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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VIII

Realizing that much of the time — some would say most all the time — my predictions are less than estimable, I try to keep this weekly exercise you are reading as entertaining as my feeble wordsmithery can provide.

So, about sundown last Saturday, an idea for this lede came to mind.

The week got off to a less than auspicious beginning, on Wednesday no less, when App State two-stepped out of my beloved bayou country with a W in Lafayette. Boomer Sooner confirmed it presently holds title to the Red River, and that it has some D to go with that O, and it was Horns Down in Dallas.

I had a feeling after those two miscues that my projection of Khalil Tate into the Heisman discussion with an Arizona W later over UDub was delusional. And so, it came to pass.

Kentucky was down at the half to the Razorbacks, and it looked like my only hope for a W on the weekend was my Cardinals, in whom I had full faith they’d indeed down Wake Forest.

So I would have been 1-4 had Woooooo Pig Sooey held on, and a noted Harry Nilsson tune came to mind, and how I could riff on how one isn’t the loneliest number when the 1(one) is your favorite squad. (FYI, Three Dog Night didn’t write it, they just had a big hit with it.)

Buuuuut, even that didn’t work out. Kentucky prevailed, causing the entire membership of the Little Rock QB Club to call an emergency session to figure out a way to provide one Robert Petrino in Exile a second second chance.

So, 2-3 it was but a few days after a perfecto. 23-14 on the season is 62% correct. Not bad, but, as is always the case, I expect to be back totally on track this weekend, after a slight careening off the rails.

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Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest

The joke, of course, because a joke is the only way to start here, so difficult is it to get one’s hands wrapped around this cockamamie Cards-survived-on-the-road football victory. If, in fact, any type of objective, even faintly analytical comprehension of what went down Saturday night in Winston-Salem is possible at all.

So, the question is, will Danny Manning’s Demon Deacon hoopsters be able to equal the school’s pigskin tally of 59 when they visit the Yum! on February 5? (Insert chuckle track here.)

So, what exactly was the turning point — “a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, especially one with beneficial results” — in this whoopsie doo 62-59 Cardinal nailbiter of an ACC W against a “Top 25” foe?

Well, it didn’t come during the injured again Micale Cunningham’s stint before his somersaulting exit to the medical tent. During his time on the gridiron, the Cards’ starting QB fashioned an unheard of 331.9 passer rating. 5/6 for 99 yards and 2 TDs. He also rushed for 59 yards on 4 carries.

Nor was it Hassan Hall’s scintillating 102 yard kickoff return. Or his 83 yard return of the second half kickoff. Which led to a Dez Fitzpatrick TD catch. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

Before moving on to this coming weekend’s predictionary proclamations, let’s take the traditional one last look, shall we, at last week’s results?

I believe it would be prudent and informative.

Cincinnati ✔︎

Nebraska ✔︎

Florida ✔︎

Liberty ✔︎

Louisville ✔︎

Pulling out the slide rule — I remain old school in some regards, most regards actually — let’s do the math. Five predictions. Five winners.

My oh my, seems after all the tabulations have been calculated that I was 5 for 5, which is, no rounding up necessary, 100%.

As the U of L Cardinal broadcaster of my youth Uncle Ed Kallay would say, “You can’t get much better than that.”

Which brings my season stats to 21-11, and, rounding up, that means I’ve been 66% correct for the campaign. 65.625% if you’re picking nits.

Just sayin’.

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It’s Michle Not Micale & Other Final Thoughts on the BC W

CORRECTION: In retrospect, it is obvious that the correct spelling of the first name of The QB Formerly Known As Malik Cunningham is Micale Cunningham, and that the transcription of his interview upon which I relied had an inadvertent typo. 

Silly me for believing what I read with my own eyes at U of L’s sports site. 

Apologies to all. 

So, let me see if I can clear up all this Cunningham first name stuff.

So, during the games, there’s a press box announcer who provides play by play details. Who made the catch, the tackle, committed a penalty, official yardage, etc. etc..

And it didn’t take long Saturday to notice he was calling the U of L QB what sounded like Mikhail Cunningham.

When it continued into the second half without any correction from Kenny Klein or Rocco Gasparro, I was glad I didn’t go over and correct him, as was my usual overbearing wont.

A fellow scribe advised Cunningham made a request that he be called by his given name, and that it is spelled Micale.

OK, well and good. So, my CardChronicle Glorious Editor, the Courier-Journal and real journalist Eric Crawford all used the new name and Micale spelling in post-game stories. The eagle eyed among you will not I did not. I spelled his name Michle.

Here’s why: It’s how Cunningham himself spelled it in his comments after the victory.

Here’s a cut and paste of the official transcript of his comments: Continue reading It’s Michle Not Micale & Other Final Thoughts on the BC W

Louisville CardFile: Boston College

There’s a word to describe my state of being during Saturday’s nerve-rattling ACC W over Boston College.

It’s the Yiddish descriptor my mother would use when describing how she’d get so nervous during tight U of L battles, she’d leave her seat at Freedom Hall and walk the corridors when games were close down the stretch.


Anxious. On pins and needles. Ants in your pants.

It permeated more or less from the get go.

The Eagles took the opening kickoff and easily drove down field. A wide open pass over the middle for 17 yards. A swing pass that went for 36 yards. BC’s momentum was only thwarted when Cardinal Monty Montgomery stripped AJ Dillon of the pigskin before he could bull into the endzone for a TD.

Some calm descended — momentarily — when U of L crisply drove for a score on its opening possession. Followed by Trenell Troutman’s marvelous tackle on the ensuing kickoff, forcing the visitors to start their second drive from their 11.

My stomach really started gurgling and skin crawling, when Anthony Brown hit Hunter Long, who was so WIDE OPEN in the middle that the not exactly speedy TE was able to not only bumble and stumble but trundle the last 50 yards or so of the 72 yard scoring play to knot the battle.

It was obvious at that point — to me anyway — that this was to be the proverbial long day. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Boston College

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week V

Sometimes the Great Greek God of Pigskin Bronconagurskius giveth.

Sometimes he taketh away.

Last weekend was the latter.

After Boise State grounded Air Force on the blueturf, and Wisconsin pummeled the Wolverines like a butcher tenderizing flank steak, the kid was hopeful, then triple-teamed, chop blocked and clipped. Ole Miss, UK and the Cards all fell.

The fields in Oxfordtown, Starkville and Tallahassee were littered with the chinstraps of the vanquished.


So it was a less than spectacular weekend of predictioneering. 2-3. But the season tally remains six games above .500 at 14-8.

Undaunted at this minor setback, a mere blip on the screen signifying nothing, I forge ahead.

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Louisville CardFile: Florida State

One buddy of mine growing up was that kid who was just better at every game our gang would play. You know the type.

The pitcher in Little League. The scorer in hoops. The fastest guy in football, who’d either catch or throw the long one. Facile with a tennis racket, even if he’d never played before.

He was also cocky. Not nasty cocky, but confident cocky. And he’d back it up.

Later, during the Vietnam era, he joined the Marine Reserves, essentially to prove he could handle boot camp at Parris Island.

A bunch of us were hanging out once in our early teens, and he was in one of those moods, declaring he could beat any of us at any sport. Which he would do.

He was a winner. Because he was physically gifted. Because he was mentally tough on the court or field.

The Louisville Cardinals need to find that kind of intestinal fortitude before they shall be able to fully turn the corner.

Against a beatable Florida State Seminole squad, the Cards came close. But the Cards didn’t finish. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Florida State

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IV

Quick recap: Purdue’s defense played like they’d been drinking boilermakers instead of engineering and building them. The Tar Heels came back to earth. Florida State self destructed. Again. Kentucky did what Kentucky has traditionally done. And the University of Louisville Cardinals continue to show improvement, but that they still have a way to go.

Which is to, in an oh so subtle manner, advise that the kid was a perfect 5-0 last weekend.

Not bad for someone who believes the shtick is more important than the predictions.

12-5 for the year rounds out to 70% correctitude. I’ll take it.

No reason then to prattle on verbosely.

Hear me now and believe me later, here are this week’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IV

Louisville CardFile: Western Kentucky

On Friday afternoon at Paul’s Market, I ran into a doc, who was a U of L football team physician for years, until his group from Jewish was replaced by one from Norton’s for reasons having nothing to do with quality of care.

I see him now and again in the ‘hood and he’s always been forthcoming about behind the scenes stuff with the Cardinals. I was hoping to get more perspective on last season’s meltdown, which I really did not, but he made one comment which gave some perspective to yesterday’s victory over the Hilltoppers.

Relying on what he observed at field level during last year’s game, he’s of the opinion that U of L’s talent level is not much different than Western’s.

Frankly, I’m not sure if I agree. But, if so, Scott Satterfield and his staff may be doing an even better job than the hyped up Red & Black Faithful already believe. Louisville kept WKU measured throughout in Saturday’s 38-21 W.

What I do know is they’re at Final Four level when it comes to injury report obfuscation. Saturday at 12:27, U of L advised the media that Jawon Pass would miss the game due to a “lower extremity injury.”

A knee? A foot? A toe? Thigh? Calf?

Whatever, it meant that Malik Cunningham got his first start of the season. Which commenced with the look of just the same as it ever was. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Western Kentucky

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week III

Because of its overtime rules, one team always wins in college football, and one team always loses. It’s the essence of the game. (Don’t get me started on the NFL’s stupid and illogical OT process.)

But there are teams and coaches that not only lose — or every so often prevail — which still have regrettable weekends.

Like Chip Kelly, one time offensive savant, who has gone from Quackus Maximus in Eugene to Bruinius Minimus in Westwood. His offensive prowess has been apparently lost along the way and his punchless UCLA squad fell for the first time in forever to San Diego State.

Like Louisiana Monroe’s placekicker, who shall remain nameless, who missed that conversion in OT that would have kept the Warhawks alive against Florida State. And, for that matter, the peripatetic Willie Taggert — three schools in the last four years — who may very well be on the move yet again if his Seminoles keep blowing big leads. Keep the moving vans on speed dial, dude, your old office at South Florida might be vacant soon.

Like the under-suicide-watch whole sovereign state of Rocky Top, which has turned Felice and Boudleaux Bryant’s bluegrass classic into the most incessant and reviled fight song in sports.

And, like yours truly, whose picks of Texas (So much for turning off the visitor’s locker room AC), and Nebraska (Perhaps Scott Frost should never have claimed that national crown at UCF), and Syracuse (Is Maryland the yang to Tennessee’s yin, or vice versa?), all were ill advised.

(And, to those negatitudinists who contacted me personally for besmirchment — I’m talking about you Badger Billy and Doppelgänger Boris — let’s see how this plays out over the course of the entire season.)

But the locals came through as predicted. 2-3 for the weekend, leaving me on the plus side for the season at 7-5.

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