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Seedy K’s GameCap: Duke

Though there are 22 combatants on the gridiron at a time, because of the nature of this revered sport football that is most indicative of the American psyche, the focus is usually on the Quarterback.

His maneuvers and decisions dictate the flow of a given sequence.

So it is these signal callers who are most in the spotlight. The ones most credited for victories, blamed for losses. The ones whose names first get called on Sportscenter, the ones who play the position whom coaches must first address at press conferences.

The best of the lot, there the ones who are by default the front runners for the awards. Heisman. MVP. Conference POY.

The ones who shoulder the most blame when their school underperforms.

Fair or not, it is the nature of the beast.

Somewhat of a contrarian, I try to turn my flashlight in a different direction most of the time. To be fair to the rest of the team.

Then there are performances like that in Louisville’s 62-22 evisceration of hapless Duke that mandate I join the crowd, due my duty (not reluctantly, mind you) and sing bass in the proverbial chorus of praise.

So, it is obvious where this recap must begin. Continue reading Seedy K’s GameCap: Duke