Louisville Card File: Missouri State (Very Cool Video Included)

dunikcardThe Boom came early.

A tick over two minutes into the tilt, the Bears led 4-3. At which point, they would have been best advised to find the nearest bomb shelter.

But, Mizzou State did not bunker down.

The Boom ensued.

Russ Smith FT. 4-4.

Montrezl Harrell second-chance deuce. 6-4.

Russ Smith jumper. 8-4.

Wayne Blackshear trey. 11-4.

Rebound follow deuce by Mangok Mathiang. 13-4.

Terry Rozier second chance jumper. 15-4.

Chane Behanan slam. 17-4.

Terry Rozier snow bird after stealing inbounds pass. 19-4.

Boom, Boom, Ball Game.

Talk to me, John Lee.

“I love to see you strut/ Up and down the floor.”

The shell-shocked Bears next FG, after the one they hit to take that 4-3 lead at the 17:59 mark, came many Cardinal forays later but with 9:02 still to go before the visitors could retrench at halftime. That goal cut the Cardinals’ lead to, ahem, seventeen at 25-8.1

Cue the Boogie Cam. This one was over before the break. The crowd was left to frolic on cue from the Kroger Krewe. Festivus came early.

* * * * *

Against the tall, previously 8-1 visitors, U of L played certainly its best half of the year — the first — and arguably its best game of the season, despite some tail off after intermission.

rozierThe Cards had a 27-10 advantage on the boards at halftime. Thirteen of those were off the riverside offensive glass. Six of them were snatched — yes, I’ll say it again, like a Venus Fly Trap — by Terry Rozier.2 He also tallied 8 points before the break, along with a block and a steal.

He finished with 11 points and 8 rebounds. Factoring in his floor game, one has to ask if TR and Russ aren’t Louisville’s most potent guard combo, despite Chris Jones’ eminent talents?3

Other first half highlights, included Mango taking two charges, U of L’s relentless D and Chane Behanan taking a shot in the testicles.4

* * * * *

The important area that remains troublesome for Louisville is free throw shooting.

The Cards were 16/30 at the line last night. Six of the misses were by Silent L, who is going to shoot a lot of them as the season progresses.5

As a team, U of L is converting but 66% at the charity line on the year. Along with
Russ, Blackshear (87%), Jones (78%), Hancock (92%), Henderson (2/2) and Van Treese — yes, SVT — at 71%, are doing their part.

The improvement needs to come from Silent L, Mango and Chane.

* * * * *

The Rick put in a new offensive set. Which is essentially an NBA-style clear out for Russ Smith. He either gets to the hoop for an almost automatic score, or gets fouled. Either way works.

I assume it will also be run for Jones, though I don’t recall that happening last night.

* * * * *

Constantly improving Wayne Blackshear hit 3 of his six attempts from beyond the arc.

For the season, he is now a truly glossy 21/46. That’s 46%, kids. We’ll take it.

* * * * *

I’m not going to go through the whole box score.

Other than to say, I love the balance.

* * * * *

Though whistled as a team for only six more fouls than Louisville, three Missouri State ballers bagged the limit.

After the second fouled out, the DJ on the PA eschewed the usual Ray Charles “Hit the Road, Jack,” queuing up instead, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans classic, “Happy Trails to You.”


* * * * *

Not only did the late start not hinder attendance, it obviously enhanced it.

There were noticeably fewer empty seats than the last several games.

The student section was jammed at tip off.6

Plus, the students were feistier than they’ve been. It’s a good thing.

— Seedy K

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  1. Mr. Footnote:

    If you really like Terry R. so much, why don’t you explain why your coach Cal won’t recruit players like him since they obviously don’t have OAD type ability? I am sure that your type would much rather have a 6’6″ statute at the point who is NBA ready than a project like TR, right?

  2. Senor Seedy… if you could convince the muted L to keep his elbow in and under the ball rather than flailing out to the right, he might net a few more ft’s. tell him please, won’tcha

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