Symptoms of Bracketosis

In case you’re wondering, my bracket is as ravaged as yours.

I picked 21 games correctly out of 32. Uh, not so good. But about what I usually do. It’s better than the president’s, so I got that going for me.

(Aside: By the by, Coach K, get off your friggin’ high horse. Chastising Obama for going public with his picks and hoops infatuation, telling him to work every second on the country’s issues like the economy. Gimme a break. What we need at the top is a real human being, somebody who shows the country that life is to be enjoyed even when there is stuff to deal with. Yet one more reason why I/we absolutely loathe Duke.)

Back to the task at hand. I had Cleveland State and Siena. In fact, I picked Cleveland State all the way to the Sweet Sixteen for a rhumba with U of L.

But I also picked Utah, West Virginia, Boston College, BYU, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Florida State, Minnesota, Butler, Temple and Clemson.

And, sigh, I had the Mountaineers winning again in the 2d round. I’d forgotten that Huggy Bear is a major underachiever come tournament time.

So too, Florida State, to the regionals. Shoulda realized they had never been to cotillion before.

And, what was I thinking, Clemson all the way to the regional final. Geez. I thought this was the year Ollie Purnell — not from the country sausage Purnells — would break on through to the other side. But nooooooooooo!

The SEC giveth and the SEC taketh away. Mississippi State, what was I thinking? Tennessee simply has no discipline, certainly on the offensive end, and on D also. Oklahoma State was eminently beatable, but the Cowboys were much steadier. I was so hopeful for Orlando Smith. But the former Wildcat mentor let me down.

Anyway, my Final Four picks are still alive — the Cards, Memphis State, Villanova and Carolina. Of those, ‘Nova remains the shakiest. Though the Tar Heels will stumble if Ty Lawson doesn’t return at full strength or close to it.

Go Toppers. I’d love to scratch the Zags off my bracket. I ain’t winning any pools anyway.

— Seedy K