Not the I’m Superstitious . . .

. . . or anything.

But . . . I got to the UD Arena and realized I was wearing a green shirt. Not exactly Siena green, but green nonetheless.

So . . . I changed to another color.

Red, in fact. Not Cardinal red, but red nonetheless.

I’ve never been one to wear my favorite school’s colors. Even during all important NCAA games. I am secure enough in my loyalty that it has always seem gratuitous. In my case at least. I love seeing lots of red, and my heart swells, like when I was just out in the parking lot — changing my shirt, you know — and I saw all the U of L fans arriving.

But . . . a red shirt was all that I had that was clean.

It’s not quite the same red as the red of the watch I have taken to wearing during Cards’ tilts this season. And it’s a different red than the red of my u-trou.

Okay, enough info.

Go Cards.

— Seedy K