Feathers & Fur’s First Foray: Tip Time Tsouris


Primer: In case you’ve forgotten previous explanations, “tsouris” is a Yiddish word meaning roughly “aggravation” or “woe” or “hassle.”

There are five days plus until tip off.

As if you didn’t already know that.

I, being an inveterate worrier, am already fretting about the exact time of tip.

Which, as I shall soon explain, should be of worry to ye, my fellow hoopaholics, whether your wardrobe for the rest of the week is all red or all blue.

Cardinal fans have already been victims this season of what I shall call, for lack of a more clever name, Delayed Viewing Syndrome. Saturday night’s massacre of Florida International was televised on Fox Sports 1. Tip was a bit after 6:00 pm.

Games are taking longer, you know, to play this year. It’s that officiating rules focus thing.

The Villanova/ Rider game being televised before U of L’s ran over the Cards’ tip off time. Unlike ESPN, which has a network of stations, and simply starts a game on its news channel or U channel or the Deuce, Fox simply didn’t televise the first few minutes of the Cards and Golden Panthers. Like the days of yesteryear, which we hated.

This Saturday’s Cards vs. Cats showdown is on CBS. It is scheduled for a 4:00 tipoff. Which usually means in telespeak, 4:07 or 4:11.

The problem: Villanova and Syracuse play a Top 10 tilt on the network, starting at 2:00.

Unless the actual beginning to the Cats and Cards is scheduled for 4:20 or later, or CBS, in its infinite wisdom, shows the commencement of Card/ Cat action whether Nova and the Orange are finished, fans in the Commonwealth are, to use the technical term, fucked.

CBS does, I believe, have the technology to send the signal of the game we want to see to sets in the commonwealth while keeping the rest of the nation locked into the finish of the prelim.

Lets’ hope the network is smart enough to use it. Not that I’m worrying about something I can’t control, projecting a problem almost a week in advance that might never occur, or anything like that.

Then there’s the possibility, if the basketball game’s start is delayed, that the finish will overlap kickoff of the R A Bowl.Keep your antacids and portable radios handy.

— Seedy K

5 thoughts on “Feathers & Fur’s First Foray: Tip Time Tsouris

  1. We might as well start the week off all a’twitter, Chuck, I s’pose.
    Yep, I agree, the antacids are gonna take a severe hit from now on.

  2. What’s up with this post? Not a single inflammatory reference to your Cayuts for me to get upset about…unless the mere fact that you referred to them by name in this blog note is sufficient justification to set me off….

  3. The start of the uofl/fiu tilt actually was aired on fox’s other all sports misadventure fox sports 2 which was the old fuse channel. If you even knew what fuse was before (and to be honest not many did) you probably have fs2.

    I give credit to the fox people for doing what the worldwide leader does in shifting games to other channels until other games are over, but lots and lots of minuses for not telling anyone that the game was temporarily going on on fox sports 2.

    and btw, there’s not much on that channel.

  4. Thanks, ctk. Actually I thought of that. But, was thrown off by the fact Fox didn’t even mention it in the scrawl at the bottom of the screen. And, I was at a friend’s house and didn’t have control of the clicker. Had I been at home, I would have checked out Fox Deuce. Will be interesting to see what CBS does.

  5. what you need to define for your readers is “shpilkes” which you already have plenty of and will get worse by Saturday.

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