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Sayonara BCS: College Pigskin Season Finally Over

footballoldIf you’ve been paying attention here, you know that I love college football.

Which is different than considering myself an astute observer of the technicalities of the game. Way different. I watch as a fan, not a guy who claims to know the Xs & Os.

Which was reinforced last night, as I watched most of Florida State’s exciting W on ESPN News. Which is where Matt Millen, Chris Spielman, Kevin Sumlin, Paul Chryst and Steve Addazio broke down the action and strategy in exacting detail in the Film Room.

It was as illuminating as it was fascinating. The latter three are still coaching, at Texas A & M, Pitt and Boston College respectively. Millen, who talked less than the others and was kind of a moderator, and Spielman, who was the most loquacious, do color for The World Wide Leader.

What became patently obvious was how much more these fellows see during the game than Seedy K does in the stands, press box or recliner. Immediately they’ll observe which lineman missed a block, or made a good one. Or, which LB missed an assignment, or looped through untouched on a stunt. Or, which receiver cut off a route too soon. Continue reading Sayonara BCS: College Pigskin Season Finally Over

Bowl Week: The Woes of Bettin’ The Line (Music Video Included)

joeyIt was but one ref’s call of many in the slate of bowl games on New Year’s Day. A bad call, yet one that, whichever way it went, would not really affect the outcome of the, let’s see which game was it, the Outback Bowl.

In the normal course of events, if you aren’t an alum of Iowa, or your nephew isn’t in the LSU band, you’d say of the call, “Geez, they really blew that one,” then click channels to see what was happening in the other game(s).

Ah, but if you’re in Joey The Vig’s Bowl Pool; and, if you, by some dumb luck, have correctly prognosticated nine games in a row to vault to the top of the standings; and, if you’ve taken the Bayou Bengals and are giving 7 1/2 points, the call has you shrieking, spinning about the room in a blather, foaming at the mouth, ready to call the Marquis of Queensbury for an official inquiry. Continue reading Bowl Week: The Woes of Bettin’ The Line (Music Video Included)

Wednesday FootBALLS: Peerless Picks Part Deux

footballoldFrankly, I’m more than a little disappointed in my readership. Yeah, you, a group that has proven through the years that nary a gaffe of mine shall go undissed.

Until today. When I posted “Tuesday FootBALLS . . .” On Wednesday morning. Must be the smell of turkey in the oven that has their mouth and eyes watering.

At any rate, I did get some grief over not prognosticating the winner of the Ohio State/ Michigan game. Something like “You dumbass, how in the hallowed names of Woody and Bo could you ignore the greatest rivalry in the history of sport.” A paraphrase, but close.

So, with time on my hands before gathering with friends and family to celebrate the first of 8 days of Hanukkah — You know, “Dinah Shore-a/ Lights the Menorah” — I’ve got time to make up for my omission.

Ohio State @ Michigan. During the summer before last, loyal reader Smart Guy had been in deepest, darkest Ohio, visiting his daughter and her family. While driving home, he was listening to sports talk radio. He shared how the Buckeye fans were universally bragging with some assurance that Ohio State would go undefeated in Pope Urban’s first season. SG and I laughed and laughed. Well, here it is 17 months later and Meyer is still undefeated on the banks of the Olentangy. And on the road. Without much love outside the boundaries of O-H . . . I-O. Meanwhile “MIchigan Man” Brady Hoke’s Wolverines have lost four of the last six, with Ws over underwhelming Indiana and snake bit Northwestern. But, strange things happen in this rivalry. After all, it’s the “greatest rivalry in the etc etc.” Especially to highly rated 11s on the road. This one’s in Ann Arbor. Can the best headgear in all of sport prevail? In a word . . . No.

— Seedy K

Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Special Rivalry Edition

QBWho told you in advance that Oklahoma State would derail Baylor’s dreams?

That’s right, citizens of Planet Pigskin, yours truly, Seedy K.

Hold your applause please. Okay, go ahead with a standing O if you want.

Those of you with elephantine memories are about to interrupt. “But, Seedy, you flipped a coin on that one.” Which, truth be told, is technically correct. But, I really wanted/ expected it to come up tails for the Cowboys.

Honest. No, really, I’m not kidding.

Anyway, my predictive prowess has been on full display all season, if I do say so myself. 49 correct. Against only 16 mistakes, after another 4-1 weekend.

But, you know, it’s what is known around the offices of The World Wide Leader as Rivalry Week. Anything can happen, and usually does. Or, so they say when in full cliché mode.

So, let’s take a look at some traditional matchups, many of which mean more this season than bragging rights against Sid, the asshole who lives across the street and roots for that other team.

The opening whistle is about to blow, let’s get going.

Continue reading Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Special Rivalry Edition