Saturday Afternoon Dance Party

Injury Update, Sort Of. Don’t want to spoil the party just as we’re getting started, but . . . a physician friend back home noticed the same thing in last night’s win over Morehead that I have in recent games. At one point while he was sitting on the bench, TWill was cradling the wrist he injured awhile back. Trainer Fred Hina with a concerned look on his face appeared to be asking Williams about it?

Apparently some post-game locker room footage also indicated the same thing — Williams with a minor pained expression on his face, massaging his wrist. Several other scribes covering the Cards have noticed the same thing. Let’s hope it’s nothing, but I’ll see if I can find something out and report back.

No Cream Cheese Necessary. Meanwhile, in today’s first game, the Lox Men are holding steady with a lucky 13 point lead over UCLA. For those of you not of the Hebrew persuasion, the reference is to the Wildcats shortened name, ‘Nova. It’s also a type of mild salmon favored by many on bagels with cream cheese. Thus, as it has evolved among some hoopaholic pals o’ mine, Villanova is the Lox Men.

Kentucky Connection. Siena’s Ronald Moore, the fellow who hit not one but two big shots last night in the Saint’s W over Ohio State, is the nephew of former Kentucky Colonel Eugene Moore.

Zebra Watch: Two technicals on dunks were called in yesterday’s games here in Dayton. One when an Okie State kid — Marshall Morris — slapped the board after his shot. Another when a player held on the rim too long after the flush. And Ted Valentine made a call I haven’t seen in years. A kid stepped over the endline on an inbounds play. Whistle. Goin’ the other way. E5, a serial violator, pay attention. Plus I also saw a three second call. Talk about old school.

— Seedy K