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Hoopaholic’s Gazette: New Favorite Player, Rescheduling Curiosities ++

If Naismithius is still in charge of college hoops — Lord help us, if he isn’t, and has completely turned the reins over to Coach K — the University of Louisville Cardinals will return to the hardwood Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin against the B10 Badgers in a makeup tilt.

It’s apparently taken awhile for the moment to come to fruition. (Keeping fingers crossed, it actually does.)

Early last week, before the original schedule date of the anticipated ACC/B10 matchup, but after it had been postponed because of COVID in the Cardinal program, I heard an interesting rumor from pal, Cheesemaker.

The Wisconsin alum told me he was hearing that the game was rescheduled for last Saturday, a couple of days after the original one, and on the same day as U of L’s football game with Wake Forest. Had I heard anything, he inquired?

I had not. And, never did. I called him back and in the usual dismissive manner we long time buddies converse with each other, admonished him that the rumor was obviously false.

Well, here’s what happened on Saturday, just prior to the Cards’ kickoff with Wake. Continue reading Hoopaholic’s Gazette: New Favorite Player, Rescheduling Curiosities ++