Tuesday FootBALLS: Sayonara BCS, Willkommen Playoffs (More or Less)

footballoldI understand that picking on the BCS with its imminent demise but a month away is like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel.

But, hey, I’ve never been one to grab a ladder when there’s low hanging fruit. To throw in another clichéd metaphor, when one would have sufficed.

And I’ll make only this passing reference to the ’01 “battle” when Miami bludgeoned Nebraska, 37-14, which was about ten points less than the Huskers margin of defeat in the Big 12 title game.

Florida State and Auburn are just fine in this last go round. A W by the Tigers would be suitable, for the state of Alabama could then legitimately claim the trophy in perpetuity.

But I’m here, to be the first on my block, to diss the new setup. Actually I think I’ve ragged on this every year, but work with me.

Four teams is simply too few.

An eight team playoff would make the title legitimate.

A sixteen team playoff would turn the Christmas season into December Delirium.1

Using this year’s final BCS standings, here’s what an eight team playdown2 would look like:

Florida State vs. Missouri, with the winner to play the survivor of Michigan State vs. Stanford. The winner of first round game between Auburn and Ohio State would advance to face the survivor of Baylor vs. Alabama.

Would we be pumped? Let’s just say they’d have to strap Gus Johnson into his seat.

A sixteen team affair would envelope the entire nation. I’d suggest that the little conferences would need a spot. So, Fresno State and Northern Illinois would get a game. Against, of course, one of the top four seeds on their field, because first round games would be played on the campus of the higher rated school.

How would it look this year?

LSU @ Florida State.

Central Florida @ Auburn.

Arizona State @ Alabama.

Oklahoma State @ Michigan State.

Clemson @ Stanford.

Oklahoma @ Baylor.3

Oregon @ Ohio State.

South Carolina @ Missouri.

I assume if you’re reading this, you’re a college football fan. Wouldn’t you forgo holiday shopping, babysitting duty, chores around the house, and sweeping snow off the driveway to watch those matchups and the ones that follow?

Just asking?

— Seedy K

2 thoughts on “Tuesday FootBALLS: Sayonara BCS, Willkommen Playoffs (More or Less)

  1. Where are my Cards in your 16 team playoff, Mr.. Cayut fan? Your attempts at supposed “fair and balanced” reporting are becoming more and more transparent. How many 2 and 3 loss teams did you include in this tourney? Any of them have a higher rated defense or QB that is deemed first pick worthy? Hmmmmmmm………..

    1. JGJ, I simply used the final BCS standings from this season as an example. Which reality I actually mention in the article.

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