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Cardinal Fan Moments III: Unknown Musician

Here are excerpts from a winter 2005 piece I wrote after interviewing a fabled character from the greatest decade of Cardinal hoops, ’75-’86, a decade so abundant, the Cards cranked it to 11. Like, 10 years +1, get it?

(So I guess you could say I’m sorta plagiarizing myself.)


This would be the not so incredible but smile-inducing, true tale from those days of yesteryear when fandom was less scripted, more fun and wackoids ruled Freedom Hall. Fostered by the hard fact that Louisville’s Cardinals were the mack daddies of the college hoops universe.

So thank the bleak February heavens for Charlie Gabriel, with whom I had arranged an appointment for coffee. The married, fortysomething father, computer network consultant/job hunter living in Clifton, the brother of a broadcaster on the — egads! — UK radio network, was sunshine on a cloudy day.

In that magical season 25 years ago – a season when the Cards ruled with a thumbless power forward whose prosthesis was once retrieved from the garbage; during a campaign when U of L freaked out foes by setting up plays in pig Latin; when the Cards were champs so fresh that only a new gimme-some-skin five up high would do, Charlie Gabriel was also a pivotal player.

Ready or not, here comes the gory details of the origins, not only of the Unknown Musician, but of the C-A-R-D-S cheer and the roles of Earl Cox, “Wild” Bill Hagy and the pep band from Cincy. Continue reading Cardinal Fan Moments III: Unknown Musician

NoA: Grim Reaper at the Door???

You know the 2A, like a bill collector with bad BO, is going to drop in for a not so social visit, but it’s always bracing when you hear the knock on the door.

So the long expected, but far from eagerly anticipated Notice of Allegations against U of L dropped like a shroud on a gorgeous spring Monday.

What I’d love to do is invoke the old saw about UNLV, that the NCAA is so mad at Tark the Shark, they put Eastern Idaho State (Or some equivalent non-power school) on five years probation.

So I wish I could be saying this: The 2A is so pissed at Louisville, it’s threatening Iona with the death penalty.

But no, so anyway . . . Continue reading NoA: Grim Reaper at the Door???

Cardinal Fan Hoops Memories II: The Cardinal Meter

We’ve all got our own superstitions, our own manner of coping when our favorite team is playing. Especially when a game isn’t going well.

Here’s the tale of one of mine that’s worked pretty well at some critical times.

In the early 70s, there was a Missouri Valley away game against Wichita State I watched with friends, all Cardinal faithful, but not my usual gang.

The Cards were behind at the half. During that intermission, we filled our plates and cups, returning to the TV room for second half action.

The Shockers made a run out of the break, took the lead and pulled away a bit. The room turned tense, uncomfortable.

During the first timeout, our host realized that not all of us were sitting in the same seat as in the 1st half. Also somebody had turned off a lamp to avoid some glare on the screen.

He immediately implored, no demanded, we move to our original places, and that the light be turned back on.

Being Cardinal acolytes all, we realized the importance of doing our part, providing 110% spirit force to best help will U of L to victory. It worked. We moved to our original seating. Light on. Louisville came back, prevailed 91-84.

Like the diehards of every team and school, we have our quirky manner of dealing with such situations. Mojos. Talismans. Magic trinkets. Victory garb. Chants. Invocations. Continue reading Cardinal Fan Hoops Memories II: The Cardinal Meter

Cardinal Fan’s Hoops Moments I: The Carbondale Escort & Francisco on Fashion

A quick explanation here at the starting line.

This series won’t really be about great or even gruesome incidents on the hardwood. Though such might creep into the dialog from time to time.

What it shall be about are those peripheral memories diehards cherish.

The term fan comes from fanatic, you know, indicating excessive and unabated zeal. The Latin derivation also includes a nod to divine inspiration.

Which any Cardinal fan should agree with, having experienced a moment when Wes Unseld would snatch the ball off the boards, turn in mid air and hurl it overhanded to Butch Beard at midcourt before landing. It’s a unique, oft mentioned talent that remains the gold standard still, decades after Westley’s retirement.

This series will be about memories, scenarios apart from action on the court. Stuff we remember, and rehash often, fostered by our fandom.

 * * * * *

Francisco Garcia and Taquan Dean were a match. Continue reading Cardinal Fan’s Hoops Moments I: The Carbondale Escort & Francisco on Fashion

Reflections on ’80 vs ’86 Exhi

I remembered very little about the June ’90 exhibition for charity, other than the “underdog” elders won.

And that Freedom Hall was filled with adoring fans, there to pay their respects, and catch one more look at the the first two Cardinal champions.

101-96 was the final, which I can say for certain, having just watched the replay, thanks to Doc, who sent me the link.

The game, which I’ve surely never before thought of rewatching  was as sloppy as my sliver of memory seemed to recall.

But I’d forgotten how it played out. Continue reading Reflections on ’80 vs ’86 Exhi

Contemplating the Cards: Minlend’s Subliminal Recruitment & More

In her piece at theathletic.com about how Charles Minlend Jr. ended up committing to continue his graduate studies on the Belknap Campus, Danielle Lerner tells this spicy tale:

In his three seasons as a high-scoring guard at San Francisco, he was often spotted dancing down the street on his way to class or practice. To put himself in the right frame of mind, before games he would curate weekly playlists spanning a variety of genres. The playlist content sometimes depended on who the week’s opponents were and sometimes on Minlend’s mood.  

In advance of the 2020 WCC tournament, which would end up being the last week before the season shut down, Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin’” was the final song to pulse through Minlend’s headphones before he walked into the arena. The catchy single by the Louisville rapper includes the lyric, “I’m at the club with the basketball team / Me and the Cardinals are sharing a section.”

Jack Harlow. Ace Recruiter. Who knew?

Earlier in the week, after declaring for the Transfer Portal, Minlend listed these potential landing spots: Arizona, Indiana, Gonzaga, BYU, Butler, Arkansas and Mississippi State.

No University of Louisville.

Credit mind games. Continue reading Contemplating the Cards: Minlend’s Subliminal Recruitment & More

Seedy K Makes a List: Top 10 Cardinal Hoops Teams

As if you hadn’t noticed, I’m somewhat of an obsessive when it comes to U of L Cardinal basketball.

There have been times in the days of yore when I allowed the fortunes (or misfortunes) of the Cards to dictate my well being. Not so much anymore, but, eh, you know . . .

Because of my fanaticism, you might say I’m a reliquary of Cardinal hoops memories.

(OK, I’m making myself laugh here. Though it is far from the only purpose of this little diversion, I vowed to somehow use that new word I just learned — reliquary — in the next thing I wrote. Tom Waits is quoted in NYT, using it in reference to the passing of his friend, noted music producer Hal Willner. So I have.)

Anyhow, back to the biz at hand.

In response to my recent gamecap of the Cardinals’ L to UCLA in the ’75 national semi-final, one regular member of my commentariat, send me a missive with the following list:

Best teams in U of L history by rank: Continue reading Seedy K Makes a List: Top 10 Cardinal Hoops Teams

Hoopaholic’s Gazette: It’s Always Hoops Season in Cardinal Country

Welcome back, my fellow hoopaholics.

We all understand that even though last night would have been the capper of the season, One Shining Moment and all, the season is always in season.

Cardinal Country is Hoopsylvania. Or, vice versa.

So, as I write I’m also watching the U of L/ Pitt game from this last campaign.

Thank you, ACC Network.

Actually, I’m going to pause, watch the end and get back to you in a few minutes.

 * * * * *

OK, I’m back. I’d forgotten — of course — how this victory came about. Continue reading Hoopaholic’s Gazette: It’s Always Hoops Season in Cardinal Country

Louisville CardFile: Duke ’86

To help combat March Sadness, this is the sixth of a series of recaps of significant games in Cardinal history, contemporaneously rewatched, said freshly minted posts to be presented as if the games were played the night before. — c d k

All’s well that ends with nets around the neck. At least in college basketball.

The University of Louisville captured its second national title in a 7th Final Four appearance with a 72-69 win over favorite, highly heralded Duke, to establish beyond peradventure that the Cardinals are the Team of the 80s, arguably, the premier program in all of college hoops.

But . . .

. . . with 12:18 left, the situation was dire. To say the least. Peril was afoot.

Twelve seconds earlier, Billy Thompson committed his fourth personal while hitting the boards for a rebound. Dave Henderson made two FTs, increasing the Blue Devils advantage to 4, 52-48.

Then Milt Wagner perpetrated his fourth. Mark Alarie netted a couple more charity tosses, increasing Duke’s margin to six. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Duke ’86

Cardinal Remembrance: UCLA ’75

Unlike other recent posts in this series, an attempt to hold March Sadness at bay, this shall not, for reasons that should become obvious, be a recap. But, simply my thoughts and memories after watching a video of the 1975 UCLA/ U of L semi-final, for the first time since I walked, dazed and disappointed, out of the arena that afternoon in San Diego. 

One of the constant reminders of this strange and perilous moment in our lives is that we must accept the bitter with the sweet. That there is a yin and a yang to life.

So it is with Cardinal hoops, like every other aspect of our existence.

It is all too easy to conjure up the great disappointments of my Cardinal fandom.

U.S. Reed. The Duke meltdown. First round defeats to lessers. Losing to Towson State. Failing to close against Chet Walker and Bradley. This campaign’s abrupt ending.

There are two that resonate the most for me.

Falling to SMU in the regional semis in ’67, when we could have played the last weekend on our home court.

And . . . UCLA ’75.

Until a few days ago, I had never even thought of rewatching the L to the Bruins. Frankly, I never even tried to see if it was available on the interweb. Continue reading Cardinal Remembrance: UCLA ’75