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Hump Day Harrumphs: Blonde Hair, Empty Seats +++

shoutingRarely have so many Unnamed Sources been so united with their innuendo.

Mack Brown will step down as coach of the Texas Longhorns by the end of the week.

Or, so they say. Yeah, I know, hold your yawns.

But, here to pontificate on the sports “news” of the day, so I reflect that I’m not sure what Nick Saban’s doing right nowy? Probably breaking down film of Boomer Sooner, I suspect.

But I do know what Bobby Petrino is doing. Sitting by the phone, praying it rings, that’s what.

But, it’s Nick’s call. Will he go? Will he stay?

I’m sure that you, as I, have scooted to the edge of your seat in eager, apprehensive anticipation. Continue reading Hump Day Harrumphs: Blonde Hair, Empty Seats +++