Friday at the Dance

After a long day at UD Arena, I came back to my room at halftime of Siena’s win. So I missed seeing that compelling double OT thrilla live and in person. And, frankly, I missed most of the second OT on TV. I nodded out and only realized what happened when my pal Ben called from home to talk about that game and his Badgers, who beat Florida State in OT.

Pretty compelling stuff, all that. Thank the Lord for SportsCenter highlights.

My bracket is ravaged. But . . . I did have Cleveland State over Wake Forest. I thought the Demon Deacons were more Elmer Gantry than Billy Graham all year. Too young. Didn’t hit the floor for loose balls and errant rebounds. So, hey, Seth Davis, how ’bout that team you had in the Final Four? Cleveland State, remember, won at Syracuse, last second mid-court shot for the W it may have been. Gary Waters is a good coach, as well as a snappy dresser. Bet the folks at Rutgers wishthey’d have been a might more patient.

Pitt played wary. Jamie Dixon did not look like a confident coach. Levance Fields is out of shape. He had to come out of the ETSU game periodically for blows. Plus it was here in Dayton last season that he broke his leg — or was it his foot — in a regular season tilt against the Flyers. The Flyers who, by the by, knocked out West Virginia yesterday, much to the glee of everybody in this burg.

Ohio State’s pep band plays the most staid version of “Pinball Wizard” imaginable. Get funky, dudes. It’s rock & roll we’re talkin’ about here.

As if there was any doubt that Money Talks, Nobody Walks, look who was sitting right behind the U of L bench at UD Arena? The Trager family, you know, long time legit Card fans, but also the banking family that underwrote several athletic facilities on the Belknap Campus.

LSU is the only SEC team standing. But, if Ty Lawson is sitting, they gotta chance against the Tar Heels.

Siena’s only two wins in the last year over BCS schools have come in the Dance. Ohio State last night. Vandy last year.

The Peaking at the Right Time Trophy goes to . . . Southern Cal. Guess they don’t miss that O.J. Mayo guy so much after all.

How dangerous is a wounded Wildcat? Well, keep your eye on Arizona. (And, if you care, those other Cats playing out in Nebraska or somewhere.)

Big 12 teams didn’t lose a game in the first round. The BEast is 6-1. What happened Huggy Bear?

Ten lower seeded teams won in the opening round. 30% – that’s not bad. Makes for compelling TV.

Okay, I’m goin’ back to bed. Mo’ later.

— Seedy K