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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Preseason Predictions

foot1Okay, where were we?

Oh yeah, when we last looked in on college pigskin, the WKU Hilltoppers coughed up a 72 point or so lead in the Bahamas Bowl, gave up what coulda woulda shoulda been a tying TD on the last play with :01 on the clock at snap, then survived when Central Michigan coach Dan Enos went for two and failed.

It was Enos last game on the Chippewa sideline, though it’s hard to say if the two are connected.

More important it was Lou Holtz’s last game in the booth. Sayonara, Lou, don’t let the door bang you in the ass on the way out.

Pope Urban’s Buckeyes battered Bucky Badger in the Big Ten title game, then, as the four seed, blitzkrieged its way to the first Football Final Four title. (What a shame former Wisconsin mentor Bret Bielema had already left Madison, otherwise the previous sentence would have been even more alliterative.)

Speaking of Bs, there was the bust of the Big B in the Big 12 (Which, with only ten universities, remains as arithmetically dysfunctional as the 14-member Big Ten.). That would be Baylor, who bested Top Ten K State in the regular season closer, then, when out to prove it was jilted by the Final Four selection oligarchy, frittered away a 20 point fourth quarter advantage to Sparty, losing the Cotton Bowl. Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Preseason Predictions

Monday’s Musings: Poetic Justice, Rich Rod & Kudos for the Kid

b-ballWhat made me smile most over the weekend — other than winning Joey the Vig’s Bowl Pool, with two games left to be played, about which I shall boast in a moment — was watching Steve Alford’s UCLA Bruins gobsmack crosstown rival Southern Cal.

Not that I love the Bruins that much, though their classic unis are still the smartest looking in college hoops. Or, that I care much for usually surly Alford, for that matter.

It’s really the hubris of He With Hot Wife & Big Mouth But No Resumé, Andy Enfield, the new insufferable without portfolio coach at USC.

So, it was poetic justice that in the first meeting of the first year mentors, the score read: UCLA 107, Southern Cal 73.

As we wags are wont to say on occasion to add emphasis, it wasn’t that close. Continue reading Monday’s Musings: Poetic Justice, Rich Rod & Kudos for the Kid

Friday Morning PG: Mr. Big Mouth & More

bballOther than talking politics at the Thanksgiving table, eating more than my fair share of dark meat and dressing, here’s what I was looking forward to yesterday.

Watching my Detroit Lions try to finally win one on Turkey Day, after, what, nine losses in a row. 40-10. Yes.

Seeing what Southern Cal and Northwestern look like on the hardwood? Both have new coaches that intrigue me for different reasons.

Chris Collins is Son of Coach, and Coach K’s former First Assistant. He’s now in charge at Northwestern, which most b-ball fans know to be the only major conference school never to waltz in the Big Dance.

Andy Enfield is the Johnny Come Lately who jetted to LA LA Land at USC on the wafer thin resume of mentoring previously unknown Florida Gulf Coast to the Sweet Sixteen last year. Continue reading Friday Morning PG: Mr. Big Mouth & More