Observations from Dayton

I know I love the Cards too much and see every flaw, but, even during the second half tonight against Morehead, with the game in hand, I said to myself, “This doesn’t look like a national championship team.”

I sure hope I’m wrong.

Ahead by but a deuce at the half, Louisville outscored the Eagles 22-6 in the first 8 minutes of the second to take control of the game. The Cards hit 65% in the second half.

The fly in the ointment — have you heard it before? — six for 11 from the line.

The official box score shows Sosa with only 5 TOs. I know he had at least half as many again.

Defense wins. The Cards showed up at that end of the court in the second half.

Other Random Musings:

I’ve never seen anybody stand at attention quite as still and resolute as weight coach, Ray Ganong.

U of L, unlike other 1 seed Pitt, started the game and played with a lot of energy. Just not very well for a half.

For the second time this season, Jerry Smith took a shot off a dribble in the first stanza.

The PA announcer kept advising people to sit down. Does he think this was the opera or something?

Earl Clark is necessary.

I like that the Pep Band plays “One Way or Another.” That’s a great goal.

The Morehead Eagle mascot is named Beaker. The name reminds me of a parrot I had once that I named Pecky. It died after three days when it flew into a window after escaping from the new cage we bought it.

All in all, a win is a win is a win. Okay, that’s not true. It really only counts as one win, but it’s still a good thing.

Every school prepares a tournament package cheat sheet for the media. Once again, Kenny Klein has brought one that is far and away more informative than any other.

— Seedy K

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