Thursday Basketballs, Part Deux: Cards #1 @ What?

bballSo, I had lunch today with my old buddy, Belly.

Lunch. It’s what retired old farts do. And it’s great when one’s fellow repaster is a great conversationalist. Belly sure meets that criteria.

So, we’re swinging, swaying and swerving from one topic of critical — Affordable Care Act, the recent Chris Matthews Q & A — or not so critical — Victoria’s Secret TV fashion show — import to another. Serial non-sequiturs, more or less.

At one point, out of the blue — actually out of the red — he asks, “How does Ken Pomeroy rank U of L number one?”

Which is the question I have been asking myself every day, after checking his highly lauded computerized ratings.

“I haven’t the slightest idea,” I say.

I mean KenPom does factor in strength of schedule. And figures that in as his algorithmic ranking system sorts out the stats.

But the Cards as Numero Uno just doesn’t make any sense, at this juncture of the season.

Despite the reality that some fans, okay, one in particular, accuse me of being an inveterate UK fan, my loyalty does lie with the Red & Black. I hope and pray that Pomeroy is correct, but my team hasn’t passed the eye test yet.

— Seedy K


One thought on “Thursday Basketballs, Part Deux: Cards #1 @ What?

  1. It has become my sole purpose in life to expose you to be the “inveterate” Cayut fan that you are. In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, all of the readers of this, your baby-blue-blog, must know the TRUE and underLYING reason for your decision to create this blog—to support all things in the Blue Hue and destroy all things Red.

    BTW—did you catch the crazy Cayut fan (Chester?) who called the Jones show today (I am sure you did) and blasted the UK Administration for supporting academics and introducing at sporting events, to the legions of UK sports fans who are there only for the games, professors and students who are thriving at the University?


    He claimed, instead of those displays of collegial achievement, that J.Randell should be paraded in front of English classes and have the professors explain to the students, “Now this is a stud…one of the best basketball players on earth!” He also claimed that he thought the UK administration needed to get its priorities right and maybe not teach the students to “ so fast.” Zoolander, anyone?

    All of this banter because the students apparently have abandoned their blind worship of the BBN-OAD concept and are actually attending games at a rate lower than at anytime in the history of UK Sports–even the Billy G and Joker eras.

    In fact, Jones said that even tho the student tickets for the UK game against our beloved Cards are sold out, many students who received upper level seats, returned them after receiving their seat assignments! I don’t know if this is more of an indictment regarding the poor sight lines at Rupp or the general unhappiness with the UK OAD’ers and the back-handed way in which the UK D-League team is embarrassing the essence of college sports.

    But whichever it is, way to go UK students!

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