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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week II

In the name of mercy, no more brickbats. Please!!!

I feel the pain — literally — some have intended to inflict.

Though surgery isn’t necessary, I am in the care of a physical therapist for injuries caused by the barbs of one of the more vocal members of my antagonista.

In the guise of remorse, and the necessity of transparency, I report from the get go that I, if not foremost, am among the many who were not quite ready for this already absurd college football season.

I predicted that Middle Tennessee would venture to West Point and come away with a victory.

Blue Raiders 0, Black Knights 42.

Yes, it was also my surmise that Annapolis would sail away with a win over Brigham Young.

Middies 3, Mormons 55.

Battered is a more apt description of my physical condition than black and blue. It is little consolation that some oddsmakers in Vegas feel the same.

Which is not to mention that the pigskinners of my choice, overwhelming favorite Southern Mississippi, apparently forgot to wear their Brett Favre-Autographed© Copper Fit Tackling Gloves™, allowing South Alabama’s Jaguars to slip out of Forrest/Lamar Counties with an upset.

Which setback was so alarming to the powers that be in Hattiesburg, they fired Golden Eagles head coach Jay Hopson, after that opening L, despite his winning record and four bowl appearances.

He is not alone. If only for PR purposes, and to pass the proverbial buck, I too have cleaned house here at Seedy K Enterprises. Among the dispatched, Leonard Pynth Garnell III, Director of Theasaural Didactics, and Malcom Univac, Director of Analytical Computer Optimization. Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week II