Tomorrow is Another Day


Western ties the game against Gonzaga with seconds to go. Gonzaga inbounds. Demetri Goodson charges the length of the court against the porous Toppers and lays one in for the W. Topper coach Ken McDonald tries to call timeout when they get it back with .9 seconds on the clock, but the officials don’t see him. That’s not where they lose the game.

The saddest part is that Western loses it at the free throw line. They hit 12-26 from beyond the arc, a glossy 46%. From the charity stripe, an awful 5-14. That’s 35%. That’s what loses games. That’s what loses this game.

There’s a lesson to be learned here.

Then Duke scores the last five points after Texas comes back to tie their encounter with 1:36 to play. The Black Hats win 74-69. One time, Rick Barnes, one time.

Is there a worse way to end the first Saturday of the Big Dance?

Well, yes, there is.

To ease the pain, I grab a few bucks, my hotel room entry card and head out to get some chocolate in the snack shop to ease the pain before going to sleep. When I open the door of my room, I’m hit by an odor so noxious, you’d think the City of Dayton decided to move its sewage treatment facility to the hallway outside my hotel room.

So if Maintenance can’t abate it in the next few minutes, I’ll have to change rooms. And won’t that be fun.

I know, all God’s chillun got problems.

Coming Soon: The Mother of all NCAA Trivia Quizes.

— Seedy K