Card in a Dog Fight against Morehead

The question that now can be answered is whether there’s a Cardinal besides TWill whose presence can make a significant difference on the court?

Yes, E5.

My pals back in Louisville called during a timeout, and I think the wondered why Terrence Jennings isn’t playing much? It was hard to hear them. Uh, me too. I haven’t a clue. The Rick works in mysterious ways.

Not as mysterious as Edgar Sosa, who can make a bit three, then make three horrible drives to the hoop, each resulting in a turnover.

Free throws. I swear, they shall be the Cards’ undoing.

Louisville is hitting 50% at the half against a team that beat by, what, 39 points or something. And they’re only up by a deuce.

Survive and advance. Let’s get this one over with and, hopefully, play again on Sunday.

— Seedy K