The Morning After

In the post game press conference, neither The Rick nor several of the players seemed to be concerned about the performance againstMorehead State. They praised the Eagles. Coach thought his team played well but just had to kick it up a bit in the second half.

The numbers bear him out. The Cards hit half their shots in the first half. Only gave them a two point lead. So they went 17-26 in the second half, kicking it off with that 22-6 run that buriedMorehead. U of L won the rebounding battle.

Of concern are the Cards 19 TOs to go along with that many assists. E5 and Sosa had five apiece. Though it seemed as if Edgar was tossing it in the stands every time he touched the ball. Knowles had his first really bad shooting night in awhile, going 1-6 from the field.

Now for the broken record: Louisville was 6-11 from the line. Have I mentioned before that this flaw looms as a real roadblock to the title? Yes, I believe so.

Louisville has now won 21 of the last 23. The Rick’s record in post season play is now 36-12.

Siena is next. The Cards catch a break in that, with Ohio State out, a lot more tickets will be available to fans who want to drive up for Sunday’s game. The flip side is that Siena is a lot better team than the Buckeyes, perhaps the best offensive rebounding squad I’ve seen all season. Plus they are quick, and simply have that not gonna lose look about them.

— Seedy K