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Louisville CardFile: Seton Hall

In a second biting, coulda-woulda-shoulda defeat in a row, this time a waning seconds 77-79 frustration to Kevin Willard’s Pirates, there were moments of recognition, instances that may prove defining if this ’17-’18 edition of the Louisville Cardinals reaches some semblance of its reasonable potential.

Besides the several on the court twinklings when lights started to flicker, the most significant was on display in the aftermath.

David Padgett was pissed.

After taking the rostrum at his post game presser, he took a long swig from a bottle of water. As much to calm himself as to hydrate.

His comments were curt, if not as defiant and dismissive as those of his predecessor after similar losses. Padgett’s responses were quick, short and followed by a stare into the middle distance as if his mind was already contemplating solutions to the issues presented.

Snippets of his responses are telling. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Seton Hall

Bright Lights Beckon: David Padgett, Come on Down

he University of Louisville has an interim basketball coach.

One has to wonder, is David Padgett ready in his first gig as a head coach to step into the kleig lights that shine upon he who is roaming the sideline of a national contender.

Lou Gehrig, now there’s a guy ready to carpe diem, and carpe diem, and carpe diem. On June 1, 1925, baseball’s greatest trivia answer Wally Pipp wasn’t fit to take the field. Gehrig played first for that and the next 2,130 Yankee games.

On August 13, 1919, Upset was ready. On the Saratoga race course, the thoroughbred handed heralded Man o’ War the only defeat of his career, thereby cementing the victor’s name forever in the sports lexicon.

And Cardinal fans are certainly sure that Luke Hancock was prepared for center stage on April 8, 2013. U of L was down double digits to Michigan in the national title game. Luke knocked down a trey. Then another. Then another. Then another. After an exclamation point go ahead breakaway slam, “Just like that, in the blink of an eye, Louisville comes from 12 back and takes the lead.”

Yet rising to the occasion is never a given. Continue reading Bright Lights Beckon: David Padgett, Come on Down

Trent Johnson Named Cardinal Hoops Assistant

During the few moments when I’m able to move on from depression over the state of U of L Men’s Basketball, I can summon the perspective that the situation is as fascinating as it is sad.

Off the court, there’s the NC2A sanctions surely over the horizon, recruiting woes and the curiosity what Rick Pitino will say when he finally talks, because I’ve been around him enough to know he’s dying to be heard. And will break his silence, no matter what legal advice he’s getting.

On the court, there’s wondering about how David Padgett’s going to be as the new Coach P, whether the players will respect and respond to him as they have for his predecessor?

There’s also been conjecture about when and how many new assistants there will be on staff? And who they’ll be?

Padgett: “There’s no shortage of interest.”

That conjecture itself has been intriguing to consider and talk about. I’ve had any number of conversations in the last week about the situation. A constant thread has been the suggestion that former Cardinals will be tapped to fill the spot(s).

Here’s a partial list of names that have been posited to me during verbal back and forths with fellow Cardinal fans. Denny Crum, an octogenarian for heavens’ sake, who just had a stroke. Butch Beard. Jerry Eaves. Kyle Kuric. Rodney McCray. Peyton Siva. To name a few.

To all of which suggestions, I’ve offered a counterpoint. Those are fans’ thoughts. Padgett’s going to choose folks he’s comfortable with, not some members of the Cardinal family for families sake.  Continue reading Trent Johnson Named Cardinal Hoops Assistant

The New Coach P Meets the Press

Acting U of L hoops coach David Padgett held a quickie press conference this afternoon.

Acting U of L AD Vince Tyra stopped by also, providing a short update and a couple answers.

Then, for the first time in years, we media types were actually invited in for 15 minutes of practice. The Rick only let in his pals and national media types.

What, if anything, did we learn?  Continue reading The New Coach P Meets the Press