Chalk Talk at Sundown

Geez what a boring afternoon so far.

Okay, Washington is coming back on Purdue, but, sigh, so what?

UConn beats Texas A & M, 92-66. Maybe the Aggies will want Billy Clyde back. Nah, word is they were way glad he was gone. “Don’t slam the door on your way out,” is what I heard they told him.

Memphis State batters Maryland, 89-70. Yeah we hate, really loathe, as in can’t stand the Tigers, perhaps still Louisville’s biggest rival besides UK even though we don’t play anymore, but . . . Calipari has built himself a solid program there. Whether he spent dirty money to do it or not. They can ball. And they are serious national title contenders. Damn it.

Villanova bashes UCLA 89-69. The game was never, even at the opening tip, that close. To reiterate what several wags opined in the media room: Ben Howland, get some friggin’ offense. I mean, defense is important, but you gotta have a plan when you have the ball. The Bruins have none.

So I’m sitting in the bar here at the hotel and they switch to the the LSU/ Carolina game. Lo and behold, the Bayou Tigers are winning. The Dayton station switches back to Michigan/ Oklahoma. So I come to my room and download the player I need to watch the games online, and by the time I get the game I want to see on, the Tar Heels are comfortably ahead. They win 84-70. The difference: That Guy Who Used To Have Turf Toe, Ty Lawson. If he’s healthy, Roy Williams team is a contenda.  If not, they’re not. Simple as that.

Point to Ponder: Can the basketball nation’s new fave — that would be Andre McGee — stop Ty Lawson. We’d love to see that, wouldn’t we?

Purdue just held off Washington. Love those Hoosier ballers. 76-74 is the final.

Oklahoma is going to beat Michigan. Yawn.

I’m ready for a barn burner. Ya know, when your forced to eat hotel pizza and order too many glasses of soda water so you can hold your spot in front of the HD TV in the bar, the least you can get for your effort is some real ball. Let’s pray that the Toppers and Longhorns provide it.

If not, we will all go to sleep tonight wondering what the hell has happened since we sat down in the recliner at 1:00 this afternoon? We’ll have a stomach full o’ junk, oozing butt sores the size of Dickie V’s head and one more week of hearing Digger talk about the Blue Devils and Tar Heels.

Plus the spectar of Siena will strike. We’ll know we’d have rather been facing the underwhelming Buckeyes tomorrow even if they would be playing so close to home.

— Seedy K