s favorite sons, one of its “Notable People.”

Others include NASCAR’s Mark Martin, former major leaguer Rick Monday, former Razorback QB Ryan Mallett, the state’s 13th governor Elisha Baxter, and Mutha’s Day Out, a “1990s rock band, signed to Chrysalis records, (which) had 3 videos on MTV rotation and 2 world tours.”

Strong was already listed as head coach of the University of Texas football team.

Hmmmm. Continue reading Strong Reactions to Strong’s Defection

Strong Gone?: Guess I Was Wrong . . . Maybe

strongReports are rampant that Charlie Strong has agreed to a 5 year, @25 million contract to coach the Texas Longhorns.

Some say there’s an agreement in prinicple.

Others say it’s done.

Others say he “is expected to accept” the deal.

One report says the offer’s been made, but Strong is going to meet with U of L president Jim Ramsay and AD Tom Jurich on Saturday.

I know nothing more. Just passing along the info.

— Seedy K

Will Charlie Strong Make It 3 & Out?

strongTeddy Bridgewater is gone.

For a moment, let’s be honest, folks, there really was never any doubt he was outtahere. All the hoo hah about him staying to bulk up, to hone his talents against better ACC competition, was just that, fantasy, delusion, choose your favorite descriptor. It was, you understand, like I said, to use the technical term, hoo hah.

Calvin Pryor is gone. Somehow I see the headhunter in Steelers’ black and gold, doing his best to rip off some available body part of any wideout who dares to venture across the middle, or otherwise deigns to trespass in Pryor’s territory.

Which brings us to Charlie Strong.

Another season, another onslaught of rumors. Charlie is interviewing with the AD of (name your college pigskin power). Continue reading Will Charlie Strong Make It 3 & Out?

Year of the Cardinal’s Bumpy Landing

cardsThis is the way a magical Flight of the Redbird ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

* * * * *

Before one of Louisville’s exhibition basketball games — one of those actually designated so, not one of the spate of them since the “real” season began — I was chatting up a fellow long time fan about the state of Kevin Ware.

While our mutual love for the Cardinals is deep and true, we rarely agree about any specific. But, that night, he offered of Ware, “I just have a feeling it’s not going to be a good end for him at U of L.”

I felt compelled to agree. Continue reading Year of the Cardinal’s Bumpy Landing

Louisville Card File: Miami

cardfootballIn the aftermath of U of L’s evisceration of the Hurricanes in the R A Bowl, f/k/a Citrus Bowl, one has to wonder what coulda, woulda, shoulda this season, had the Cardinals played with such passion, poise and precision all year long?

A date with Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl? At the very least.

A duel with future ACC rival Florida State for the BCS title? Well, uh, conceivably.

Last night’s W was a beat down of the highest order.

Despite that sack/ safety that gave the U an early 2 nil lead, and despite the lack of TDs by the Cards in the first quarter — two more drives, two FGs —  Miami was never in the game. Continue reading Louisville Card File: Miami

Pigskin Roundup: Sparty, Strong, SnowBall, Stanford Etc.

footballoldMy inclination is, of course, such is my nature, to start with a personal lament.

But, that must wait. At least for a paragraph.

For it would be inhumane not to dutifully express heartfelt sadness that it shall be weeks before all the scarlet and gray-clad remains are dredged from the depths of the Olentangy River. Which body of water runs through the campus of The Ohio State University, where flags are flying half staff.

There are murmurs that classes for the rest of the school year might be suspended. No word yet from school officials. Though I’m advised dorms are already emptying out.

My favorite barb about the Buckeyes’ demise came from the pen of Eric Crawford. Under a photo of a forlorn Urban Meyer, eating a slice of Papa J’s while sitting on a golf cart at Lucas Oil in the aftermath of his first L at The Ohio State U., Crawford wrote: Bitter ingredients. Bitter Pizza.

Clever. Continue reading Pigskin Roundup: Sparty, Strong, SnowBall, Stanford Etc.