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Louisville CardFile: Florida State

The most gratifying aspect of Louisville’s 31-28 win at Florida State — other than the W of course — is that the Cardinals showed they are intent on not allowing the season get away from them.

We see it every season across the land. Teams with aspirations which have gone unrequited stop grinding, and their seasons totally fall apart.

(It happened at U of L under The Schnell in ’91, the season after the Fiesta Bowl takedown of ‘Bama. After starting 2-2, the Ls to Tennessee and Ohio State, U of L was bashed at Cincy and never recovered, losing out, every defeat by three TDs or more and finishing off with a 0-40 collapse at Tulsa. I’m just referencing that season as an example of what can happen, not to compare this year’s situation or team to that one.)

After Louisville’s desultory performance last week in the L to BC, especially bad on the defensive side, many feared a meltdown was a distinct possibility for the remainder of this campaign.

But, perspective is always in order.  Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Florida State

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VIII

Confirmation that this has been a  less than stellar season for yours truly came today via UPS.

Joey the Vig, a made guy known to have saved the first farthing he ever bilked, sent me a commiserative gift basket of fruit from Harry & David. One can only hope those pears help my predictionary acumen.

To shake things up in hopes of ratcheting up my winning percentage, I have retaken the Briggs Meyers to check for any personality disorder(s), reconfigured my big data algorithms and trekked to Saint Thomas Cemetery in Koochiching County, Minnesota to visit the grave of college pigskin nonpareil Bronko Nagurski. (Bronko’s spelled with a “k”, who knew?)

Last weekend, Wazzu State got its comeuppance in Berserkely, Auburn lost again in Death Valley, Bayou Edition and U of L’s defense decided to sit out the battle against BC in front of a half full Papa J’s. Sparty and the Horned Frogs came through. Thank you Green. Thank you Purple. 2-3 for the fifth weekend this campaign, lowers my record to 23-17 in toto.

Chastened, embarrassed but never reluctant to forge ahead, here are this week’s prognostications:  Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VIII

Louisville CardFile: Boston College

The University of Louisville Cardinals did not lose to Boston College yesterday because Jaylen Smith fumbled the ball after a 20 yard reception with less that 2:00 to play and the game knotted.

Anybody who blames the still not 100% healthy Cardinal wideout as the goat is an idiot.

The Cardinals did not lose the game because, up 21-7 in the 2d, their porous defense surrendered 4 consecutive TDS.

U of L did not lose the game because BC’s marvelous real frosh RB AJ Dillon rushed like a man among boys Pop Warner fashion for 272 yards and four scores. Or, that his final TD scamper saw him surrounded and in the clutches of the entire Cardinal D Line at his own 25, escape that peril, then literally throwdown a final would be tackler with his off arm like some comic book superhuman, then locomotive 3/4s of the gridiron to give the Eagles a second 14 point advantage in the 4th.

This game was not lost because the increasingly hapless U of L defense couldn’t cover, couldn’t wrap on tackles, couldn’t contain on special teams and couldn’t recognize the same Eagle swing pass, which the visitors successfully ran for significant yardage, what, five, six, seven times.

The Cardinals didn’t lose because they made 2d Team QB Darius Wade look like an efficient five star field general, in the chase for all conference honors.

The Cards didn’t lose because, failing to score at the end of the first half, the offense was moribund in the 3d.

No, it says here this game was lost, that U of L football lost its way, in the middle of last November. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Boston College

Louisville CardFile: NC State

At The All-American — the marvelous college football section of theathletic.com, a great new sports site worth subscribing to — Stewart Mandel recently listed 15 coaches at Power 5 schools he believes have job security.

Bobby Petrino was among three from the ACC. (Dabo Swinney and David Cutcliffe are the other two. Though after last night’s performance, NC State’s Dave Doeren might be added were Mandel to update this morning.)

The pundit is maybe, probably correct. Given all the turmoil at U of L, given that the school’s troubles have taken permanent residence on ESPN’s screen scrawl, it is most doubtful the BP is going anywhere. Some stability, or at least a sense thereof, is required.

But, after another underwhelming performance in an important game, the question must be asked: When, if ever, will Bobby Petrino Era II live up to expectations? Is that still dumbfounding smackdown of Florida State on Game Day last season it?

That remains the only Cardinal W against a ranked foe during Petrino’s second go round.

The loss to #24 Wolfpack seemed so very familiar. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: NC State

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

I needn’t explain why now more than ever, we must cherish the importance of the diversion we know as college pigskin.

As the calendar flips to October, when games mean more as league races ratchet up, it’s important that squads hit mid-season form.

So too prognosticatory savants. Thus, it is with a great deal of pleasure that the Kid provides these stats from last weekend: 41-21, 31-21, 34-23, 24-20 and 55-10. These are the final scores of wins by Fresno State, Navy, Akron, Kentucky and the University of Louisville Cardinals.

Need I mention who correctly picked the outcome of All Those Games?

That’s right, class, it isn’t necessary.

The second perfect weekend of the campaign has my season success soaring to 19-11.

So, with wind in my sails, and a firm hand on the rudder, I sail off into . . . sail off into . . . uh, oh well, I’ve lost my metaphor . . . but here are this coming weekend’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

Louisville CardFile: Kent State

By halftime, hapless Kent State had already proven it was not going to join fellow MAC schools, Northern Illinois, Ohio, and two Michigan Directionals (Eastern and Central) with a W this year over a Power 5 foe.

The Cardinals, as expected, were rolling, even if they hadn’t gotten in touch with juggernaut status.

U of L led 28-3. Breakout RB Malik Williams had rushed for two scores. Lamar Jackson was 12/14 passing for 200 yards.

Louisville’s D had held the inept Golden Flashes to 11 yards in the air, and only 72 more on the ground. Real frosh Dorian Etheridge with 4 tackles was continuing to establish that eventually he’ll be compared with all-time Card LB greats, Tom Jackson, Otis Wilson and Doug Buffone.

With all that, what might you suppose drew the biggest cheer of the day? As well as the most chatter during the mid-game break?

The Squirrel Who Scored. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Kent State

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IV

When UCLA couldn’t close in a noon game at the Liberty Bowl, I knew it was not going to be the best of days for the kid prediction-wise.

Yeah, Cal’s Golden Bears beat Ole Miss. Send those Southern kids out to Cali and their eyes get dazed and knees wobbly. And Florida increased the Fahrenheit on Butch Jone’s hot seat with that last second prayer. So, those were my Ws.

But I had the Bruins. And I had no faith in the Cats, who took a big punch to the kisser right after the opening bell, but stayed strong and have now bested the Gamecocks four times in a row. As for U of L, feh. You can read my take here. 

Which tallies up to a 2-3 weekend, lowering my still reasonably passable season record to 12-8.

I may be down, but not out. Thus I forge ahead undaunted.

Here are five sure winners this weekend: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IV

Considering the Cards after Clemson

It is a word the faithful of the IPTAY Nation came to loathe.

It was coined by some snarky pundit to describe how Dabo Swinney’s early teams, improving as they were, appearing prepared to scale the the mountain of college football, never could summit. How they’d win the ones they were supposed to, but couldn’t beat Florida State or beat rival South Carolina, or break on through to elite status.


Clemsoning was a four letter word to the purple- and orange-clad fans.

Swinney finally addressed it publicly. He chastised the media for continuing to use the descriptor. But he didn’t just complain. More important, he and his teams continued to improve, and started to win the big ones, the biggest one.

That word, that C-bomb, is heard no more.

Clemson is now top shelf.

It is legitimate to compare the arc of Louisville football to that of their conquerors last night, the school that also bested them last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. Continue reading Considering the Cards after Clemson

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week III

When will I ever learn? I mean really, when will I ever learn?

Notre Dame is no longer a playah. Period. They also run. That’s it. Their Gipper tank is empty.

And besides being overrated as a coach, Brian Kelly is an insufferable schmuck.

But no, there was a swallow of Kool Aid left in the jug, so I, like a dumpkopf unwilling to learn from recent history, drank, picking the Irish to beat Georgia.

Silly me. Silly silly me.

When will I ever learn?

Were I a wiser man, I might also have determined from IU’s performance against the Buckeyes that the Hoosiers were at least better than the hapless UVa Cavaliers.

But nooooooooooooooo!!!

Yet the Quack, the Cards and the Wildcats all came through. Though UK’s W was far from “easy” as I projected. Meaning I got more right than wrong. Always a good thing, 3 up, 2 down, making my record 10-5 on the year. It could be worse.

As always, I forge ahead. This week’s picks: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week III

Louisville CardFile: North Carolina

Oh that there were a fresher portmanteau, a combination of two words into one that would dazzle anew as Lamar Jackson continues to do.

Oh for a new descriptor you haven’t read elsewhere already while trying to consume every adjective writ about college football’s best player, an adjective that you haven’t heard ad nauseum from the lips of studio wags as LJ highlights run in tape loop throughout the day after the Cards’ noon victory.

But, sigh, my ever feeble creativity is locked down.

I can do no better than this.


La. Fuckin. Mar Ve. Lous.

The best player in the history of U of L football deserves more. I am not worthy. Sorry.

As anyone who has watched him play knows, it’s not just the stats that were they not legit would seem hyperbole, impossible.

It’s the panache. The instinct. The maturation of his game which is geometrically improved over last year’s Heisman campaign. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: North Carolina