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Sunday’s Sports Musings: Lots of U of L & More

reporterHoops that matters is back in the form of NBA playoffs.

It’s a good thing.

It’s also early, since the opening slate of first round games isn’t even complete as I write this, early Sunday evening.

I do have one observation.

I took note to check out Brad Stevens. He who is formerly of the Butler Hinkles, currently with the Boston Celtics, and forever topping the wish list of every college basketball fan, whose favorite team is ready for its next coach, the one that will surely lead them to One Shining Moment.

My observation. Stevens looks awfully comfy in front of the Celtics bench.

He does not appear to be a guy ready to jump back to college, so he can try to rah rah sis boom bah for some fat cats’ alma mammy.

* * * * *

Also in the category of Coaches Every Fan Wants Roaming His School’s Sideline, is, or actually, was, Shaka Smart. Continue reading Sunday’s Sports Musings: Lots of U of L & More

MMQB: College Gridiron Recap (& One Baseball Thing)

footballoldI shall get to college pigskin in a moment. First, this diversion.

THE most valuable player on this college football Saturday past was neither a college student, nor a football player, nor an athlete who even took the field in his sport of endeavor.

Hernan Perez, come on down.

Perez plays baseball. He’s a September call up for the Detroit Tigers, who watched MLB’s most significant weekend series — Tigers @ KC — from the dugout. On Saturday however, he changed the course of the game, the series and, possibly, the season.

The game was tied in the 6th, when Royal Salvador Perez scored from third on a line out, when second sacker Ian Kinsler’s throw to the bag went awry.

Except that KC’s Perez — the one playing in the game, perhaps related to Detroit’s Perez, but who knows? — never tagged up. The infielder in the dugout, Hernan Perez, noticed the base running error, and alerted the Tiger coaches. Detroit manager Brad Ausmus asked the umps to review. They did. The run was disallowed.

The game stayed tied. Detroit broke through for the key W. With a week to play, Detroit holds a thin 1 1/2 game lead over KC for the division crown.

Now, back to football. Continue reading MMQB: College Gridiron Recap (& One Baseball Thing)

Sunday’s Sports Shorts: DeVante; Davis, Mo’ne, Detroit & More

cardsU of L Cardinal football fans are in a depressed state today, anxiously awaiting the word on the extent of star DeVante Parker’s foot injury.

The wideout is on his way to Charlotte to be examined by the expert of expert on such injuries. Whatever that injury might be?[

Have x-rays shown a break? Is he wearing a cast of some sort?

We simply haven’t been provided any information of substance, beside the notification that he’s hurt. Parker tweeted that he’s “fine.” Whatever that means?

Fans can only hope it’s less serious, rather than more. Continue reading Sunday’s Sports Shorts: DeVante; Davis, Mo’ne, Detroit & More

Monday Morning QB: Teeing Up, Kicking Off, Hurling & Mo’

reporterThere’s going to be plenty of golf news this week, what with the PGA at Valhalla and all, and we got football — American style, the way Pudge Heffelfinger meant for it to be — every weekend from now until February.

So, as we’re wont to do, let’s start with hoops.

* * * * *

Just as his cataclysmic injury changed Kevin Ware’s career, there’s no doubt the same could happen with Paul George.

Obviously, one hopes the Indiana Pacer has a full recovery. (And that Ware finally gets it together at his current collegiate stop.)

Here’s what struck me about Friday night’s injury situation.

USA team players and coaches alike were shaken to the point that Mike Krzyzewski called off the remainder of the scrimmage. A legitimate move, one supposes. Continue reading Monday Morning QB: Teeing Up, Kicking Off, Hurling & Mo’

My Town, My Team: Detroit Tigers; A Respectful Homage

tigersErnie Banks recently graced the cover of a Sports Illustrated Where & How Are They Now? issue. The next time out, the ‘zine featured lovely, heartfelt essays from writers of note, sports and otherwise, in which they wax poetic about the baseball teams they revere. Many are filled with melancholy. The national pastime can be cruel for those who have sworn fealty.

In response to the Banks story, I sent a craftily-worded letter to the editor, telling the sweet tale of my moment with Ernie Banks and his response to a barb from Harmon Killebrew, I heard when tagging along with the Hall of Famers as they toured the Louisville Slugger plant during its opening night celebration.

SI chose not to print my letter.

Nor did they ask me to contribute to the “My Team, My Town” essay section.

Had the mag done so, here’s what I would have submitted. Continue reading My Town, My Team: Detroit Tigers; A Respectful Homage

Throwdown Thursday: Tiger, Tour (Talansky), Tigers & Mo’

reporterI am as enamored with a charismatic personality as anyone.

So, despite my oft recurring remonstrative reaction to all matters Tiger, I do pay attention to the comings and goings of He Who Would Change The World (At least according to his father.).

So, when I turned on the British Open this morning for a little sports with my morning joe, I took note when the guys at Royal Liverpool indicated they were about to show a Tiger shot.

He’s 3 back of leader Rory McElroy after the opening round.

Which means golf fans like The Professor are all twitter and shall tune in. Can he, will he, is it really possible . . . for Tiger to win another major this summer? Continue reading Throwdown Thursday: Tiger, Tour (Talansky), Tigers & Mo’

ABCDs of Baseball, Playoffs, That Futbol Thing & Mo’ (Music Video Included)

b-ballLeBron and DeWayne showed what they were made of Tuesday night. It was superstar time in Indy and the superstars showed up. The Pacers had no answer.

Miami’s W on the road evened the Eastern finals at 1-1.

If the Pacers don’t fold like tent in the wind, t could be, it might be, it can be, but will it be a good series?

But, a Heat sweep at home would be the death knell for Indiana.


* * * * *

My baseball team is the Detroit Tigers. Continue reading ABCDs of Baseball, Playoffs, That Futbol Thing & Mo’ (Music Video Included)