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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

Last weekend, the University of Louisville Cardinals skunked Syracuse.

I too threw an ofer. Five correct, zero incorrect.

The Cards’ foe was hapless.

I’ll admit for the sake of transparency, that at least several of my predictions were gimmes. Bama over the Cats. Buckeyes over the Hoosiers. But Boomer Sooner was not the lock they now seem in retrospect over the Cowboys.

And Cincy did its best late to outwit itself, but still hung on for a win at Central Florida.

5-0 for the weekend. 39-21-4 on the year.

To satisfy, or at least feign an attempt to mollify, my naysayers, I’m adding a special bonus pick this holiday weekend. Six picks for the price of five.

The Winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

Gridiron Journal: Accidental TDs & More

My oh my oh my, what a weekend of football we just had.

Such that I feel compelled to weigh in on my favorite moments.

Other than again on my U of L Cardinals’ 48-16 trouncectomy of visiting Florida State. About which I’ve already posted, and which you can read here.

Now on to the other curiosities. Some even significant.

 * * * * *

I feel compelled to ponder, because my mind swirls about like that, whether Devyn Ford and Todd Gurley II have had any contact in the last day or so?

To cry on each other’s shoulder.

‘Cause they got something in common. And it ain’t good. Continue reading Gridiron Journal: Accidental TDs & More

MMQB: Week I Done, A Few Lessons Learned

passimagesI know, it’s not Monday anymore. But, you know, Monday Morning Quarterback is a term not meant to be taken literally. It’s part of pigskin vernacular. Deal with it.

Besides yesterday was a holiday. Seedy K don’t labor on Labor Day.

  & & & & &

There are lots of rabid fan bases in college pigskin. And, as willing as I seem to be to hurl my opinions into the void, I daresay you shall hear no designation at this venue as to which school’s fans are the most loyal.

That said, once again an acolyte of the Crimson Tide has displayed a willingness to crank the loyalty meter to 11.

Mary Farr has been there from the get go. Literally.

Her middle name, her given middle name, the one on her birth certificate it is reported, is Bama. So, it was unlikely that she would ever scream “War Damn Eagle,” even during those sub teen years when everyone pretty much rebels against their parents’ ways. Continue reading MMQB: Week I Done, A Few Lessons Learned

Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Louisville’s Future, Pitino at his Worst, TV Madness & More

hoopgaz3Watching Purdue’s solid 67-63 W over rival Indiana last night in Assembly Hall, to surprisingly sweep the season series, I saw the future of Louisville basketball.

And, no, I don’t expect to be the next Cards coach, as John Landau became The Boss’s manager, after writing an article, declaring “he’d seen the future of rock and roll and its name is Bruce Springsteen.”

Watching the Boilermakers’ backup pivot, 7’+ Isaac Haas, lay 12 points on the Hoosiers, while grabbing 9 boards in just a dozen minutes of action, all points generated within a step of the hoop, here’s what I envision next season and beyond in the Yum!. Quinton Snider from the point, or Anas Mahmoud or Chinanu Onuaku at the high post, feeding Matz Stockman for easy buckets from the semi circle.

Rick Pitino is not only not afraid to run his offense through a big, posting low, I believe he’s inclined to prefer it. When the Cards had Wildcat transfer Marvin Stone, they did it all the time, including, to winning effect, about the first dozen offensive possessions in the one game Stone played in red and black against the Big Blue.

Anyhow, Purdue’s plan worked to victory against shorter IU.

As it will for the Cards in the future.

Remember where you heard it first. Continue reading Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Louisville’s Future, Pitino at his Worst, TV Madness & More

Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Hoosiers, Hoyas, Hoos & HooHaws!!!

b-ballIU fell behind 11-2 from the get go of its Big Ten battle in Champagn-Urbana against the Fighting Illini.

It was an early afternoon tipoff, and with the NFL conference title games on later, I figured I’d better get my trip to the grocery out of the way.

When I returned, I clicked on the telly, and there were the Hoosiers up 10.

So, I set to unpacking my vittles. When I next took notice of the game, about five minutes of game clock later, Illinois was up 9. I figured this game deserved my attention.

Which proved to be so. The Crimson & Crean came back again, going up one with under a minute to play, then setting a great trap for a steal and score to increase the advantage to 3, then closing out the home team, in front of the largest crowd ever for a game in C-U, 80-74.

Scintillating January conference action. Continue reading Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Hoosiers, Hoyas, Hoos & HooHaws!!!

Louisville Card File: Indiana

joaniecardNow that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

Louisville 94, Indiana 74.

We learned that this edition of the Louisville Cardinals can take a punch, chew some canvas in the second half, then get off the mat to finish the fight as victor.

We learned — yet again — that Montrezl Harrell, when he stakes his claim to that semi circle around the hoop, is the Ruler of His World.

We learned that Terry Rozier, who unfortunately shall be toiling in a Utah Jazz or NJ Nets jersey next year, would, were he to decide to extend his stay on the Belknap Campus, become one of the elite all-around Cardinal guards . . . ever.

But let’s start with Chris Jones. Continue reading Louisville Card File: Indiana

Cards Meet Hoosiers in the Gahhhhhden

dunikcardThough it is a circuitous route, most often made longer by a side trip for those biscuits and that to-die-for apple butter in Brown County, the drive from Louisville to Bloomington is only 105 miles.

Whereas, it’s 650 miles as the crow flies — 766 by car — between the home of Rick Pitino’s Cardinals and the coach’s beloved Madison Square Garden.

Which is to say, it’s neat that U of L and IU are battling tonight in NY, NY, at the world’s most famous arena, to benefit the Jimmy V Foundation.

But, why oh why aren’t these teams meeting on a regular basis here in Kentuckiana? Continue reading Cards Meet Hoosiers in the Gahhhhhden

Seedy K’s (Sorta) Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week V

foot1I need to apologize at this juncture, coming on five weeks into the season, to ye, my loyal constituency.

I have been off my game. Off my feed, if you will. Off my rocker even. Another 2-3 weekend, and I stand a most mediocre 10-10 for the season.

This is obviously unacceptable.

Thus, I have fired my stat guy. My O and D coordinators have been deep sixed. And my special teams coach is adios. My training table has been rejiggered. And, no more practices in full pads during the week.

So, with renewed vigor, a tweaked regimen designed for maximum results, I forge ahead into Week V of the season. Continue reading Seedy K’s (Sorta) Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week V

Thursday’s Sporting This & That

reporterI’ll be honest about it.

I’ve never really paid attention to the academic standing of “student athletes.” The vast majority of college jocks are simply mercenaries, enrolled in one institution of higher learning or another for the sole purpose of continuing to participate competitively in the sports they love.

If they take advantage of the academic opportunity, good for them. If they coast, usually with the complicity of athletic departments and the presence of an easily maneuvered curriculum, so be it.

Big time college sports haven’t a thing to do education in the normal sense, nor are they your classic extracurricular activity.

That said, I pass along the news that, in the fall semester, the U of L men’s basketball team posted an average GPR of 3.47, the highest in the school’s history.

Which, all my indifference aside, is pretty damn cool. Continue reading Thursday’s Sporting This & That