Thursday’s BasketBALLS: The Schizophrenic Season

bballHow crazy are matters one month into this college hoops season?

Wackus Maximus.

On November 19, Oklahoma State dismantled Memphis State, 101-80. On December 1, Memphis State beat Oklahoma State, 73-68.

On November 11, Carolina lost to Belmont in the DeanDome, 80-83. A week later, Roy Williams’ team beat then #3 Louisville on a neutral court, 93-84. Another week later, it lost to UAB, 59-63. Three days later, last night, the Tar Heels bested #1 Sparty, in East Lansing, 79-65.

Louisville, despite its glossy on its face record, has so far looked nothing like a special outfit or a legit national title contenda. Yet remains atop the respected poll of Ken Pomeroy. While undefeated UConn, with far and away the nation’s best resume so far, having beaten Maryland, Boston College, Indiana and Florida, is ranked only at #20 on that computer, and #12 and #14 in the two big polls.

Duke has lost to Kansas and Arizona, and escaped Vermont, 91-90 in Cameron Indoor. It’s a Catamount squad that stands 3-6 with no quality wins. Yet the Blue Devils remain highly regarded.

Villanova is playing as well as anybody not named UConn or Arizona, and can’t crack the Top Ten.

Steve Alford’s UCLA Bruins are 7-0. Arch rival Southern Cal is only 5-3. But the Trojans are getting all the pub because new coach Andy Enfield is such a Big Mouth.

Marshall Henderson has yet to explode on the court.

Oh, if only the irrepressible Abe Lemons were still alive. He was the kind of guy who might make some sense of this cockamamie season.1

Anyhow, I’ve been of the opinion since before this campaign tipped off at its earliest time ever, that it was going to be a free for all.

There’s only a month of competition, but there’s still no inkling that any school will become the logical, if not prohibitive, favorite to win the NCAA, come Selection Sunday.

Most all the usual suspects have upside. So too the Wichita States.

None more than Kentucky, which has a stunningly talented collection of ballers, and a coach with a penchant for making teams out of that amalgam of short-term talent.

Fasten your seat belts, my fellow hoopaholics.

— Seedy K


4 thoughts on “Thursday’s BasketBALLS: The Schizophrenic Season

  1. Where is mention of my 9-0 Badgers and the fact they held the an ACC team to 38 points? Nor have they played a schedule like U of L that is a blatant ripoff of the dedicated fan who is paying top dollar to watch what amounts to scrimmages. Jurich is getting the payback for that with attendance like he got last night.

  2. Some years there are a handful of dominate teams. Other years two handfuls. Some years no handfuls. This is looking like the third scenario but then it’s still early December.

    And I cannot believe I am actually letting out yawns from boredom at UofL games. This schedule is a money maker but it certainly doesn’t look like the way to improve a team.

  3. Syracuse also should be ranked much higher; their zone is crushing this year. And how cockamamie indeed; George Washington University is 6-1, having beaten Miami and VCU!!

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