Thursday BasketBALLS: Don’t Bother Knockin’, Chub’s is Rockin’

b-ballI have a loyal reader who, for reasons soon to be obvious, shall remain nameless.

He has a long standing and deeply felt enmity — Read: hatred — toward the athletic programs of Notre Dame. To say the least.

So, while the buzzer was still sounding to end last night’s Irish game, this text arrived from He Who Shall Remain Nameless: “Please mention the rather stunning victory tonight by the NDSU Bison over those bleep bleep bleeps in South Bend . . .”

My man is nothing if not consistently vitriolic.

But, as I mentioned in a previous blog, this is the slowest week of the college hoops season. So, while I don’t share his unbridled distaste for Notre Dame, his wish is my command.

Before a seriously less than packed house in South Bend last night, the Irish hoopsters fell to the unheralded Bison of North Dakota State.

73-69 was the score.

The visitors from the Great White North out shot ND from the field, 51% to 36%, including a glossy 5/10 from long range. They won despite that seemingly ever present Fighting Irish home cooking. Notre Dame made more FTs than the visitors attempted.

The green-clad Bison were led, as usual, by Marshall Bjorklund, who tallied 26 points on 11/14 shooting.1

While all that is of some interest, to me and those who follow college basketball, it was another bit of info in the text that caught my eye. And made me smile.

Seems the go to hangout there in Fargo for the NDSU student body is a place called Chub’s Pub. Which has one of the great motto’s in all of pubdom.

“Established by ‘C’ Students for ‘C’ Students”

I’m sure they were quaffin’ last night.

— Seedy K

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  1. North Dakota State? I thought they were beaten by Notre Dame State…damn…

    Where do the D and F students go? UK?

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