Friday Morning PG: Mr. Big Mouth & More

bballOther than talking politics at the Thanksgiving table, eating more than my fair share of dark meat and dressing, here’s what I was looking forward to yesterday.

Watching my Detroit Lions try to finally win one on Turkey Day, after, what, nine losses in a row. 40-10. Yes.

Seeing what Southern Cal and Northwestern look like on the hardwood? Both have new coaches that intrigue me for different reasons.

Chris Collins is Son of Coach, and Coach K’s former First Assistant. He’s now in charge at Northwestern, which most b-ball fans know to be the only major conference school never to waltz in the Big Dance.

Andy Enfield is the Johnny Come Lately who jetted to LA LA Land at USC on the wafer thin resume of mentoring previously unknown Florida Gulf Coast to the Sweet Sixteen last year.

* * * * *

Well, Northwestern was pasted 67-78 by Mizzou, after leading by five at half.

Collins’ cupboard is relatively bare to attain what I’m sure his aspirations are. So, it was hard to tell at such an early juncture what success, if any, he’ll have in Evanston. Just making the NCAA  tournament — once — will be an improvment. So, the upside is eminently reachable.

So, it’s too early to tell whether he can succeed at Northwestern 1 as his mentor Mike Krzyzewski has succeeded in Durham.

The Wildcats looked relatively well-coached, but undermanned. And certainly looked different on offense than they did, running Bill Carmody’s entrancing but ultimately ineffective Princeton O.

* * * * *

Enfield, it appears, is this year’s Marshall Henderson.

That’s not meant as a compliment.

He is confident man. Cocky. More cocky than it would appear legit, given his one shot of success last spring.

His Trojans were trampled yesterday 79-94 by the Lox Men, Jay Wright’s ‘Nova. On the court, Enfield preaches run and shoot within seconds of gaining possession.

Well, Andy Enfield, I’ve seen Paul Westhead’s Loyola Marymount, and your team is no Loyola Marymount.

But, hey, you got the hottest significant other in college hoops, so be wary if Brent Musburger calls one of your games. But, other than that . . .

. . . the trait you’ve displayed the most is your big mouth.

Listen Tim Floyd isn’t the most likeable guy whose ever been a part of college hoops, but, Andy, your barbs ain’t funny. Totally inappropriate is the thought that comes to mind.

And, I guess you think verbally dissing Steve Alford and your crosstown rival UCLA is going to help recruiting. Well, I’d suggest winning, winning a lot, might be a better tact.

Bottom line, I was unimpressed by USC on the court. And, while I thought Enfield kind of an intriguing guy in the immediate wake of FGC’s surprising success last season, he’s quickly turned into a nettlesome, loudmouth boor.

* * * * *

One last observation from watching too many of those holiday tourney games.

Empty seats. Lots of empty seats. Lots and lots of empty seats.

In Vegas. In Orlando. In Brooklyn.

Everywhere but Maui and Atlantis, where, it seems, more than enough fans have the wherewithal to head to paradise and fill the stands when not on the beach. 2

To be honest, games in empty gyms make watching sort of eery.

— Seedy K

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  1. Empty seats in Anchorage too for the Harvard-Denver game….and you failed to mention that the Badgers won the Invitational in Cancun.

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