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Sunday’s Sports Shorts: DeVante; Davis, Mo’ne, Detroit & More

cardsU of L Cardinal football fans are in a depressed state today, anxiously awaiting the word on the extent of star DeVante Parker’s foot injury.

The wideout is on his way to Charlotte to be examined by the expert of expert on such injuries. Whatever that injury might be?[

Have x-rays shown a break? Is he wearing a cast of some sort?

We simply haven’t been provided any information of substance, beside the notification that he’s hurt. Parker tweeted that he’s “fine.” Whatever that means?

Fans can only hope it’s less serious, rather than more. Continue reading Sunday’s Sports Shorts: DeVante; Davis, Mo’ne, Detroit & More

Monday Morning Musings

bballGiven that I possess the attention span of a house fly (musca domestica) flitting about a porch bulb in August, I love the McNuggets of McNews that now come in my morning paper.

So, I pass along with my favorite from this a.m.

In January ’55, Minnesota topped Purdue in the longest Big Ten game ever. Six OTs. Final tally: Golden Gophers 59, Boilermakers 56. 115 points total in 70 minutes of action. Musta been scintillating. No Sominex™ necessary.


* * * * *

Led by Asia Taylor, the U of L women’s basketball team looked solid yesterday, besting a legit Top 25 Rutgers squad.

Despite those two championship appearances, this looks to my undiscerning eyes like Jeff Walz’s best squad.

But, until he can recruit some big uns, the Cardinals shall remain wannabes as legit title contenders.

* * * * *

Two things remain elusive, uncertain as we wend our way to those magical days ahead, known as Championship Week and March Madness.

1. The whereabouts of Viktor Yanukovych?

2. The NCAA tournament favorite? Continue reading Monday Morning Musings