Saturday’s FootBALLS: Nick Sticks, Mack Twists Slowly, Slowly in the Wind

footballoldI am so very relieved. Well, kind of.

As I know you are. Sort of.

Understand I’m not talking about the weather, that it’s just raining outside and the dreaded, sleety wintry mix that could have plagued this b-ball-filled, big shopping Saturday in Hoopsylvania never materialized.

I’m talking about the sigh of relief all can enjoy — at least those with some affinity for all matters SEC and Crimson Tide — knowing that Nick Saban is staying put. That he’s getting a new contract at Alabama, where, if he coaches through to the end, he’ll be roaming the sidelines at age 102. And that he and the Mrs. should be able to pay off all their debts on a bumped up salary, projected to be somewhere north of $7 million a season.

Meanwhile, at Texas, where Hook ‘Em Horns fans will now have to use their “Welcome Nick” signs as kindling, Mack Brown remains in a John Ehrlichman state of what up?.

Brown met with the new Longhorns’ AD yesterday, as well as the school’s president, who apparently isn’t on such firm ground himself. Today, well, he’s either recruiting, or sitting by the phone, or planning to go watch the Texas basketball squad beat up on Texas State tonight.

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s almost hard to keep my cereal down, so nervous is my stomach because I don’t know who is going to be starring on the coach’s show next season on the Longhorn Network.

But, that Saban guy, he’s eating whatever he wants, wherever he wants.

— Seedy K

One thought on “Saturday’s FootBALLS: Nick Sticks, Mack Twists Slowly, Slowly in the Wind

  1. I certainly believe that UK fan and brain trust, Chester, should be commissioned to help UT’s new AD select the next FB coach for the Horns. Perhaps he could also be appointed to the B of Trustees to insure a proper curriculum at the school and to balance the schools academic mission with its true purpose— winnin’ football championships. Hook’em Horns— and Chester!

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