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Louisville CardFile: Eastern Kentucky

Yes, it was Eastern Kentucky, a school that toils a division down, with a smaller squad in stature and depth, an FCS directional in-state “rival” come to town for the paycheck and experience, with but faint hope to prevail.

All true, and certainly a perspective when considering the mean.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut . . . when a group of players hasn’t celebrated the thrill of victory for a week short of 365, when a gang whose coaches inexplicably gave up on them last year causing them to give up on themselves, when a squad under new tutelage to address both systemic and psychological issues, when that team pulls it together and does what it’s supposed to do, it’s reason for celebration.

Forgive the purple prose, if you can. The first win in a long while can instigate excessive verbiage.

The Louisville Cardinals manhandled EKU as they were supposed to. Never for a moment think that’s a given. (Ask Willie Taggert how it felt yesterday to escape when that poor kid from Louisiana Monroe shanked an extra point in OT?)

U of L 42, Eastern Kentucky 0.

It’s a start. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Eastern Kentucky

A Tip of the Hat to U of L Cards’ Defense

I have come to praise the Louisville Cardinal defense, and its play in the opener against Notre Dame.

Especially Russ Yeast (7 tackles), Nick Okeke (7), Rodjay Burns (6), Khane Pass (6), C.J. Avery (6), P.J. Mbanasor (4), and Cornelius Sturghill (4). Dorian Etheridge recovered a fumble.

Kudos also to the D coaching staff, Bryan Brown, Cort Dennison, Shadon Brown, Dale Jones, and Mark Ivey.

Yes, against Notre Dame’s Top Ten Fighting Irish, Louisville gave up 35 points, and 423 yards of total offense.

Because perspective is required, those raw numbers don’t tell the whole story.

That same bunch — with a few others who decided to continue their education elsewhere and matriculated at other institutions of higher learning — let us be gentle and say, were somewhat more porous last season. OK, significantly more giving.

In U of L’s final seven games last season, from October until the final insult against UK, the Cards surrendered 66, 38, 56, 77, 54, 52, and 56. Continue reading A Tip of the Hat to U of L Cards’ Defense

Louisville CardFile: Notre Dame

“If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.”

So heartened am I by the University of Louisville Cardinals’ energy and effort against a truly good Notre Dame team, I’m in touch with my inner Don Meredith.

Before contemplating the reality of this opening 35-17 setback, allow me a bit of fantasy.

With just under three minutes to play before halftime, the score is knotted at 14-14, and it is not a fluke. The Cards had taken a hit on the Irish’s opening drive, but fight back and compete toe to toe.

U of L forces another ND three and out, and has the ball on its own 20, with the opportunity to run out the clock and thereby go into halftime even, or be even more emboldened with a score.

Instead, there is that comedic, decimating sequence of fumble, fumble, fumble, resulting in an Irish go ahead TD.

What if U of L heads to the locker room even at 14-14 . . . Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Notre Dame

MMQB: Finally, It’s Game Day

On the morning of an autumn day of the week traditionally set aside for looking back at the weekend’s pigskin results and their ramifications, there are still twelve hours and nineteen minutes until my team the Louisville Cardinals kick off.

The Notre Dame Knute Rocknes are in town, and the Ghost of the Gipper hovers.

The Era of Scott Satterfield beckons.

The ACCN’s inside look at U of L football was given short shrift during its first showing Sunday night. It started late because of a soccer game, and those in charge felt compelled to cut off the ending so a replay of Boise State’s comeback against Willie Taggert’s Seminoles could start on time.

The doc, featuring a passionate Good Ol’ Boy pep talk by LB coach Dale Jones, as well as a cameo shot of yours truly at the Media Day presser, is on again today, at, I believe, 1:00 and 7:00. Check the listings to make sure.

To kill at least some of the time until kickoff, let’s consider a few takeaways from Week I. Continue reading MMQB: Finally, It’s Game Day

Coach Satt’s Game Week Presser This & That

Some scattered observations:

*** It was a significantly less ill at ease Scott Satterfield who met the press Monday in advance of the Louisville Cardinals’ Labor Day opener than the fellow who answered questions at Media Day weeks ago.

Which he sort of addressed when asked during the session when the magnitude of his higher profile ACC gig at U of L hit him? To which he responded with something like “the first time I met all you.”

“It’s not like back in Boone with two reporters.”

*** As at Media Day, the first player Satterfield mentioned by name was Tutu Atwell. It was in response to a query about the position group he felt the best about. Which is the receiving corps. He compared Atwell to T Y Hilton, the Indianapolis Colts wideout he coached at Florida International.

He then mentioned the first team O line. But several times emphasized the Cards’ lack of depth there and elsewhere throughout the lineup. Except at running back. Continue reading Coach Satt’s Game Week Presser This & That

Friday Squawks: Dabo, Roy, K, & the ’86 Title

Because I’m an inveterate Louisville Cardinal fan, because I still shake my head in awe that the Cards now compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference, and because I’m justifiably accused of being OCD, I tuned into the premier evening of the ACC Network.

(Besides I’m not a huge fan of the LLWS, and the episode of “Texas Metal” on MotorTrend Channel didn’t intrigue me.)

It was mostly just Show & Tell, since there was no actual live sports action.

Here are a few of the things I learned: Continue reading Friday Squawks: Dabo, Roy, K, & the ’86 Title

A Curious Week in CardinaLand

Seriously now, David Grissom, what the fazook were you thinking?

Though you haven’t practiced law for decades, you are an attorney. Didn’t you remember enough from your Trial Practice seminar to let your counsel prepare you for your deposition? Advise you how to effectively answer open ended questions like the one to which you dropped a stink bomb of an answer?

Were you too cocky? Too Type AAA, too “I can handle this?”

Did you think, as one diehard Card fan has mentioned to me a couple of times, that you figured you could control things in the deposition because you were “the smartest guy in the room?”

Well, dude, you weren’t. Ann Oldfather is as intelligent as she is assertive, a top shelf counselor at the bar.

But, ya know, she was just fishin’. The answer she was probably hoping for was something along the lines of “I don’t specifically recall anything Ramsey knew that he should have shared with the Board, but didn’t.” That would have plenty for her and her client.

But noooooooooooooooooo!!! Continue reading A Curious Week in CardinaLand

U of L Football Media Day Musings

Last week, as one is too often wont to do with a bit of idle time on his/her hands, I found myself surfing aimlessly across the Google.

I arrived at a light bulb moment of sorts after hangin’ ten from a B/W video of Nina
Simone’s simmering “Sinnerman” to an illuminating video comparison of Jackie Chan’s exemplary work in Asian films with his lesser American movies, ending up somehow at a highlight reel of what is generally regarded as the college pigskin equivalent of Chaminade over Ralph Sampson and UVa.

Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32. In the Big House. In the first game ever televised on the BTN.

New Louisville Cardinal coach Scott Satterfied mentored the QBs on that overachieving Mountaineer squad. On App State’s first score, their southpaw signal caller found a wideout in a hole in the Maize and Blue zone. He then blew past several Wolverine DBs who thought they had him cornered, and crossed the goal line for six.

What immediately popped into my mind was this name: Tutu Atwell, U of L’s seriously speedy wideout. Continue reading U of L Football Media Day Musings

Cards on the 9s: Strange ’09 Campaign ends in Elite Eight

This is last of a series of remembrances of U of L basketball seasons for years ending in 9.

Reality first struck as I sat in the ginormous media room of Lucas Oil Stadium before the Cardinals ’09 matchup with Sparty for a trip to the Final Four in Motown.

Expectations soaring after #1 seed U of L drew and quartered Arizona by 39 in the Sweet Sixteen, and with my belly full of Shapiro’s pastrami, potato latkes and carrot cake, I poured over Michigan State data for the first time.

My confidence quickly abated. I recall reading the numbers, looking up, staring into the middle distance, and thinking, “Louisville could lose this. Izzo’s team is good.”

And damned if I wasn’t prescient. The truth struck with terrible swift sword.

Michigan State 64, Louisville 52.

Louisville’s season and 13 game winning skein and strangest of seasons had fizzed out. Continue reading Cards on the 9s: Strange ’09 Campaign ends in Elite Eight

Cards on the 9s: W over Cats highlights ’99 Campaign

This is another in a series of remembrances of Louisville Cardinal basketball teams in years ending in 9.

It’s difficult, and not wise really, to talk about this specific ’98-’99 campaign, without providing context.

Finishing with a record of 12-20, the season before was not only the first losing one of beloved Hall of Famer Denny Crum’s career, it was the first for U of L since the Cards went 7-10 in ’41-’42.

How much did we love the graphic the networks would put on the screen during every national telecast, “Louisville has had 56 consecutive winning seasons.” A matter of pride had been shattered.

After two more seasons, including another 12-19 clunker in ’00-’01, the two-time national champion mentor, who at the top of his game was as good as any who ever coached, would be gone, becoming an ambassador for the university, and giving his time and lending his stature to many charities in the community.

But before that, something not so good was happening to U of L hoops, and nobody really knew exactly what it was.

There are lots of theories. Continue reading Cards on the 9s: W over Cats highlights ’99 Campaign