Will Charlie Strong Make It 3 & Out?

strongTeddy Bridgewater is gone.

For a moment, let’s be honest, folks, there really was never any doubt he was outtahere. All the hoo hah about him staying to bulk up, to hone his talents against better ACC competition, was just that, fantasy, delusion, choose your favorite descriptor. It was, you understand, like I said, to use the technical term, hoo hah.

Calvin Pryor is gone. Somehow I see the headhunter in Steelers’ black and gold, doing his best to rip off some available body part of any wideout who dares to venture across the middle, or otherwise deigns to trespass in Pryor’s territory.

Which brings us to Charlie Strong.

Another season, another onslaught of rumors. Charlie is interviewing with the AD of (name your college pigskin power).

At this juncture, I feel compelled to repeat as I have often recently, given all the innuendo in the air, that I know no more than you.1

Which lack of facts shall not in any manner impede my opinionation.

When the gossip about Strong and the Texas job started, I gave it short shrift. Not that he might not be on the school’s list, or that he’d talk with them, but that the Longhorns’ sideline seemed such an odd fit for any number of reasons.

Now the murmurs are louder, more cogent, and it appears, at least from afar, that serious considerations are in play.

I’m still doubtful.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned around here is that Vandy’s James Franklin has also interviewed with the Longhorns AD. Strong was able to be interviewed because his bowl obligations were done. That’s the case with Art Briles this morning, after Baylor was bashed in the Corn Chip Bowl last night.2

What Strong does, how his relationship with boss Tom Jurich, a man who demands loyalty, will evolve if Charlie stays, are two fascinating scenarios to be played out.

My hunch is that Franklin will be Texas’s eventual choice, if Briles demurs. But, that might simply be wishful thinking on my part.

I don’t know that Strong is a great football coach, but he’s the one I want at my school.

What might really be intriguing is this possibility. Miami’s Al Golden returns to Penn State, leaving a vacancy in Coral Gables. Charlie Strong and Miami are a fit that makes some sense. At least to this observer.

What gets lost in all this is the belief that Louisville is as good a job as any out there. Okay, almost. Jurich will pay big for success. Expectations are modest compared to those in Austin, Columbus, Tuscaloosa, etc. The ACC membership adds legitimacy to national title aspirations.

I’m just surprised that only the rarest of those coaches on the rise these days look at the history of Bobby Bowden, who built a power at Florida State and stayed, or Frank Beamer, who did the same at Virginia Tech. Louisville stands at the threshold of that conceivable long term national prominence.

Finally, what happens if Charlie goes?

The Cards shall survive. And I, for one, wouldn’t be surprised at all, if the next keeper of the flame wouldn’t be one Bobby Petrino.

— Seedy K

4 thoughts on “Will Charlie Strong Make It 3 & Out?

  1. I think you either mean Frank Beamer at VaTech or Frank Broyles at Arkansas. You definitely don’t mean Bobby Petrino anywhere.

  2. Has there ever been a coach that really succeeded a second time around at a school? John Robinson had a couple good years at USC in his second tenure before it went downhill quickly. Johnny Majors’ second stint at Pitt was regrettable.

    Bill Snyder’s a possible exception, but he never left to coach elsewhere. All he did was come out of retirement.

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