The Mother of all NCAA Tourney Trivia Quizes

1 – A school has won two national championships, each with a coach making his only Final Four appearance. Name the school, the coaches and the years?

2 – Three coaches have won a national title in their first year coaching at a school. Name them, the schools and the years they won?

3 – U of L has made 8 appearances in the Final Four. How many Cardinals have seen action in Final Four games? You didn’t think I was going to toss you all softballs, did you? Feel free to guess.

4 – Have two teams from the same state ever played in the title game? If so, name the state, the teams, the years and the winners?

5 – What school in this year’s tournament won the very first NCAA tourney game?

6 – In three different seasons, more than one school entered the tournament undefeated. Name the years and the teams?

7 – Name the three arenas that have hosted more than five national title games?

8 – What freshman scored the most points in a title game? Name him, his team, the year and the number of points?

9 – What player attempted the most field goals in a title game? How many? The year?

10 – Name the four teams seeded #1 in the first year the NCAA seeded teams. What year?

If you are bold enough, feel free to file your answers as a Comment. If you wish for your guesses to remain private, so be it. Come back soon for the answers.

— Seedy K