NCAA Tourney Quiz Answers

1 – A school has won two national championships, each with a coach making his only Final Four appearance. Name the school, the coaches and the years?

North Carolina State. Norm Sloan in 1974. Jim Valvano in 1983.

2 – Three coaches have won a national title in their first year coaching at a school. Name them, the schools and the years they won?

Ed Jucker, Cincinnati, 1961. Steve Fisher, Michigan, 1989. Tubby Smith, UK, 1998.

3 – U of L has made 8 appearances in the Final Four. How many Cardinals have seen action in Final Four games? You didn’t think I was going to toss you all softballs, did you? Feel free to guess.


4 – Have two teams from the same state ever played in the title game? If so, name the state, the teams, the years and the winners?

Twice. Same teams. Same state. Cincy and Ohio State, 1961 and 1962.

5 – What school in this year’s tournament won the very first NCAA tourney game?


6 – In three different seasons, more than one school entered the tournament undefeated. Name the years and the teams?

1968: Houston & St. Bonaventure. 1971: Marquette & Penn. 1976: IU & Rutgers.

7 – Name the three arenas that have hosted more than five national title games?

Freedom Hall, Madison Square Garden, Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City).

8 – What freshman scored the most points in a title game? Name him, his team, the year and the number of points?

Toby Baily, UCLA, 26 in 1995.

9 – What player attempted the most field goals in a title game? How many? The year?

Purdue’s Rick Mount against UCLA, 1969. 36 FG attempts.

10 – Name the four teams seeded #1 in the first year the NCAA seeded teams. What year?

1979. North Carolina, Notre Dame, Indiana State, UCLA. (Winner Michigan State was a 2 seed.)

— Seedy K