Welcome Again, LEO Readers: Cards PreGame

Sorry for the cybergalactic detour. Sometimes this computer internet thing doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. So I’m here at my own site doing the things that ought to be at the LEO site. Hopefully, it will all be well tomorrow.

As I said, Pitt escaped. The Panthers didn’t look good, but that is of no consequence. They’ve advanced to the second round, and, like I’ve said before, they don’t award style points in the NCAA. Pitt was tight. So was their coach, Jamie Dixon. The arena was electric as the underdogs kept it close. The same jolt will occur, should the Cards find themselves in a barnburner against Morehead State.

ETSU played a gutsy game and might have won, had the Bucs shown the least bit of patience or discipline on offense. But they didn’t. And they missed FTs. So that’s the name of that tune.

Dayton beat West Virginia making all the home folks happy here. Marquette barely escaped its game. So the BEast is looking more Least as of lately. Let’s hope the Cardinals aren’t part of that malaise.

— Seedy K