Orange Win, Panthers Escape & Musings

This is also posted at where all this is supposed to be, but computer glitches have me running betwixt and between sites. Thanks for your indulgence.

Cowboy orange, that is. Okie State survives 77-75 and advances.

This was a classic 8 vs. 9 game. Didn’t I write that before?

Exciting, but not very well played. Lots of orange turnovers. I prefer apple or peach. But it was a tasty beginning to the day in Dayton.

Unfortunately I’ve had computer problems all afternoon since I first started to post this after Oklahoma State’s win.

Since then, Pitt escaped ETSU. The Panthers played as tight as they looked in yesterday’s press conference. Jamie Dixon did not appear to be in command. Can you say, deer in the headlights?

ETSU might have won the thing had the team showed any discipline at all. The Bucs philosophy is obviously, I Got The Ball I Shoot It This Time Down The Court. Plus they missed FTs.

The prelims are over. U of L is on the court for pregame shootaround before official warmups.

More later, either here or, or both.

— Seedy K