Tuesday FootBALLS: PGST To Decide BCS Participants


Pakistani Graduate Student Theory.

For the uninitiated, this pet theory of mine for decades now is simply stated: To win a national title in college football, a school must have the requisite number of student-athletes who will beat up a foreign graduate student, just because the latter is walking across campus after dark with a laptop.

In other words, to be good, a team’s got to have some bad boys. Bad bad boys.

It’s the nature of the game.

This season, as it is turning out, the PGST will directly affect the BCS “title.”

There isn’t a legit college pigskin fan who doesn’t understand that Florida State, unarguably one of the two best outfits in the country, would not be the same juggernaut without RS Frosh QB, Famous Jameis Winston.

Winston may or may not be charged with some sort of criminal sexual transgression. A decision may not be made before tomorrow, according to the DA in Tallahassee.

He’s a prosecuting attorney whose legal ethics appears to be in conflict with his desire to be reelected in Seminole country.

I know nothing about the case, or the inside political and police department shenanigans that have been hinted at. I know the decision whether to prosecute Winston, and, if so, what Florida State does with his eligibility to participate for the rest of the year, shall directly affect which schools compete in the last BCS “championship.”

And I know that the situation has yet again provided empirical evidence to verify the PGST.

* * * * *

I see where Weber State fired its coach, a fellow named Jody Sears, who won 4, losing 19, while roaming the sidelines at the Utah school.

Remember, he’s the guy who replaced John L. Smith, who was the head coach there. At least for awhile. He never coached a game before skipping back to Arkansas, where he’d been an assistant to another former U of L head coach. That would be Bobby Petrino, who was relieved of his Razorback duties after an most unfortunate traffic accident.

The lesson here. Stay away from motorcycles. They are dangerous and can affect your whole life.

— Seedy K


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