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MMQB: Spieth, Story, Steph & The Real Big Story

stephindexThere are some monster stories this springtime.

Jordan Spieth’s meltdown at the 12th.

Steph Curry’s emergence as the best baller in hoops. Along with his Dubs emanation as one of the best pro outfits ever.

Trevor Story’s 25 or so homers for the Rockies in his first handful of games in the Bigs.

There are a couple of other trends, but they’re probably of interest only to me, a child of Motown. Those would be the Pistons making the NBA playoffs. And the Red Wings backing into the post season like Nicklas Lidstrom, covering a short-handed breakaway counterattack at the Joe.

And then there’s the story that really trumps them all, a fascinating bit of sporting history unfolding as never before. But I’ll save that one for last. Otherwise, you might click away for lack of interest.

 * * * * *

It has been argued by many that hitting a baseball off of major league pitching is the most difficult single task in sports.

Maybe so.

But anybody who has ever attempted golf knows it might be equally as hard to to swing at a ball with a golf club — off the tee, in a trap, out of the woods, or on the green — and have it end up where the swinger would for it to. Continue reading MMQB: Spieth, Story, Steph & The Real Big Story

Hoopaholic’s Gazette (Diggin’ the Scene with a Pigskin Lean)

b-ballOther than Gisele Bündchen, in the thrill of victory, agony of defeat Wide Wide Wide World of Sports (wider than wide, wide Dixie Highway), the happiest person after Pete Carroll’s epic strategic Super Bowl blunder was Rick Pitino.

Because, The Rick was the leader in the clubhouse, after allowing, condoning then prevaricating a last second trey in regulation against North Carolina, by Montrezl Harrell for heavens’ sake, for ESPY Award’s Boo Boo of the Year.

Fortunately, for the Cardinal hoops mentor, as well as the perplexed, but eventually relieved U of L faithful, the Cards prevailed over the Tar Heels, making for a Saturday Night Alright Alright Alright, save the fighting for the contestants at the end of that football game.

As well as, all together now, The Thrill of Victory. Continue reading Hoopaholic’s Gazette (Diggin’ the Scene with a Pigskin Lean)

Wednesday Daily Double: HDH & Less is More???


Is that some new drug that’s propelling one of MLB’s Final Four?

Kinda. But what immediately comes to mind when this acronym HDH is mentioned, for me anyway, an inveterate rock & roll junkie is: Holland, Dozier, Holland.

That would be Lamont Dozier, and the Brothers Holland, Brian and Eddie. Who were the Motown Records geniuses, responsible for such hits as “Please Mr. Postman,” “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” “Heat Wave,” “Stop! In The Name of Love” and the proverbial many, many more.

But, for the moment anyway — After all, it is October, which means baseball’s post-season — those songmasters shall have to step aside.

The HDH du jour is/are Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland. (The latter of which may or may not be related to Brian and Eddie.) Continue reading Wednesday Daily Double: HDH & Less is More???

#2 Derek Jeter Walks Off

jeterBaseball, despite the many athletic competitions which aspire to the lofty status, remains the most romantic, the most beloved of American sports.

At least, for us old farts.

The national pastime hearkens back to a more pastoral time, which, though long ago, far away and but a dream now, is what our nation still aspires to.

Among its many attributes, what baseball does best is signature moments.

It sets the standard when honoring its icons.

Last night was one of those nights. Continue reading #2 Derek Jeter Walks Off

Monday Morning QB: Teeing Up, Kicking Off, Hurling & Mo’

reporterThere’s going to be plenty of golf news this week, what with the PGA at Valhalla and all, and we got football — American style, the way Pudge Heffelfinger meant for it to be — every weekend from now until February.

So, as we’re wont to do, let’s start with hoops.

* * * * *

Just as his cataclysmic injury changed Kevin Ware’s career, there’s no doubt the same could happen with Paul George.

Obviously, one hopes the Indiana Pacer has a full recovery. (And that Ware finally gets it together at his current collegiate stop.)

Here’s what struck me about Friday night’s injury situation.

USA team players and coaches alike were shaken to the point that Mike Krzyzewski called off the remainder of the scrimmage. A legitimate move, one supposes. Continue reading Monday Morning QB: Teeing Up, Kicking Off, Hurling & Mo’

My Town, My Team: Detroit Tigers; A Respectful Homage

tigersErnie Banks recently graced the cover of a Sports Illustrated Where & How Are They Now? issue. The next time out, the ‘zine featured lovely, heartfelt essays from writers of note, sports and otherwise, in which they wax poetic about the baseball teams they revere. Many are filled with melancholy. The national pastime can be cruel for those who have sworn fealty.

In response to the Banks story, I sent a craftily-worded letter to the editor, telling the sweet tale of my moment with Ernie Banks and his response to a barb from Harmon Killebrew, I heard when tagging along with the Hall of Famers as they toured the Louisville Slugger plant during its opening night celebration.

SI chose not to print my letter.

Nor did they ask me to contribute to the “My Team, My Town” essay section.

Had the mag done so, here’s what I would have submitted. Continue reading My Town, My Team: Detroit Tigers; A Respectful Homage

Hump Day Hits & Misses

cards✔︎✔︎✔︎Hit: Louisville Cardinal Athletics. For the second year in a row, cbssports.com has recognized the transcendence of U of L sports.

The Cards, of course, dominated the ratings for the ’12-’13 school year.

You know, the old NCAA hoops title, BCS bowl W, CWS appearance and womens’ hoops runner up quadrafecta.

It was, you might say, a good year.

By the site’s point rankings, Louisville bested second place Oregon by a hefty 113 points, 625-512.

Think Secretariat in the Belmont. Continue reading Hump Day Hits & Misses

Sunday’s Short Shots: Fútbol, Cycling, Tennis, Announcing, Baseball and, of course, Hoops

animated_sportsLost in all the current sports hoopla, America’s new love affair with fútbol, the culmination of Wimbledon, Joey Chestnut’s less than stellar W, Tiger’s return to the links, Kentuckianians, including Nerlens Noel,  competing in the NBA summer league and Fourth of July cornhole smackdowns is this red, white and blue reality.

In the national pastime, that would still be baseball, kids, LA Dodger Clayton Kershaw has pitched 38 consecutive scoreless innings.

Which is, like, four consecutive games worth of shutout hurling. Plus a couple frames.

Which is awfully impressive. Yet, still 21 innings short of the MLB record, held by another guy who took the mound at Chavez Ravine, Orel Hershiser.

By the by, Tiger Rick Porcello, who hurls tonight for Detroit against the A’s, has pitched two complete game shutouts in a row.

* * * * *

As I write, Roger Federer has just won a back and forth first set tiebreak against Novak Djokovic.

This Gentleman’s Final looks like it could be, might be a classic. Continue reading Sunday’s Short Shots: Fútbol, Cycling, Tennis, Announcing, Baseball and, of course, Hoops