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Louisville CardFile: Omaha

So wonderstruck was I with the defense perpetrated by the U of L women’s team in their smashing beatdown of Michigan, I have been extolling the team’s virtues to any and all I’ve encountered who might care a whit about college basketball.

A couple of fans who have been following the distaff Cardinals through the years more intensely than I have admonished me to curb my enthusiasm somewhat. “It’s still early,” they caution, “let’s see what happens against Oregon and later in the year when Duke and Notre Dame come to town.”

Suggestion taken to heart.

With that in mind, I have taken to warn myself not to run and pull every alarm I see, not to call the Haz Mat squad, after watching the most disappointing performance by the U of L men in memory.

The descriptor starting with a “d” that’s probably more apt is “disgusting.”

From the Summit League, far from one that immediately comes to mind when considering college hoops, the conference bottom-dwelling Mavericks were 0-3 coming into the Yum!. They’d lost by 9, by 19 and by 32. For an average margin of defeat of 20 ppg. They had given up 89,108 and 103. That’s 100 ppg.

They were averaging 19.3 turnovers, ranking them 330th in the country.

Which, though they played last night like Peyton Manning was audibling their name toward victory, is to provide empirical statistical data that Omaha is, let us be kind how we say it, not a very good basketball team.

Neither are the University of Louisville Cardinals. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Omaha

Distaff CardFile: U of L Bashes Michigan

I am not an expert on women’s hoops.

Which doesn’t mean I’m shy about weighing in on Louisville’s dominating takedown of Michigan in the WNIT semi-finals.

74-49 was the final.

It wasn’t that close.

Even though the Cards were down 32-37 at halftime.

Then the Cards went all Charles Dickens on their prey. You know, a tale of two halves, the worst of times, the best of times.

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Thursday’s U of L Cardinal Conversation

There’s a singular question/ complaint I’ve heard way more than any other this week.

And I suppose, bless her heart, it’s all Asia Durr’s fault. Interest in the women’s team has rocketed skyward, after her school record scoring blast last Sunday.

“How come there’s no story in The Courier-Journal about the U of L women’s game?” (I’m hangin’ on the “The” and hyphen, though I don’t know why.)

“The paper didn’t even run the box score of Louisville’s win at Ohio State.”

Etc, etc, etc.

While the once great newspaper has some reporters that are good, are professional and care about getting the stories and reporting them, both in the sports department and on the news side, the C J sucks.

It is full of typos. What news there is, for the most part, is sparse. It is as if Gannett doesn’t want you to buy and read the paper edition. I haven’t subscribed for years. It is seriously sad.

It’s become bird cage liner.

The paper covers the men and football and UK pretty well, Louisville FC, but that’s about it for sports. The web site administrators seem hell bent on cornering the market on pop up ads.

As for women’s sports, others too, if you’re a Cardinal fan, head to gocards.com, the school’s site. There will always be some stories, and the box scores. And, I’ll always be around here at seedyksports.com for pithy commentary, and at Mike Rutherford’s cardchronicle.com, which covers the U of L scene with a gangsta lean.

 * * * * *

Interesting doings down Arkansas way that could possibly affect U of L. Continue reading Thursday’s U of L Cardinal Conversation

Louisville CardFile: (George) Mason

Oh how very appropriate was U of L’s fitful, opening game triumph over (George) Mason, 72-61.

The situation was dire most of the afternoon, and still in doubt with a minute and a half until the buzzer. Given all that’s going on, all the questions about the program and this season’s prospects, it was just fitting that the Cards needed to dig deep, show some grit and gut out the W against the feisty visitors.

Of the many questions that need to be answered, some were and some weren’t. Such as it always is after opening tipoff.

 * * * * *

Favorite Moment #1:

Mason (And I purposely leave off the George, because their SID provided game notes left off the George. I guess it’s a rebranding thing.) was forced to call a halt to play with 8:53 left. At the moment they were down 46-49, after playing ahead most of the game.

Not so many ticks before, at the 12:01 mark to be exact, the Patriots forged ahead 46-40 on their ninth layup of the tilt.  Continue reading Louisville CardFile: (George) Mason

Louisville CardFile: Virginia

Some things do not change, no matter who’s in charge.

Within seconds, okay minutes actually, after U of L’s solid, generally impressive, extra game insuring W over already bowl eligible UVa, the school’s athletics marketing department  sent out email notices heralding that the Cards are “BOWⱢ BOUND.”

Geez, guys, what took you so long?

So, if you’re a diehard Louisville Cardinal fan and decembering with the spouse and in-laws and kiddos in Motown or Shreveport or Annapolis or The House That Ruth Built or some other balmy clime is your wassail, your stocking’s been stuffed and it ain’t even Turkey Day yet.

Place your orders now. Plenty o’ good seats to be had. Travel packages available.

Yes, I know that’s a bit of a snarky opening. But, feeling good about the noticeable improvement the Cards showed, and flush with the season’s most satisfying victory, I couldn’t help but be bemused that the school didn’t even allow the fans time to savor a victory pizza and some brews before rifling through the faithful’s wallets.

 * * * * *

So, what do we call U of L’s ascendent running back duo? Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Virginia

Louisville CardFile: Bellarmine

Updated 11/08 6:25 am

About midpoint of the second half, right around the time that Bellarmine coach Scotty Davenport put on display his oft appearing sideline immaturity by getting a T called after berating a ref, when Deng Adel clanked two of four free throw opportunities just seconds after making a stirring reverse slam on a drive from the right corner (one of the few times he drove the ball without losing his dribble), right about then, when U of L’s mediocrity had been on display as if in tape loop for 30 minutes of action, I jotted this down in my game notes:


(Yes I printed it, not cursive, all caps, exclamation point.)

It wasn’t just that Adel proved for all his incredible athletic prowess that he still can’t be trusted dribbling the rock. He committed high 5 turnovers. Or that VJ King’s decision making is still suspect. He also committed 5 turnovers. Or that their team high 21 and 14 points respectively seemed, I dunno, less that satisfying.

It wasn’t simply that U of L gave it away 20 times, and, not working the ball crisply on offense like the Wesleyan tilt, only had 11 assists. Or that the Cards only had three blocks and three steals against its smaller, lesser crosstown DII foe. Or that the slower but more savvy Knights had at least ten wide open layups on the night. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Bellarmine

Louisville CardFile: Kentucky Wesleyan

Finally, thankfully, the Cards hit the hardwood against guys other than themselves.

The scoreboard indicated a 37 point decimation of DII Wesleyan, a result of minor consequence.

The optics revealed more.

Despite disturbing defensive lapses against the overmatched Panthers, there was an encouraging fluidity at the offensive end.

Plus a sense of legitimate cohesion, which bodes well for this stressed-out squad’s chances of success.

The stalwart stewardship of the team’s trio of leaders is evident. But should not be surprising all matters considered. Anas Mahmoud. Deng Adel. And the homie Quentin Snider. Their histories have provided a bracing maturity, perspective and a solid foundation for this team’s direction.

Mahmoud, from Egypt, an experienced traveler, understands political turmoil far more encompassing and life threatening than an athletic department in disarray. Adel, who with his family, escaping the chaos of homeland Sudan through Uganda, eventually to the relative calm of Australia then to the States, understands there are more important matters in life than improving his ball handling. Q, bearing the weight of his town, longed to be a Cardinal, felt rejected, looked elsewhere, then persevered.

So, beyond the Xs and 0s and whether this group is quick enough of foot to play man to man, last night’s first foray provided more than mere hints, but actual empirical evidence that this team will give its all amid the adversity surrounding the program.

That’s what I was looking for last night. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Kentucky Wesleyan

Bright Lights Beckon: David Padgett, Come on Down

he University of Louisville has an interim basketball coach.

One has to wonder, is David Padgett ready in his first gig as a head coach to step into the kleig lights that shine upon he who is roaming the sideline of a national contender.

Lou Gehrig, now there’s a guy ready to carpe diem, and carpe diem, and carpe diem. On June 1, 1925, baseball’s greatest trivia answer Wally Pipp wasn’t fit to take the field. Gehrig played first for that and the next 2,130 Yankee games.

On August 13, 1919, Upset was ready. On the Saratoga race course, the thoroughbred handed heralded Man o’ War the only defeat of his career, thereby cementing the victor’s name forever in the sports lexicon.

And Cardinal fans are certainly sure that Luke Hancock was prepared for center stage on April 8, 2013. U of L was down double digits to Michigan in the national title game. Luke knocked down a trey. Then another. Then another. Then another. After an exclamation point go ahead breakaway slam, “Just like that, in the blink of an eye, Louisville comes from 12 back and takes the lead.”

Yet rising to the occasion is never a given. Continue reading Bright Lights Beckon: David Padgett, Come on Down

Louisville Card File: Wake Forest

Geesh, that was U.G.L.Y.

Understand I didn’t follow my usual routine while following the battle against the Demon Deacons, and soon enough I’ll tell the tale why, a story which might elicit a smile despite the truly horrid performance by the Cardinals.

Normally I sit with a legal pad and have a shorthand for key plays, key moments, incidents worth mentioning in my follow up. Plus I log into software with complete and illuminative running stats. Etc, etc, etc.

Because of circumstances — Be patient, I’ll get there — I wasn’t inclined to do that.

It turns out, it doesn’t matter. To be honest, I haven’t even looked at the final statistics, so inconsequential are they in this defeat.

Other than a Cardinal here and there, the University of Louisville football team and the University of Louisville football coaching staff might have stayed in the hotel. Because they did not come to play, and they didn’t come to coach.  Continue reading Louisville Card File: Wake Forest

Cardnal Hoops: I’m Ready for the Holiest of Seasons to Begin

Boil boil toil and trouble notwithstanding, this moment of this year, as it has done for decades of years, has turned me into a seven year old.

Morphed back into the kid who went to his first U of L game at the Armory with his parents, and had to ask his dad why every once in awhile the action stopped and one of the players got to shoot at the basket while the others just watched. The kid whose mom would get so stressed when the games were tight, she’d get up and walk the halls of Freedom Hall until the Cards pulled it out. Or not.

This is the time of year, the beginning of Cardinal basketball, the season’s opening tipoff, that is sacrament.

Now more than ever, it’s time for the faithful to gather, to worry about Anas’s jump hook not how he and his teammates are dealing with peripheral turmoil and seismic change.

It’s a new dawn. Turn the page.

The first exhi is Monday against Kentucky Wesleyan.

Not a moment too soon for all who care.  Continue reading Cardnal Hoops: I’m Ready for the Holiest of Seasons to Begin